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  1. It's not just elevation, it's training speed as well as being able to load the gun in combat. Type 3s required the gun to be at a very low angle (up to 10 degrees at most) to be loaded. The mount's traverse speed also couldn't reliably track a fast moving target like a plane. The Imperial Japanese navy only considered the Type 3 model B (including mod. 2) and the Model D as true DP.
  2. Kitakaze and Harugumo in Preview!

    In no way did I say that I condone this nerf to her concealment and maneuverability. All I said was that the changes are not just a nerf but a trade. Whether it's a good or a bad trade is mostly subjective at this point. I like my destroyers nimble and stealthy, but you cant have everything if you want to hold on to the little balance that most tech tree ships still have. Will I play Aki post nerf? No. Kitakaze is much better. That doesn't mean that 6.1 or 6.0 concealment isn't workable. Rudder shift? Thorn in the eye, But it's 1 second. I am not fond of these ultimately stepping stones of ships until you reach something actually palpabale, but it is the way it is.
  3. Kitakaze and Harugumo in Preview!

    Keep in mind that while Akizuki will have a nerf to her detection and maneuverability, she will still receive the 1/4 penetration on her guns, making her a damage farming monster if played correctly. It's much less a nerf due to her being too powerful, as it is a nerf to facilitate the extra penetration power.
  4. Kitakaze and Harugumo in Preview!

    THE RIDDLE HAS BEEN SOLVED! The hidden code phrase was The Ducks are back! Congratulations to the winners. (hidden in the text were letters with a different font, as well as being back to front for extra difficulty!). To those that didn't get it in time, I'll be doing more of these in the upcoming previews, so if you're interested in picking up some of these crates and camouflage, you'll know where to find it!
  5. Kitakaze and Harugumo in Preview! Kitakaze and Harugumo are the final addition to the Japanese off-branch Destroyer line. Both ships are still Work in progress and the information presented here is of the first test iteration! History Kitakaze was a planned improvement of the existing Akizuki class. V7 – or Akizuki-Kai, as the project was named, called for an improved propulsion system, a revised torpedo armament, and even more cost reduction and streamlining in the manufacturing process. And while Kitakaze retains this historical background, Harugumo is entirely fictional (backed however by historical speculation – how contradictory that sounds!). WG refers to it as a presumed successor of the Akizuki line based on direction of development found in historical evidence. In-game rundown Kitakaze takes up the T9 position. She’s has same 10cm Type 98 gun with which the Akizuki is armed, as well as stronger AA armament. Finally, she is the first ship to receive a sextuple torpedo launcher. Modules Harugumo is the second tier 10 Japanese destroyer. She is armed with 5 of these 10cm Type 98 naval guns in twin turret setups, as well as a single sextuple torpedo tube. Both ships have a AA suite consisting of HAC 25mm guns, Bofors “Chi” single purpose AA, and the DP Type 98. In terms of AA, Harugumo and Kitakaze are almost identical. The only difference being the fact that Harugumo has an extra Type 98 mount, while losing 2 Type 96s. Consumable Choice Both Kitakaze and Harugumo receive the same consumables as their T8 sister, which are of course Smoke Screen, Engine Boost and Torpedo Reload Booster. A fun little fact I've found is that while running the premium consumable as well as the mod.3 torpedoes, the time difference to you having your booster and your torpedoes ready is about 3 seconds, meaning that in essence you have 3-5 charges of 2x6. Engine boost is the normal one: +8% Speed, and the smoke is also identical to other Japanese destroyers. Captain Spec To those that played the Akizuki, you know that there are quite a few Captain builds you can go for. Here are the ones I used during testing: Name/Captain Points T1 T2 T3 T4 Strefs' Japanese Gunboat Priority Target Last Stand, Torpedo Acceleration Survivability Expert, Superintendent IFHE, Concealment Expert Harugumo can shoot into the next map across! AKA "this is totally viable!" Priority Target, Expert Loader Last Stand Survivability Expert AFT Concealment, Expert, IFHE Full AA Priority Target, Expert Loader Last Stand or AR BE or Superintendent AFT, MAA, Concealment Expert Gameplay and Conclusion Kitakaze Pros: • Good rate of fire • Hard hitting torpedoes • (¼ Penetration!) • Decent Concealment Cons: • Slow • Mediocre maneuverability Harugumo Pros: • Good rate of fire • Hard hitting torpedoes • Large hitpoint pool Cons: • Mediocre maneuverability • Bad Concealment torpedo dispersion rant Why are the gaps in the centre always so terribly large? Unless your target is twice the size of Alaska, you're going to have a hard time hitting anything. I don't mind dispersion thrown my torpedoes about a bit on the edges, but the middle? really? Considering the Torpedo prediction indicator is always at centre of mass, hitting stuff really becomes a lottery game outside of 8km. Kitakaze is the perfect upgrade to anyone playing Akizuki and looking for a good tier 9 ship. She’s decently armed, has access to the 3m consumable slot, and after the rebalance she will receive improved speed, which will make her very competitive. That, and the fact that Akizuki will lose concealment (and maneuverability), should really make Akizuki players consider switching to Kitakaze. There’s no real downside, considering how T8 MM throws you into T10 matches more often than not anyway. While she can certainly fill the role of a support vessel (in a CV escort role, second line fire support, etc.), she can definitely hold her own against equal tier and even some T10s. Harugumo is a bit of an acquired taste. While she has an increase in firepower of 25%, as well as better range, with the upcoming speed changes to Kitakaze I don’t truly see a reason to play this ship. She is way too big and easily detected. While she has a healthy hitpoint pool of around 29k with SE, you’ll quickly find that much of this will be lost in the first few engagements. Due to the 19mm all-round (and 13mm on the guns, gah!), you become a very easy target for most cruisers and BBs. Harugumo can certainly take on destroyers, but she cannot outspot them, not even the Z-52. You can spec Harugumo for range (reaching a total of 17.5km maximum), though the high arc and high drag shells will take 20 seconds to reach target at maximum range, and most shells, with a penetration of 21mm (IFHE), won’t deal too much damage to most targets equal tier. While these points are true and will stay the same unless they are addressed, I should mention that she may become much more viable with the ¼ penetration changes for HE. This would allow 10cm Type 97s to penetrate up to 32mm of armour (with IFHE). Overall the first test of the new Japanese destroyers was quite interesting, and while not all of them are my cup of tea, looking at the changes, I can certainly see these ships becoming interesting picks, more so for randoms than anything, but interesting picks regardless. A little notice. For here on out, I will be giving away CCT boxes in my preview posts. Hidden in this post today is a secret code word (or rather phrase). The first 2 players that find them and PM me the code will receive 1 CCT Box.
  6. Here's a quick guide on how to create custom camouflages in World of Warships. I am using Shimakaze's unique camouflage slot in the example, but it's pretty much the same for all ships. Tools used WoWs Unpacker Notepad++ GIMP DDS plugin for GIMP Find below, in detail, what which section means:
  7. The new "meme" launchers are here [WiP-ish]

  8. The new "meme" launchers are here [WiP-ish]

    There was a question asked back when the first sextuple tubes were teased. The question paraphrased was basically asking, whether these torpedo tubes would behave like quads, or more like quintuples. Ideally you'd want quint performance, because generally speaking, you'd still have a single torpedo going somewhere in the direction of where you aimed. The fact that quadruple torpedo tubes' dispersion would more often than not throw a huge gap in the middle of the salvo is probably already known to most of you guys, and this is of course a problem, since you are trying to hit the target in the middle, not 1-2km to the front, and back.
  9. The new "meme" launchers are here [WiP-ish]

    Spoiler: I missed that ship.
  10. Forget quadruple memes, I present to you: SEXTUPLES. This should clear up any doubt whether sextuples will be the most effective torpedo launchers in the game. More on Harugumo and Kitakaze soon.
  11. WG DevQnA Transcription [RAW]

    All of these questions were asked by either NA, EU or Asia CCTs. The RU CCTs had a separate session.
  12. WG DevQnA Transcription [RAW]

    As stated, they will look into this second alternative. They elaborated on the first point of having INDIVIDUAL keybinds for each consumable. They were referring to the matchmaker itself. Might be overbuilt, might be too fragile. As it stands getting a match is prioritized over having equal distribution of radar ships. Sure the idea itself might seem simple and straight forward, but putting it into practice might not be. Whether WG built themselves in with the way they handle the MM is a subject in and of itself, but from my understanding, it is not doable, or not worth the amount of possible damage it can do if it doesn't work out. Yes, but at the end of the day someone has to do the damage. Don't get me wrong, I don't condone the sit back damage farm. Someone still has to sink the ships though. Spotting alone won't kill an enemy, even though it might cause a DD captain a heart attack.
  13. WG DevQnA Transcription [RAW]

    Torpedo launchers, especially quadruple tubes are notorious to throw huge holes between the mid section of the torpedo dispersion.
  14. WG DevQnA Transcription [RAW]

    The questions? Asked by fellow CCTs. The transcription is mine. Some of it is original (the exact wording that was used), but most of it I have altered to be shorter (hence the up and down in quality). This is until the original recording is out, which, has a few more questions and is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  15. WG DevQnA Transcription [RAW]