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  1. USS Indianapolis - Review

    You'll find yourself at the short end of the stick with this ship. As a new player, I'd recommend some more forgiving ships. A lot of people, me included, believe that one of the hardest (and most important) skills to master in a cruiser is staying alive, and this one makes it particularly hard. It's not easy to come by a premium cruiser without a gimmick, the struggle to make them unique for players often brings up some interesting compromises. I myself found Boise to be the most enjoyable out of the current premium ship roster, together with Abruzzi. Both boast a heal which allow players to take more damage (and also make mistakes). Abruzzi is however a bit of an acquired taste (a lot of medium-long range shelling and wiggling). Both work best if you have a at least 10 point captain with IFHE, ideally 14 points with IFHE and Concealment Expert. sidenote: I don't know how far you're into the game itself and the game's lingo, so if there are any questions, don't be a stranger and ask!
  2. USS Indianapolis - Review

    To be quite fair, this is why I can't really recommend the Indianapolis. She faces too strong competition at her tier. Sure, Belfast is off sale, and Flint is a bit of a grind, but you still have other ships like Atlanta, Boise, and even Abruzzi. Each of those ships has it's strengths and a clear indication of play-style, which doesn't contradict itself in practice.
  3. USS Indianapolis - Review

    If you think you have the code, send me a PM! At the time of me writing this, nobody has PM'd me.
  4. USS Indianapolis - Review

    USS Indianapolis As a special event for patch 0.7.5, players were able to pick up a USS Indianapolis by completing tasks in a marathon. To those that have been wondering whether it’s worth taking it out of port, or to those that perhaps been wondering whether it’s worth the odd 30 euros, here are my two (euro)cents on this iconic piece of history. History Built as a Portland-class cruiser, USS Indianapolis was one of the last cruisers subjected to the Washington Naval Treaty. She can be considered the “step-up” from the Pensacola-class of cruisers. The Portland-class ships were purposefully outfitted as flagships. USS Indianapolis herself, is a quite famous ship, unfortunately not as much for her service than the way that she met her end. Indy served from the North Pacific to the South Pacific. She participated in numerous battles, earning her a total of 10 battle stars. During her final weeks, she was tasked with a top secret transport mission. She carried Uranium for Little Boy from California to Hawaii and from Hawaii to Tinian. After the delivery, Indianapolis was to continue on to Leyte. Just past midnight on July 30th, Japanese submarine I-58 torpedoed Indianapolis. 2 torpedoes struck the vessel, the first one setting the AVGAS tanks carried by her on fire, while the second one ignited the magazine. Prior to sinking Indianapolis did manage to get a distress signal out, but without confirmation, Navy officers decided to ignore the distress call, due to navy regulations, fearing the possibility of an ambush. The vessel sank rapidly, with the loss of 300 lives. The remaining - some 900 men - would float for the next 3 days before being found, enduring the burning heat of the sun, thirst, hunger, and perhaps the most violent shark attacks of all time. Out of 1196 crewmen, 317 remained at the time of rescue. In-game rundown Indy has a hit-point pool of 32500, with armour ranging from 13mm on the superstructure, 16mm aft and front, to 22mm midships. The Citadel is protected with a 100mm armour belt, 146mm at the thickest in the protrusions going to the barbettes which are 38mm, and 16mm-57mm below waterline. The citadel deck is 63mm – All in all just about mid-range T7 squish. Indianapolis’ main armament consists of 3x3 8 inch guns, arguably the best at her tier, with a reload of 14.3 seconds and a training speed of almost 26 seconds. She also receives 8x1 5 inch secondaries that work DP. The AA suite is good, consisting of short range Oerlikons, mid range Bofors, and the aforementioned 5 inch batteries. She is decently fast, at 32.5kn, and has a rudder shift of 8.4s, making her quite maneuverable. Concealment fully spec’d goes down to 10.8, which is good for a ship her size. Consumable Choice Indianapolis gets access to standard US Damacon, a choice of either t7 hydro or defensive AA, as well as a long range radar. This is to serve as the highlight of the ship, and elevates her "uniqueness" among other t7 premium ships. Captain Spec I’d strongly recommend taking superintendent at tier 3, and concealment expert at tier 4. I’ve not noticed my engine getting knocked out too often, therefore I’m personally going to put forward Expert Marksman at tier 2, due to the slow traverse of her guns, although your mileage may vary. Gameplay and Analysis I did not enjoy Indianapolis too much to be quite honest The downsides as a flexible cruiser outweigh the upsides: Pros: • Strong guns • Long range radar • Decent concealment for a ship her size • Mid-range AA is strong Cons: • Very large target • Highly susceptible to both HE and AP from most ships • Long reloads Conclusion Indianapolis is a ship labelled “commit” wrapped in a “don’t commit” package. She is equipped with a radar - one which outperforms other ships’ radars at that tier. This is all well and good, but I just don’t see it outweighing her biggest drawback - her squishy nature, combined with her large size. Everything about her screams “make yourself as hard to hit as possible”, which, to my understanding, doesn’t mean go towards the cap circle with only a destroyer to support you. Unlike other radar cruisers, she can't do it while being stealthed, and doesn't have the armour to minimize the effect of enemy fire, should she want to put herself in harm's way in order to get a radar off. She’s not all bad, of course. With good use of islands, thinking ahead, and being aware of your surroundings, a competent player can make this ship work. Her guns are capable and her AA is good. Get in, get out, wait for your consumables to get off cool-down. Use that rudder and good speed to your advantage and to position yourself well. But boy does she not make it easy. Therefore I can’t really recommend this ship. I’ve had my ups and downs in Indy, and I really value her for her historical significance, but she just isn’t something I’d take out for a spin regularly. So for collectors, a definite yes. For the pure pleasure of playing, not so much. Congratulations to __Helmut_Kohl__ and HMS_Argosax for getting the last word-hunt. The solution - GOTTAGOFRENCH - was a combination of words found, 1 in each image, and the word go, written in a different font in the text. I’ve taken into consideration what has been said on last week’s post, and I’d like to try a new format, a bit different, and perhaps easier. Some of you might be familiar with the game say-what-you-see. Players are given a few images, and from them they need to make a word. As an example, the image below: Makes the word firewall. I'd also like to mention that in some cases, words that sound together like another word, can be used, so be imaginative (the letter I followed by a screaming face could for instance be ice-cream). For today’s “riddle” we’ll play a round of say-what-you-see. Again, we have one Super-container for the first person to get it right, and 4x10 subscriber camouflages for those that come in second. TODAY'S RIDDLE: hint 1: a type of sandwich, a loving parent, something you find on your internet browser (and different software), letter(s), a woman with a handbag, a gender symbol, a universal sign found on many plastics nowadays, and a man doing something hint 2: it's 2 things to do with current affairs in world of warships!
  5. Le Terrible and Jean Bart – French Duo

    I feel like everyone is over-complicating it a bit. I'll give you guys another hint: the code doesn't need to be derived from the clues, but is a combination of the words that can be found in the post.
  6. Le Terrible and Jean Bart – French Duo

    Update: Okay, to make this easier, it is indeed a code word, but not a word in the classical sense. it is in fact made of multiple true words (for example: shoe, bird, etc.). Should've made that more obvious. I hope this helps!
  7. Le Terrible and Jean Bart – French Duo

    Yeah, I flashed it up on my phone and saw just how bad it was!
  8. Le Terrible and Jean Bart – French Duo

    Maybe my screen is a bit too big. I shall take that into account.
  9. Le Terrible and Jean Bart – French Duo I apologise for my absence to any readers, as you must be aware the Ranked Season is currently on, and when I am not busy getting my will to live sucked out of me by my team mates (no offense to any of them but ranked is truly soul crushing), I am otherwise involved with real life chores. This weekend I did manage to get a few games in with these 2 French ships, and as such I’ve gone and compiled my experience here. A few weeks back CCTs were given access to Le Terrible in the “Early Preview” format. I did a bit of theory crafting on that ship here. Le Terrible is a bit of a novelty. She’s fast, yes, but other than that she doesn’t bring too much to the table. Her guns are okay, her torpedoes are… okay, and her survivability, well, considering her size you’d hope that she’d be healthy. If you play her for range, she’ll be very much like a Russian destroyer, but faster. Yes, indeed, Le Terrible can go 55kn with Sierra Mike and engine boost on. That is fast, though it was a bit anticlimactic, that is to say she didn’t rise to my expectations, when I first tried her. Perhaps thinking it’d push me into my seat or rip my face off was a bit of a far shot– it didn’t, which probably a good thing, now that I think about it. A video game ship detaching the front of my head would’ve been difficult to explain on the insurance form. So after I wiped away my tears of sheer disappointment, and had come to terms with my situation, I did notice that I was significantly faster than everyone else in my team! What a surprise. And if this game was about doing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, or making the Tokyo express supply runs in just under one night, then I am sure this ship would’ve excelled, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that was not the case, and therefore this ship just lacked the “oompf” to really catapult it to something I’d have recommended. She isn’t a playmaker as her flexibility is lacking, and her current playstyle kind of shoehorns a player into only being a nuisance at best. I’d like to interject though, that in case you are just in for the massive speed, then look no further, I highly doubt that we’ll be seeing anything like this (except maybe the non-premium counterpart) any time soon. Perhaps in the next test! Jean Bart is probably the most fun I had in a Battleship since Scharnhorst. I’ve played a bit of Richelieu – both in testing as well as on the live (probably more so in testing), and I’ve found her to a bit of an improvement. Jean Bart has tons more secondaries, a better fire rate, and of course, AA. Her reload booster, which, call it gimmicky if you want, can indeed give her an edge in engagements, or in my case, ease the pain of French accuracy, since I get to try again, and again. And, again. Maybe I should play more battleship, sometimes I feel like it isn’t the ship’s fault. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that she does best when she’s top tier (like no battleship before!). An almost perfect – then again, what truly is? - blend of guns and armour, to bully lower tier ships indiscriminately. Uptiered, not so much. 380mm won’t overmatch most armour at equal or higher tiers, while other BBs will feast on you and your terrible mistake – clicking the battle button past 10pm on a Wednesday night. I’ll definitely be picking up one of these once they are out of testing, if it stays the way it is (and probably even if it changes, unless they changes are really drastic). I have really taken a liking to it. Now I will say, both of these ships were still WiP when I tested them, so they can, and probably will change. I am curious to see what will come of it. Furthermore, I have a few boxes to give away, in this post, and next week’s review of Indianapolis, you’ll be able to pick up one of 2 contributor boxes, and/or 1 of 8 sets of subscriber camouflages! In the above post, I have hidden a secret code word, that you will have to find and ASSEMBLE – well you don’t have to, but if you want to get something you can’t expect not to do anything in return. If you guess it correctly (although I do hope that you won’t guess, but actually un-jumble it in a controlled, logical manner), send me a PM with the code word. The first 5 people to answer correctly will be rewarded, 1 CCT box for the first one to get it, and 1 camouflage set for the 4 people in second place. You have time until next Wednesday!
  10. Le Terrible's Early Preview

    True, though it does get the new consumable, allowing it dish out quite a few rounds in quick succession. While this may not make up for the DPM disparity, it can allow you to win a gunfight if played right.
  11. Le Terrible's Early Preview

    Indeed you are right. Edited. Slip ups like this do happen here, I apologize again and can only point at the heat!
  12. Le Terrible's Early Preview

    because of the early nature of this preview, we are not allowed to play the ship, but the guns seem very similar to Aigle on paper
  13. Le Terrible's Early Preview

    What do you mean, Khabarovsk cannot spec AFT? Khabarovsk has 130mm, and only manages to reach 13.4km WITH AFT. Are you perhaps talking about the range upgrade? This is a T8, so that's out of the equation anyway. If you look Khaba's armour layout and that of Le Terrible (which is 19mm all round), then you'll notice that 11.2 base is NOT enough to effectively zoom and annoy, you get punished too easily. Perhaps the speed will compensate for this, but if you check at the somewhat comparable Tashkent, with a maximum firing range of 15.2km - much more comfortable. Both are 19mm all round.
  14. Le Terrible's Early Preview

    ah, yes my bad! It's the heat! I swear!
  15. Le Terrible in Early Preview As a second addition to the French destroyer premiums, we’re seeing the T8 Le Terrible. She is currently on the public test server for very early preview. As always, very Work in Progress. Everything is subject to change. History Le Terrible was a Le Fantasque-class destroyer. She was built in the 1930s for the French Naval Forces. She was a formidable ship, larger than most destroyer counterparts of the time. But that was not all. During speed trials, Le Terrible reached a top speed of 45.1kn, making her the fastest destroyer in the world. Just after the outbreak of World War 2, she joined her sister ship Le Fantasque (among others) in the French Raiding force until the French surrender. After being captured and flying the Flag under Vichy France, she managed to escape during Operation Torch and fought alongside the Allies until the end of the war. In-game rundown Le Terrible is a sizeable vessel, compensated somewhat in hitpoints - 18600. She’s decently armed, with 5 138.6mm guns and 3 sets of triple 55cm torpedo tubes (1 on each side, 1 able to fire in both directions). Le Terrible is a fast ship, with a base speed of 43kn, her turn circle is 690m, with a rudder shift of 4.3s. But she isn’t a stealthy ship. Fully concealed, she clocks in at 7.1km detection. Finally, Le Terrible has a rather mediocre AA suite, mostly consisting of 13.2mm and 37mm AA that will barely scratch any plane within range. Modules Le Terrible’s guns are the aforementioned 138.6 (139 in-game) calibre guns. They have a 7 second reload, 11.2km range, and deal 2000 and 2700 for HE and AP respectively. The turn rate is 25.7 seconds, and the fire chance is a good 10%. In terms of torpedoes, the 3 triple mounts are capable of launching 9km range 60knot torpedoes, with damage being just shy of 15000. AA is a combined 20dps at 1.2km range, 7dps at 3.0km (ouch). Consumable Choice Le Terrible has access to 3 consumables in addition to Damacon: Smoke screen – The terrible french one, 69 seconds fade time, 20s action time. Engine boost – The good French one, 20% boost for 120 seconds. Main Battery reload Booster – 10 seconds active time, decreases the reload by 75%. Analysis and Conclusion Pros: • Crazy Speed • Decently Armed • Somewhat different to conventional destroyers Cons: • AA Suite • Concealment • Range Le Terrible really looks like she’s going in the direction of the RU-DDs. She’s really fast and has quite bad concealment. Unfortunately, unlike the Russian destroyers, Le Terrible doesn’t really have the range to effectively zoom around and annoy ships. You can of course run AFT to somewhat negate this problem. Most carriers are going to be feeding on this thing if they play right, you’ll have to rely on your speed and them making mistakes to avoid them. I am interested to see whether she’ll be released as is, because it would mean that we’d have our first destroyer breaking 50kn, by quite a large margin (54.1kn). Other than that, it would seem that this destroyer is not going to be something hugely extravagant, which is not necessarily bad, but let’s let the actual test decide that.