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  1. darklord04

    "Anniversary of the First Battle" gifts

    Camo's etc great but what's really peeved me is these 30% discounts that last only 3 days, whats worse is they seemingly drop randomly, twice iv'e had these discounts and they have been useless the latest one dropped for me yesterday just 3 days after i spent £140 in premium store, why in hells bells would you limit these discounts for just 3 days makes no sense, specially if your attempting to 'reward' players. As of right now i don't feel very rewarded but quite the opposite i feel totally screwed over.....
  2. So gonna try this again. I am looking specifically for a casual clan, who play this game as a game in mind in other words play to enjoy the game. I play this game as and when i please, i do play other games so im not looking for a 'Must be on 24/7 clan'. I play to win of course , and when i do play i can be competitive but i am here to enjoy it not make it a job. I also play other games so im not looking to be forced to log in every single day of my life, i want to play on my own terms and have the freedom to play other games or feel free to deal with r/l commitments. I am happy to take part in clan battles but again on my own terms, i can turn up for practices etc but i don't wanna be pushed into this super hardcore stat intensive team. To sum up im after an overall casual clan with fun in mind and a mature atmosphere. I am 31 currently and don't wanna be playing with teens or childish adults (i like a good laugh like the next man but there are limits). If i fit the criteria for anyone's clan then go ahead and give me a shout. P.s please have more than 2 active members i don't wanna join a dead clan. Thanks in advance
  3. darklord04

    Looking for eu based clan

    Hi there i'm Dan, 31 and i am looking for a clan to join,. I'm based in the uk and i have been with the game since release. Clan wise i would like to join a clan that is laid back, has no limits on activity i say this because i don't want to become a slave to the game again so basically i don;t wanna be forced to be active. What i offer though is when i am online i will be happy to div up im good with coms and i play as a team. I have most ships in the game from most tiers and im happy to play both low and high tier games. I will try to be active at least once a week but there are periods where i vanish for anywhere upto 3 months or so because i play other games e.g destiny 2 and or ark etc so if i join a clan i don't want to be forced or pressured into being on for specific periods of time. Thanks and look forward to any response Dan
  4. With clan battles now up and running we are actively still recruiting for our clan, we have a competitive atmosphere when looking to do clan battles feel free to hit one of us up to have a chat or drop by our discord for more info.
  5. We are still on the lookout for more members :)
  6. darklord04

    Would like to join a clan

    pm sent mate
  7. darklord04

    English or Finnish speaking clan? - Closed

    Hey mate i pmed you about our clan :)
  8. Still looking for more skippers for the clan :)
  9. darklord04


    Pmed you :)
  10. darklord04

    Looking for active clan

    Pmed you mate feel free to get back to me
  11. Sent you a pm about our clan feel free to get back to me :)
  12. darklord04

    Looking for a Clan

    Ello there Tobb if your looking for a laid back clan who does not pressure, who likes to win but not the end of the world with a loss, then feel free to come join the wolfpack. We are mostly over 25 age wise, always somebody on to play with and generally enjoy a good laugh on discord. We only ask a few things a win rate of 50% 500 battle played and discord to join in the comms. As for everything else we don't force you to play every day, there are non of the usual clan drama queens in this clan everyone just clicks so feel free to check us out . If you do have any questions then hop on our discord where I or one of the other members will be happy to have a chat. Cheers all the best Dan.
  13. Still places left in the fleet for other skippers
  14. darklord04

    looking for high tier clan/people

    Hey there buddy we are a chilled out clan English speaking and generally relaxed, no forced commitments all we do ask is a win rate of 50% which you have and Discord so we can communicate :) , you can find all our details on this forum post . If you have any questions or want to get to know us first feel free to drop into our discord where I or one of our other members will be happy to talk with you.
  15. darklord04

    Looking for a clan

    Hi We are and English speaking clan Wolfpack not huge but we have an active amount of players, all friendly and we have very few requirements for joining we do use discord for comms so feel free to check us out on our recruitment post found here , if you have any questions why not either pm me on here or hop onto discord for a chat with one of us.