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  1. Jay135

    British Battleships

    There's just so much RN heavy metal in the "would buy" list though, Norfolk, Queen Mary, Renown, Revenge, Vanguard, Lillecrap's 16" BB1929 design if the London Naval treaty failed, G3, Tiger. Goodhall's 1938 Heavy Cruiser design, the list goes on and on. :D
  2. Jay135

    New ship preview: Heart of Oak

    I'm no Trainspite, but to me the 'B' hull picture looks like a 1941 era Duke of York.
  3. Jay135

    From Reddit: British BBs at last!

    The closest thing to a RN "True T8" would be the 'A1' 4 x 2 16" 1929 BB plans drawn up by Charles Lillicrap prior to the London Conference. Essentially a Nelrod in a Queen Elizabeth configuration: 35,000 tons, 6 x 2 6" secondaries, 13" belt and a 6.25" armoured deck. Her Achilles heels for T8 would be her speed; 25 knots, only having 8 guns compared to Carolina's 9 and Amagi's 10. On the plus side she would have had new 16" guns firing heavy shells rather than the weak 16"/45 of the Nelsons.
  4. Jay135

    From Reddit: British BBs at last!

    It's basically Vanguard with the 18"/45s Mk. IIs from the BBs canned by the Washington conference instead of her historical 15" hand me downs. Looks like they made a few visual tweaks to her too, Renown's conning tower, Belfast's masts, Lion's bridge and compass platform.
  5. Yeah. No. It's modelled on Vanguard. There maybe some L2 design in her citadel and thats what they're referring to but what you're essentially looking at is Vanguard with Belfast's masts and four enlarged copies of KGV's twin turret in place of the hand me downs the real ship had.
  6. Hmm a tweaked Vanguard hull with fantasy 18 inch turrets and increased displacement.... Dunno what to think.
  7. Jay135

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    Want dis one!
  8. Jay135

    Actually having fun with British Cruisers?

    Thing is though, Hedgehog all those stats really show is that high skill threshold ships do really well in the hands of high skill players. It says very little of the 1000s of average skilled players who've essentially been excluded from using them unless they're feeling really masochistic.
  9. Jay135

    Guide: British Cruisers

    No longer stickied so took me a while to find it. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/59tctw/dev_qa_round_4_answers_round_5_questions/
  10. Jay135

    Guide: British Cruisers

    The Reddit Q&A is pure gold. 9/10 questions are RNCL:WTF? and the answers are basically; they're happy they created a one trick pony, the stats look good so no changes any time soon, and if you don't like how they play, try something else. *Facepalm* Why do they even bother with Supertesters if the meta is dictated by spreadsheets and not feedback?
  11. Jay135

    Easy fixes for RN CL line

    They're probably contemplating pulling Repair Party 1 (Heal) because the bulk of damage to tier 3-7 is citadel and RP1 doesn't heal that.
  12. Jay135

    Easy fixes for RN CL line

    Most of the line are very hard, but not completely broken*. Emerald is the one true failure of the line. It's a 1920s Commerce Escort trying to be a Fleet Light Cruiser in a BB rich WW2 meta game. It's utterly out of it's element. The best Wargaming could do to fix it would be to take it out back and shoot it. Then replace it with the 1930s Arethusa. *Danae could use it's citadel shrunk a tiny bit as Repair Party I does nothing for citadel hits, which for the Danae is every hit. It's also historically justified as Danae's raised portion of the citadel was for her boiler room only and so should only extend the width of her funnels, not the width of her masts. You can see this on the in game armour viewer, there are portholes where the armour view says there are magazines and machinery spaces. (And yes, I have checked this on Danae's blueprints.)
  13. Jay135

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    What if WG introduced a line of CL that were fast and nimble and could hide in smoke and HE spam? That might offset the BB meta somewhat and trickle some of the player base back into cruisers.... Oh....
  14. Jay135

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    I was hoping for the Arethusa at tier V. Given what they've done to them, I'm glad we got the Emerald. The Arethusa would have been worse.
  15. Jay135

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    Not even then. I was in a pack with two other T4 & 5 Cruisers earlier when suddenly a wild New York appeared. Despite the Omaha and Svetlana(?) being broadside on to him and I being stern on, he focused fired on me and took me from full health to 97 points in one salvo, (Two citadel hits). I only survived at all because RNGeezus gave him a straddle on the second salvo. They may be OK for skilled players above Tier 6, but everything below that is an XP pinata especially if they run into Battleships.... In the current meta that makes them an utter waste of XP. If you want a punchy, manoeuvrable gunship stick to US or Russian DDs.