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  1. Of course, your comment stands justified and valid. We can speculate, and (mind you, this is my personal opinion from now on) I think it will be buffed/something will be added to make it interesting, otherwise it'll likely be a waste of resources.
  2. Which is of course, true. But considering what stage we are at here, is better than having something overkill, don't you agree?
  3. Well, at least this one doesn't straight up knock it's non-premium counterpart out of the water! We'll see in which way the T-61 will make it's return, but it seems to have gone of the radar like that one American destroyer that now has a heal...
  4. Z-39 - Tier 8 Very Work in Progress German Premium Destroyer Hi guys, I am back once again! Today, we've got something a little more different. Not a full preview as such, but rather an early sneak peak for an upcoming ship. Basically, a leak that isn't one! Up today is the Z-39. An upcoming T8 German premium destroyer. I'll be comparing her in the following table directly to the Z-23, since she is of the same class and they share similarities. Ship Z-23 Z-39 Survivability 19500 19600 Artillery 3x1 and 1x2 15cm OR [4x12,8cm] 4x 15cm Alpha, (Fire Chance) 2200 HE (12%), 3700 AP [1500 HE (6%), 3000 AP] 2200 HE (12%), 3700 AP Turn rate 22.5s for 180deg 22.5s for 180deg Reload 6.7s [4s] 7.5s Range 10.8km 11.8km Torpedoes 2x4 533mm 2x4 533mm Alpha 14400 14400 Range 9.5km 8.5km Speed 67kn 65kn Detectibility 1.4km 1.3km Reload 90s 90s AA-Defense 20mm and 37mm 20mm and 37mm Short-Range 41 dps @ 2.0km 20 dps @ 2.0km Mid-Range 31 dps @ 3.5km 61 dps @ 3.5km Maximum Speed 37kn 36kn Turn Circle 680m 670m Rudder Shift 4.5s 4.5s Concealment [ with Camo] by Sea 7.7km 7.5km by Air 4.4km 4.4km firing from Smoke 3.4km 3.3km Consumables DC, SMK, ENGBST, HYDR DC, SMK, ENGBST, HYDR I've went ahead and highlighted the improvements and the drawbacks of the current ship. As you can see, she's running Z-23 stock torpedoes, lost a single gun, and gained a little AA. She's also a tiny bit more stealthier (fully stealth oriented @ 6.1km instead of 6.2km for the Z-23). I think the loss of a gun for, pretty much mediocre still, AA was not a good trade. Fully AA oriented, she still can't compete with the Americans, Pan Asians and the Akizuki (and you'll likely lose out on other important skill points for her). She is also lacking torpedo range and speed. Overall the 100 extra hitpoints and 0.2km extra concealment do not really make up for these drawbacks. But she isn't lagging too far behind Z-23. A bit on the consumables. At the moment they are identical to the ones found on the Z-23. No changes there. Other than that, she doesn't look too bad. Is this perhaps and out of the box "not-quite-better-than-the-real-deal-premium"? Thoughts and opinions? Keep in mind, we're at an very, very early test stage at the moment. So things are subject to change.
  5. French Premium Destroyer Aigle in Preview

    I am very happy that WG is willing to give away this very fun little ship for free.
  6. IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    Battleship players are a very, very vocal part of the community. This does carry implications, yes. I am not sure that this was entirely the intention here. And again, I don't think this is healthy for the game. Simply put, Asashio should not be released in it's current state. Sure, you can say it's easy cash, but WG want to keep this game running for quite some time, and they're aware that introducing these kinds of ships early on is not a wise decision. As this is a just one potential test setup, there's a quite high chance that she will be altered.
  7. IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    That was supposed to be a now*. Let me go and fix that.
  8. IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    This is how I play my Yuugumo. I do use my guns qutie a bit. That's why I also have SE. SI is useful since she does have quite a few useful consumables. EDIT: The fact that the guns are positively bad, doesn't mean they're not there.
  9. IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    I definitely had that opinion at first too, but it works. Not so much in this instance, however...
  10. IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    in case they do release her like this, I'd give my recommendation. But again, I don't think this ship is really a good idea at the moment.
  11. IJN Asashio - I don't know what to say Again, this is only the second test cycle of the Asashio, and as such information presented here should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything but the raw numbers and stats presented here is my honest opinion of the ship in it's current state. I am not truly surprised that the Asashio in this test cycle is less than ideal, in fact, I was anticipating this as soon as the PTS notes came along. But this is going in a direction that I didn't really expect. Enough teasing though, let's get right to business. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: HERE Rundown of the changes: So those of you that paid attention to the Asashio changes know that she is now equipped with 20 kilometre, 67knot, deep-water torpedoes that deal just shy of 21000 damage. These deep-water torpedoes have been set to only hit capital ships (CVs and BBs). In addition to this, the deep-water torpedoes have a base detection range of 0.7 kilometres. The torpedoes are, otherwise, completely identical to the ones found on Kagerou, with a 112s reload, in the same quadruple torpedo setup (2x4). In addition to these, frankly quite significant loadout changes, Asashio now receives an additional consumable slot. Asashio now has Damacon, Smoke, Engine Boost and Torpedo Reload Accelerator. The Damacon is the standard found on all the other destroyers, the Engine Boost is also, identical to the normal Japanese one, and the Torpedo Reload Accelerator is the one found on the main line, 1 second active time, reducing a reload to 8 seconds. This Accelerator has, however, only 240 seconds of cooldown time. I am still using the same commander skills and modifications from the last round of testing. In this setup I do recommend these. This build allows for concealment, survivability, and blisteringly fast torpedoes. IFHE is added for increased gunboat effectiveness, since the ship is so lacking in this aspect. You could skill it to be full torpedo boat, of course. This is, however, how I roll. You don't honestly need the 20 kilometres, 16 are more than enough. Analysis: Without putting a single match in, I can already predict that the Asashio will be extremely powerful in some situations, and close to completely useless in others. She can only hit large vessels with her torpedoes, putting her at a huge disadvantage against anything that does not meet that criteria. She will be food cruisers and competent DD players. Her gameplay will not be affected too much by these changes, since she'll still be fulfilling the scouting, capturing and torpedoing role. In this cylce, she will just have to hold her torpedoes back more often. In Practice: So I thought this ship would perform much worse than she actually does. I put my first games into her, and I was really surprised. I expected this ship to be super situational (we'll get there). But then I remembered that we're talking about World of Warships here! And the one thing that's certain about World of Warships, is at least 2 BBs in the enemy team at all times. At that was the case, even during testing. We start off match one, by torpedoing a full health Colorado at 15 kilometres. The poor guy doesn't even know that he is about to meet his maker. He Damacons, but it doesn't matter, for we have just reloaded using our torpedo reload consumable, and the second salvo is already underway. He sinks, having done nothing this match. We continue on to the next battleship, and match after match, we decimate the enemy Battleships. Whether at close or at long range, Asashio doesn't care, she has the torpedo range AND the concealment. We're at our best in standard battles, with lots of battleships and no carriers. The bigger, the better. If we have to capture a control point before going off to farm damage, we can do that with our concealment, we might need a little help from friendly destroyers or cruisers (or perhaps even battleships, if they don't hate us already!), but we can definitely dictate the engagement, even in the smallest of cap circles. Battleship push on the flank? No problem, we can just sit there, slowly whittling down the enemy ships that without support of aircraft or hydro, never know when to start evading. After about 5 matches, I feel like I need a break. I have lost all sense of damage and range. The matches above are consistent. These are match, after match, after match. The only situation Asashio isn't a fan of, is if all the enemy battleships run from the battlefield (Which does happen more often than it should). Asashio also doesn't like carriers. But that's just like the last test cycle. If a carrier wants you dead, there's little you can do about it, it won't even be a hard time for the carrier. Conclusion: Asashio's buff only addressed one problem with the ship. She was not unique enough to warrant a purchase. But in her current form I don't think she should be released. This version of the Asashio is not healthy. Not healthy for the game, not healthy for the players. It's a greedy, damage farming monster. It rewards the player for avoiding direct confrontation and going damage farming. She cannot deal with other destroyers and cruisers because her guns are lackluster. She cannot deal with carriers because she's got no proper AA. What we have here, at the moment, is a ship that's only good at one thing. Farming damage off of a single class of ships. In addition to the grief you cause the enemy team with your torpedoes, you will also find that Asashio does little to contribute to her own team's effort of winning. She can only contest a cap because she out-spots her opponents, she cannot deal with those opponents, however, because her guns are so bad and her torps won't hit. Combine this with the fact that she isn't the fastest, which is a general Japanese flaw, she can be easily chased down and dealt with. What I would change: If WG does not want to drop the DWT idea, I would definitely recommend lowering the range on the torpedoes, while adding cruisers to the list of ships that can be hit. 15km torpedoes for instance, could be an interesting choice. Perhaps the old Fubuki torpedoes? Or go back to 10 kilometres. The focus doesn't have to be 100% on the torpedoes, that can also make for an interesting premium. The guns... need to be addressed. I don't see a reason for this ship to have 9 seconds of reload, while having no proper defense against smaller sized vessels with DWT. I've said already that the reason DWT work on the Pan Asians, is because they don't suck out at gunfighting, or AA protection. All people ask for of Japanese destroyers at this point is that they don't feel like a one trick pony. If we can't have AA (which would be awesome, seeing as tier 6 Japanese destroyer AA outclasses everything but Akizuki til tier 9), we should at least have some way of defending ourselves from all the new gunboats that are coming to the game. Yuugumo was a step in the right direction. Akizuki is also a very popular ship. Heck, look at the popularity of Harekaze. All these ships have one thing in common. They are not situational. They are viable, they can adapt, and that is what makes them popular. I am interested to see what you guys think of the current Asashio. Again, she is not in her final form, so changes can be made, and I'll do my best to run the feedback back to WG (unless they are secretly reading in already).
  12. The French Battleship Tech tree - A Quick Recap If you’ve been diligently paying attention to the other community contributor’s videos and streams, you will surely have noticed that the French BBs are just around the corner. We’re reaching the final phase of the testing and showcase. Please note, however, that these ships are still marked with the work in progress logo, and as such are still subject to change, however unlikely at this point it might seem. Without further ado, I will summarize, in brief blurbs my experience with the new ships. We’ll start at tier 3 and work our way up. Tier 3 – Turenne Turenne is a quite healthy tier 3 BB. She’s got a similar gun loadout to Kawachi and Nassau (1 front and aft, 2 each on port and starboard aka “Diamond”). Not too much to say because we won’t be on this tier for long. She’s definitely a fresh looker with the 5 smokestacks. Slightly more susceptible due to HE because of this, though. Tier 4 – Courbet A solid tier 4 BB. A gun on each side has been moved. She now has only one gun turret per side and two front and aft. Aft midsection is only 19mm of armour, quite a big weakness. In terms of speed she is almost as slow as the last ship (21 knots). Tier 5 – Bretagne: The Doppelgänger In terms of Armour and Maneuverability, this ship is a carbon copy of the Courbet – even her hitpoints only go up by 700! Instead of having 1 gun for each side though, the mid section now has a single turret on the superstructure, able to fire in both directions. Bretagne also receives 340mm guns, as well as a very good AA suite at tier 5. Tier 6 – Normandie: Ugly Duckling First ship to field quad guns in the line. Also the first ship to have a decent maximum speed of 29.5 knots. She’s not got a lot of superstructure, but where she does, it’s quite tall and an easy target to hit. Susceptible to plunging fire due to the large, flat deck. Good armour on the side (except bow and aft). All the good AA from the last tier have seemed to have evaporated. Tier 7 – Lyon: The Shotgun Lyon is a bit of a hit and miss (get it?). She’s got a preposterous amount of guns, four sets of 4 guns, and mediocre accuracy. Hence the name “Shotgun”. She’s not particularly fast at 27knots, and her armour leaves to be desired (then again, not many tier 7 ships can say they have good armour). But her quite amusing gunplay makes up for these shortcomings. She’s generally enjoyable to play. She’s also the first ship to receive proper AA in the line. Tier 8 – Richeshecheushe Richelieu Richelieu is a lot like what we’re used to from the Dunkerque. She’s got quad guns in two forward turrets, decent secondaries on the aft and side. She has a very comfortable top speed of 30.4 knots and finally gets the French speedboost. Her Survivability is okay-ish. She Receives mostly 32mm of armour all round, which is nice. Tier 8 – Gascogne Imagine a Richelieu. Now imagine that ship with one of the guns moved to the aft section of the ship. Now you have a Gascogne (of course you shouldn’t trivialize it like this). Gascogne performs solidly, as the Richelieu does. She does however, suffer a bit from bad angles towards the front on the B gun. Tier 9 – Alsace: The Sauce Alsace is everything great about the French ships combined. She’s got speed, good gun characteristics and range, as well as good AA and a very good torpedo protection. She is, however, very big, and not the healthiest. Another downside to Alsace is the 380mm guns, preventing her from overmatching cruiser armor effectively. Tier 10 – France France loses a turret while remedying Alsace’s biggest downsides: Health, and low calibre guns. France receives 431mm guns in two quadruple gun turrets (surprised?), as well as 18000 extra hitpoints. She also gains about 6 kilometres of gun range, so you can support your team more effectively from the flank ;) To Summarize: French battleships tend to be quite large, boasting unusual amounts of guns per turret. The consumable gimmick (which starts at tier 8) is the improved engine boost. At low tier, French BBs have a considerable amount of turrets, while high tier BBs have more barrels but less turrets per battery. Another aspect of French battleships seems to be the relatively low calibre for their tier, limping behind the Germans by at least one tier. Nevertheless the Ballistic characteristics of these guns feel very good. They don’t bleed a lot of speed after leaving the barrel, with a decent initial velocity of mostly around 800m/s. As you move through the tiers, the secondary and AA batteries become very strong as well. Most of these ships were quite enjoyable to play, with the only one that I’d say worth skipping being either one of the tier 4 or 5 ones. Other than increased gun calibre, they don’t feel that much different, and having to grind extra time on the same ship is a bit tedious in my opinion.
  13. IJN Asashio in Preview

    Adding deep water torpedoes that only hit battleships (and carriers) completely eliminates the only proper offensive armament Japanese ships have against enemy destroyers and cruisers. Their existence alonr deters enemy ships from rushing you or your smoke. DWT work on Pan Asians because they can compensate for the lack of torpedoes with firepower (they can hit cruisers as well.) Asashio already feels super weak when stuck fighting other destroyers, something you often don't have a choice in, providing you want to make use of your concealment, and play the objective (like a destroyer), removing the threat of torpedoes for the sake of making her unique, is in my opinion, a bad choice.
  14. IJN Asashio in Preview

    The Yueyang at least has good guns to deal with destroyers and decent AA.
  15. AIGLE – a breath of fresh air All stats of this ship are in their final form and players can expect her to be this way on release! A bit of background Like Asashio, she’s the lead ship of her class, and was constructed during the 20s and 30s. Notable things about the Aigle are the relatively high calibre of 139mm (138.6mm actually) for a destroyer, and large size (above 2,400 tonnes and above 3,000 tonnes under full load). Aigle, and her sister ships – of which there were 5 -, served under Vichy France, until she was scuttled in 1942 to prevent the Germans capturing and using her – Only to be lifted – and later to be again, sunk, in late 1943. Gameplay Captain Skills Modifications I don't recommend these captain skills, although they work out okay. As a first French destroyer, Aigle gives a good impression of what the French destroyer tech tree ships might be like. She’s quite large, boasts strong guns with good rate of fire, a solid torpedo armament, and has a very interesting engine boost, allowing her to reach speeds of around 45knots (with the required flags of course). Did I mention Aigle gets 17000 base HP? Making her the healthiest out of all T6 destroyers. The Guns on the Aigle are quite punchy. They deal good damage due to their increased calibre and good fire rate. The torpedoes are on the slow side at 57, but make no mistake, they are still very good. 2 x 3 torpedo tubes with 18400 alpha, 7km range and a 77 second reload. Unsurprisingly, we don’t see any AA on this ship either. We’re running at around 5 DPS at 3.0km and an extra 20 around 1km. She does not have her “historical” 75mm AA gun. Now we come to one of the defining features of the Aigle, the Manoeuvrability. Her Rudder shift is rather bad, at 4.1s. Granted, she is a big boat. The top speed is no joke, however. Don’t be deceived by the 36kn top speed. Aigle receives the improved French engine boost, allowing her to increase her speed by 20% (yes, 20% percent) for the duration of the consumable. Lastly, she has a base detection of 7.5km (with camo), which can be brought down to 6.8km with concealment expert. As for consumables, Aigle receives the above mentioned improved speed boost, and, uh, not-quite-German smoke that lasts 81 seconds. Whether this is such a bad thing, is up for debate, I know from experience though, that you are not going to do a lot of smoke sitting in this ship. Conclusion I took out the Aigle, first alone, then I went for a few matches in it together with Aerroon. To conclude, Aigle performs very well. She has strong armament to engage foes at medium to long range (12.8km base range). Her torpedoes are at a sweet spot where you can use them offensively as well as a defense, and their strong alpha serves deterrent for any rushing BB. If the BB is unaware of that at the time, even better. A very comfortable ship indeed, at no point during the testing did I feel like the ship put me in a position with which I could not deal with. It is interesting to see how a little tweak of a single consumable can have such a significant impact on a ship, but it’s not a first. Due to the engine boost tweak, Aigle plays a lot like a stealthy Russian destroyer, not unlike the Leningrad. She’s big, and relies on her superior speed and staying at range to not get hit. She has the flexibility to go in closer if needs be, due to her decent concealment and high amount of hitpoints. A true breath of fresh air, and a thorough recommendation. This one’s good. Bonus box of special secret WG features (irony warning) Aigle gets matchmaking like a carrier. Every match I played in her, I’ve had at least 1 carrier in each team. Aigle is the perfect ship to farm detonation flags in. Out of the last 7 matches played, 3 ended in detonation. Playing in the Aigle feels like an action movie since the camera feels so close to the water. Aerroon has some very good short streams that last 5+ hours, if you're wondering what to until 6 a.m. on a workday.