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  1. Still looking for more skippers for the clan :)
  2. Pmed you :)
  3. Pmed you mate feel free to get back to me
  4. Sent you a pm about our clan feel free to get back to me :)
  5. Ello there Tobb if your looking for a laid back clan who does not pressure, who likes to win but not the end of the world with a loss, then feel free to come join the wolfpack. We are mostly over 25 age wise, always somebody on to play with and generally enjoy a good laugh on discord. We only ask a few things a win rate of 50% 500 battle played and discord to join in the comms. As for everything else we don't force you to play every day, there are non of the usual clan drama queens in this clan everyone just clicks so feel free to check us out . If you do have any questions then hop on our discord where I or one of the other members will be happy to have a chat. Cheers all the best Dan.
  6. Still places left in the fleet for other skippers
  7. Hey there buddy we are a chilled out clan English speaking and generally relaxed, no forced commitments all we do ask is a win rate of 50% which you have and Discord so we can communicate :) , you can find all our details on this forum post . If you have any questions or want to get to know us first feel free to drop into our discord where I or one of our other members will be happy to talk with you.
  8. Hi We are and English speaking clan Wolfpack not huge but we have an active amount of players, all friendly and we have very few requirements for joining we do use discord for comms so feel free to check us out on our recruitment post found here , if you have any questions why not either pm me on here or hop onto discord for a chat with one of us.
  9. Hi there we are a friendly group of players we use discord have a check at our recruitment post found here If you like what you see or have any questions about us drop on to our discord and have a chat all requirements for joining are in the above link there are only really 2 mainly requirements though :)
  10. Is the space still available im up for joining im 29 from liverpool and the names dan
  11. Hi guys thanks for the responses will check both out
  12. P.s - my usual play times are around 6pm - 2am GMT
  13. Hi folks im Dan and I am looking for clan UK/EU i speak English and am 29 years old based in liverpool, i have mic/headphones willing to work in a team to get the job done and excell with destroyer/battleships although occationally i do venture into higher tiers with carrier and crusiers. Mainly i play around tiers VII-VIII but am willing to play all tiers. My reasons for wanting to join a clan and team play is based purley because I am getting rather sick of being in matches with campers or teams that all flock to one capture point, usually i am left feeling liek i am doing all the work and others are getting credit for doing squat. Don't get me wrong im a casual gamer really but when this kinda thing happens every day it really starts to get to you, specially in some cases where a match has been pretty much won only to loose at the end because of poor team co-ordination etc. Anyways feel free to drop me al ine on this thread, would appreciated it. Thanks in advance all the best Dan
  14. will add u mate im usually on most nights myself
  15. I am interested in joining in the uk mainly play from around 7pm through to the wee hours of the morning based in liverpool have a range of ships throughout tiers 1-8. Also have a mic / headphone set for comms