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  1. USS Monaghan in Preview [WiP]

    I think this goes both ways. Good players will have a hard time finding a really bad ship, since they will perform decently in most ships.
  2. USS Monaghan in Preview [WiP]

    USS Monaghan in Preview - A weird attempt at a torpedo boat? Unfortunately, WG removed my beautiful red font. So we'll do it in white (or black, or whatever it is for your forum style). As always very work in progress, thing's are subject to change! Take everything you read here with a grain (or pinch) of salt. A bit of history USS Monaghan was stationed in Pearl Harbor in December 1941. On the morning of December 7, she was to rally up with USS Ward - a Wickes class destroyer. Ward was on patrol and had made contact and disabled a submarine. Shortly before Monaghan could set out, however, Japanese planes came pouring in. While Monaghan engaged the air targets, she was notified of second midget submarine entering the harbor. Monaghan went to engage it, dodged a torpedo and then rammed the Ko-hyo, proceeding to drop depth charges on her. The explosions of the depth charges lunged Monaghan's stern into the air, catapulting the destroyer in a nearby barge. Damage sustained was minor, and she continued on her way. The ship Monaghan has received a few changes since the last time we got to test her. At first she was... Just a Farragut, then she was a Farragut missing her aft guns for some extra Bofors. Now she's a Farragut that's missing her aft guns, with a torpedo reload booster. Now doesn't that sound interesting? Alright, the matter isn't as trivial. I'll split this preview into 2 sections, seeing as Monaghan has 2 completely polar opposite hulls going for her. A Hull A Hull is basically Monaghan the way she was first introduced. In this form, Monaghan receives 13900 hitpoints, the standard 5' guns you'd find on most USN DDs in her bracket, an AA suite consisting of Oerlikons and DP guns. She has stock torpedoes with damage lingering around the 12k mark (64kn, 1.3km detectability, 87s reload). B Hull This is where things get interesting. Monaghan drops 2 of her guns for extra AA. instead of the usual 127mm main armament, Monaghan gets some extra 40mm Bofors mounts. These work to improve Defensive AA's output, but you won't be running defensive AA for a simple reason: B Hull benson has access to USS Benson's torpedoes. 55kn, 1.1km detection, 17k damage. Only one downside, it's the reload: 120 seconds. This is why you wil want to be running the TRB, which mind you, is a little different to the one you might be used to from the IJN destroyers. To summarize, we have a Hull that is basically a Farragut with one less gun, and we have a Hull that has superior AA, but completely lacks gun-power. Mounting the B hull makes no sense without the upgraded torpedoes, since the AA improvement is not significant to warrant taking out 50% of your batteries. Consumable Choice: You have access to a non-standard US smoke, The usual engine boost, and the choice between either Defensive AA or TRB. The problem is, with the A hull, Defensive AA only affects your DP, since you don't have Bofors mounts OR HAC. This leaves basically only the Panic, since the damage output is rather low - To put it into perspective, Hatsuharu's (yes, the Japanese destroyer) AA output comes close to Monaghan with Def AA (In raw stat numbers). With the B hull, you'll want to be running the Benson torpedoes, which means that the TRB is almost a must - seeing as it is your sole damage output, and 120s is a long time.. My recommendation: Either play it as a Farragut with TRB and one less gun, (A Hull, TRB) Play it full torpedo spec B hull (AR, SI, TAE, CE maybe even TA) Both options are viable, the former being more "reliable", the latter offering more interesting gameplay. [EXTRA] With the decent AA suite on the B hull, you could even opt to use it as a carrier division destroyer (lots and lots of Bofors!), this will however really bite into your combat effectiveness. Games: I compiled a few screenshots and one match in the Monaghan. Fig. 1: Monaghan in standard setup (A hull, standard 10pt commander build) As expected, Monaghan performs much like a Farragut in the standard setup, but loses out on an American smoke. She does however get the TRB, or DefAA while still retaining her engine boost. Fig. 2: Monaghan in torpedo build, accelerated torps (B hull, 19pt commander setup) In this setup, Monaghan has a decent stealth fire window, very competitive torpedoes, but unfortunately no real gun performance, the only real use for these guns is to finish of enemies (not unlike Mutsuki or Minekaze). Video: Monaghan with a 10pt captain, b-hull (the video speaks for itself, there is a little bit of explanation at the start and towards the end) Conclusion: Monaghan was refreshing. You know, the ship's a bit like an unfinished tech demo of a game, that somehow still manages to captivate you for multiple hours. The drawbacks are quite clear with the ship, but regardless, I feel inclined to try to make the ship work. Take note here please that I am now referring to the B hull Monaghan, seeing as the A hull is pretty "bland" in comparison (aka it brings no real new things to the table). I know it's not very competitive, or good for padding your winrate, but it brings me back to a time where I played silly ships for their unique gameplay - like the Katori - and not for their statpadability. I don't want Monaghan to be the next sealclubber down at tier 6. That being said, with good management the Monaghan can and will ruin an enemy vessel's day. So can I recommend it? That depends on what you're out for, it's definitely unique, but like I stated above, it's not a ship that will be super competitive. If Monaghan stays this way, she'll be a jar of Marmite, some will love her for her uniqueness, some will love her for her collection value. Others will just despise the way she plays.
  3. They're play buttons (I think).
  4. Speaking of vanity items, here's the two camouflages for the CCT program overhaul Right one: Giveaway camouflage for subscribers/viewers/followers Left one: CCT exclusive (what a good design, I wonder who did that one )
  5. Again, this is in direct connection with the tech tree releases. If it were a German Ship line, I am sure we'd have a German unique commander. Since these changes are pretty new, we've only had a French and an American commander so far.
  6. If we go with what WG said during WGFest 2017, we can safely say that both the ships as well as special commanders/ports and events will be released together. They did, not part of this presentation. There should be a bigger announcement once WG is finalizing these changes!
  7. that is not palpable information, you see.
  8. not to my awareness. There's some info on some CCT swag, and like the aforementioned matchmaker. But nothing palpable on carriers
  9. Hello everyone! I bring some nice, juicy hi-res information from the CCT Summit in St. Petersburg! Without further ado, let's jump right into it BALANCE CHANGES: A quick word on buffs to existing ships. As some of you might be aware, Shimakaze is getting a concealment buff, she goes from 7.56 to 7.11km! German cruiser Admiral Hipper receives a faster rudder shift - 9.2 s - and an improved reload of 11.5s on upgraded hulls! Prinz Eugen receives the long awaited repair party consumable, making her probably one of the most desirable cruisers at t8 now! In addition to these ship changes, Aircraft spotting of torpedoes has been nerfed down to half of their base detection value. This means that a Japanese long lance with 1.6km detection range will only be spotted by an aircraft within 800m. ANTI-ABUSE: We now have a more unique Anit-Abuse system in works. Pink names will now be considered a warning, further offenses will result in a ban from Operations, Ranked, as well as Randoms, but will still let you participate in Clan Battles, as well as Training rooms and Coop. TIDBITS: There are a plethora of UI and quality of life improvements too. For instance, we now have the option to enable potential as well as spotting damage indicators. There are new ribbons for bombers, new achievements for carriers, as well as more extensive tool-tips on upgrades and captain skills (finally!). Incoming in the next few updates: matchmaker changes, I don't have the full information on this, so we'll have to wait and see. Some of the mid-low tier Battleships and cruisers now have access to float planes (Wyoming, Koenig, NY, Iron Duke, La Galissonniere!) Next ranked season will be T8 and T10: We are getting a new team based event: AMERICAN SPLIT! Probably not really news anymore, but there are definitely some interesting extras coming together with the USNCL/CA split! A unique captain, some interesting looking skins/camo, as well as a totally new collection! And, you are going to love this: NIGHT BATTLES! IJN Akizuki Line is getting more love. What we can expect: Kitakaze is Hull number 5077, not laid down, cancelled. She was to be the lead ship of the Super-Akizuki Class. 36.7kn top speed, 6 torpedoes in a single sextuple mount. Same 10cm Type 98 dual purpose mounts. Somewhat confusing, is this part: Project V6 was to be the improved Super-Shimakaze, which was later re-purposed to be the new Super Akizuki, or Akizuki-Kai-class. The actual designation of the Super Akizuki-class, was however, Project V7 . I don't think that this will really change anything in the long run. Then we have: Harugumo... didn't exist. This one's... A bit more fictional, She seems to have gotten an extra Type 98 mount, looks to be a little more sleek, but larger. Both boast improved AA over the Akizuki (dear god), Maybe Defensive Fire (my speculations, not WG). We don't know just yet. What I can tell you though, is that they are (at least Harugumo, but it looks like they're also on the Kitakaze) armed with 40mm Bofors "Chi" prototype AA guns. A huge improvement over those 25mms you find on virtually all Japanese ships exlcusively. The duck-hype is real, although these aren't really ducks anymore, if you call them this purely by their name.
  10. Strefs' Space Camouflage Raffle [closed]

    Congratulations to: IDevourer Thank you everyone for participating. I'll try my best to keep these coming in the future!
  11. Strefs' Space Camouflage Raffle [closed]

  12. Update-Update: Kronshtadt, Asashio, Abruzzi. Hello fellow forum dwellers! I have a few updates for those of you that have been laying low for the past week. So news for some of you, not so much news for others! Right before Easter, Community Contributors got access to quite a few Test ships. I’m going to give a quick run-down of these ships, how they performed, and what the status on them is. Asashio NOT WIP Let’s get the, uh, bad news out of the way first. Asashio is now in her final form, and there were not too many changes, in fact, since the last test iteration, there have been no changes. She is no longer Work in Progress, and will likely be released in her current form. I am sorry to everyone who had hoped that there would be drastic changes to this ship, and while I was very vocal about how I don’t like the way this ship is developing, I have to accept that unfortunately, this is the way the ship is going to end up. How much influence this ship is going to have in the long run, I don’t know. Only time will tell. Abruzzi WIP Anyone remember this ship? It was in testing before, way back, 5 months perhaps? Well, she has returned, and while her Branding is still WiP, she’s a very solid performer. For those of you that paid attention the last time she was in testing, She was Duca D’Aosta’s bigger brother. Bigger, not having necessarily better armour adequate for her tier, but receiving little improvements, like an extra barrel at the front and aft, increased torpedo protection and somewhat more effective anti air. Like the D’Aosta, Abruzzi has access to both Hydro as Defensive AA. In addition however, Abruzzi receives a Repair Party consumable, allowing her to stay in the fight longer, and not being crippled by a single unlucky battleship salvo. Overall this change alone makes the Abruzzi an amazingly fun ship to play, and I thoroughly recommend getting her over the D’Aosta for that Regia Marina Cruiser captain training. The interesting thing to note about Abruzzi is the discrepancy in shell speeds. While the D’Aosta enjoys a much faster AP velocity, Abruzzi has a blisteringly fast 995m/s HE shell, making her perfect for IFHE spec’d captains, it is also the arguably better choice of ammo for consistency in damage output. So while killing ships in D’Aosta feels like it is taking centuries, Abruzzi, albeit not too fast himself, whittles down targets at an acceptable rate. Getting used to the difference in shell speed does take some time, but the overall flat trajectories and fire rate make playing her very satisfying! Kronshtadt WIP Hey it’s that russian supersized cruiser! He should probably be a Battleship, but being a cruiser does carry it’s own perks! Before I go on about that, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Yes. Kronshtadt does get lolpen’d by everything (battleships) in it’s matchmaking bracket. He does have decent citadel protection, but that’s not going to stop Missouris, Iowas and Yamatos absolutely destroying you from the front. His Armour is not enough to sustain HE fire from Cruisers or IFHE destroyers – Yes, even 155mm can hit you for ridiculous damage. The AA found on the Kronshtadt, is, unfortunately, not very good. It’s passable at most. On the Upside, he does boast a very good armour belt, and most cruisers will have a hard time penetrating that. he’s also the healthiest out of the cruisers. Considering her size, he’s also quite fast at 33.5 knots, and has a maximum concealment of 11.3km. This, combined with cruiser damage control perks as well as the Oktyabr’skaya’s limited fast cooldown damage control, do allow him to stay in the fight for quite some time. His survivability is a bit lacking when fighting Battleships, but then again, which cruiser at tier 9 can say that they can do this effectively? This, combined with the fact that he is bracketed as a cruiser, makes her to be a force to be reckoned with. If it weren’t for those, terrible guns… It’s not that they are bad from a damage perspective. 305mm guns that fire every 17 seconds are truly something nice to have, and while they don’t overmatch, when they do penetrate, they do significant damage. Unfortunately, that would require you to hit your target, and Kronshtadt tends to not be in the mood to do that. While this is intentional, and probably a balancing factor, Kronshtadt’s performance is so heavily dependent on RNG, that it’s hard for me to say that this ship is enjoyable to play at the moment. Luckily, she’s WiP, and subject to change in the upcoming tests. I am looking forward to see what will be made of her in future updates. Z-39 WIP Hmm, this is a strange one. She is identical to her last test, but this time she’s a tier lower. Virtually nothing changed, except for the fact that she is now a tier 7 ship. She retains the tier 8 consumable slot, allowing her to have 6.1km concealment, making her one of the sneakiest destroyers at the tier. She also has one of, if not the biggest health pool - just shy of 20k - at tier 7. All in all, you could consider this ship overpowered, but her DPM and torpedo performance do bring her down to reality again. Solid ship. A problem I am seeing right now is the fact that her Hydro is outright better than the one found on Maass, which is not a good thing (looking at you LoYang). Buffalo WIP I have to be honest, I am still grinding my way down the American Cruiser line, so I cannot go into detail about this one. First impressions of this ship, however, indicate that she’s a Baltimore that trades Concealment for DPM. Instead of 3x3 203mm guns, she receives 4x3 203mm guns, with a lowered reload of 12 seconds, but increased shells on target overall. No torpedoes, guys. All in all a pretty exciting test cycle. With Gems like Abruzzi coming towards the end of their tests. A bit of a shame with the Asashio. Z-39 might need some extra work, and Kronshtadt definitely does. Buffalo offered an interesting sneak peak into the new CA/CL split. Thoughts, Opinions?
  13. Strefs' Space Camouflage Raffle [closed]

    @RC_8015 one skin to give away! I'll update the info shortly. Small update: Please don't enter yourself multiple times, if I haven't been specific enough about this, please, don't do it. I don't want to disqualify anyone, and I'll only take one name for each person. Don't make my life more difficult for me. Also: I need your username. If you enter yourself without a name I cannot pick you, for obvious reasons.
  14. Strefs' Space Camouflage Raffle [closed]

    Since Ships will be credited directly to the player's account, no one is able to participate with fake accounts. As well as that, I have an overview of all participants, and can remove doubles.