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  1. Hayashio

    Recruiting Station Initiative - a Quick Look.

    If you're in the right ship, yes. If you're stuck in a DD, or a ship with no AA, the chances of it going to strongly undermine your success is pretty high.
  2. Hayashio

    Recruiting Station Initiative - a Quick Look.

    Did you read my response? At no point did I say that this is to promote teamplay. In fact, I even stated that the main reason is to get more people into the game. That in and of itself is desirable for a F2P multiplayer game, because without new players, the game will eventually die. I don't know why you made this about teamplay, because I certainly didn't. I mentioned playing together, as in playing together with new players, in divisions.
  3. Hayashio

    Recruiting Station Initiative - a Quick Look.

    yes. If they haven't played in 90 days.
  4. Hayashio

    Recruiting Station Initiative - a Quick Look.

    to be fair the bigger problem is that they drag an enemy CV into the match.
  5. Hayashio

    Recruiting Station Initiative - a Quick Look.

    Yes, as indicated from the added bonus of playing together with Shipmates. Unless you instigate your Shipmates to spend money to get a kickback, I don't see how that's the case. It's a free system with goodies for both parties. The missions for Shipmates allow them to have some extra bonuses when starting the game, and you as a Recruiter get something for inviting them to the game. This system was introduced to get more people into World of Warships, that's the main point. And I know, that with new players comes new potential revenue. But can't we look at the benefits of such system instead of instantly dismissing it as a cash grab? Sure, that's what companies do, they offer services, and earn from it. Here, however, we have a system that gives perks to players that don't spend, as well as a section on players that do. I take it that was not aimed at me, considering that I don't work at WG. Yes, this is a problem, and I agree. Educating players by playing together with a more seasoned captain is, however, a step in the right direction. Although I do believe mechanics that reward proper team-play to be a better overall solution.
  6. Recruiting Station Initiative Hey everyone, today something a little different from the ship reviews. Upcoming is the new "Recruiting Station" system for World of Warships. I would like to give a quick run-down of what it is, how you can use it, and what kind of perks you and your friends can receive from it. Note: If you have used the referral program beforehand, your refer-ees now become shipmates and will also collect bonuses. The Recruiter and Shipmate Relationship If you invite a player to join World of Warships, you become a Recruiter. The only other requirement to become a Recruiter is that you have at least 5 battles, and have been active during the last 3 months. A person invited by a Recruiter is called a Shipmate. Now, from my understanding you can either recruit a completely new player, meaning that he has not got a registered WG account, or you can also recruit returning players, people who have less than 5 Battles and not played in the last 3 months. If these requirements are fulfilled, and they sign up through you, then you have successfully recruited a Shipmate! How to set it up: head over to https://friends.worldofwarships.eu/ Sign in with your account. Click the "send invitation" button. Send it to a friend and have them sign up/in over the website And you're done! You can navigate back to this website to check on both your Recruitment Points (RP) and your Shipmates! Rewards Recruiters gain goodies and points for different things: 400 RP (recruitment points) for their first invite. 1 Junior Recruiting Station container for the first 3 invites. Furthermore, Recruiters will receive 10 RP for battles played by Shipmates: 10 RP for each battle, providing they have earned at least 150XP from tier I-V, and 300XP from tier V onward. These can be random, coop, ranked, etc. 10 RP for each Recruiter with 1 Shipmate in a division, with a Victory bonus of 10 RP 22 RP for each Recruiter that plays with 2 Shipmates in a division, with a Victory bonus of 12 RP But it's not only the Recruiters that benefit, Shipmates also receive bonuses: Initial invite rewards: A Diana Lima, together with Captain and Port Slot Tier VI battle reward: Warspite + Port slot, 10pt captain 7 days of premium time 5m credits 25 flags of ALL type (special included) 5 "More Resources" containers Shipmates will receive 5 RP for battles played with Recruiters: 5 RP for each Recruiter with their Shipmate in a division, with a Victory bonus of 5 RP Returning Recruited players can earn following items for winning 25 battles: 14 days of premium time 2 Super Containers Together with the RP comes a new set of containers. Their contents range from credits, flags and doubloons over premium time and even premium ships. As always these can be viewed before you spend your RP. Cashback There's also a neat feature for Recruiters if their Shipmates decide to spend money on the Premium Shop. If you have at least 2 recruited Shipmates, you receive a doubloon kickback of 10% from any store purchase. Payout happens at the start of each month, and the time in between must be at least 30 days, so if your Shipmate purchases something on the 20th May, you will receive it in 2 months on the 1st July. This new system should allow recruited players a better start in World of Warships, as well as promoting playing together. I personally like the system and look forward to see it in effect. If there are any questions I would be happy to answer these/forward them to be answered.
  7. honestly this has been some time ago and I cannot even remember it exactly. As a different player, I don't have access to the information that you have access to. I don't think that you're solely to blame for the loss, I am sure that a loss is a series of unfortunate events. From my personal experience in IJN boats I would've capped in that situation, if you feel that was not going to be possible, then that's on you. No hard feelings, eh?
  8. Hayashio

    Lenin Review – a good ship in a questionable meta?

    congratulations to Shyrant. Your name was forwarded to WG and you will receive your ship soon!
  9. @__Helmut_Kohl__ and the NWP crew in CB, good game chaps.
  10. Hayashio

    Lenin Review – a good ship in a questionable meta?

    5.3km without any upgrades.
  11. Hayashio

    Lenin Review – a good ship in a questionable meta?

    I think you will find that the Massa is a lot more different from the non-premium. She's a bit more inaccurate and has less range, but the biggest difference are those secondaries. If you build them identically, I don't think it'd make a huge difference though. Personally for me, the closest comparable pairing would be Gascogne and Richelieu, though Gascogne gets a reload booster, which makes her a lot stronger. Yes.
  12. Hayashio

    Lenin Review – a good ship in a questionable meta?

    True, but considering how different both Oktyabrskaya and Nikolai are, this one's the first true RUBB premium. Nikolai is no longer available and Okyabrskaya is technically a Freemium due to the fact that it was made available through a mission.
  13. Lenin – a good ship in a questionable meta? With carrier planes leering at your team, waiting for any unfortunate soul to drift off far enough from the blob so they can make it regret opening the game again in 4 weeks, and Battleships - sitting at maximum range so as not to scratch their paint job - lobbing shells that take 20+ seconds to arrive but still manage to citadel perfectly, the Lenin stares you straight in the eyes and asks: “Do you want the power to push?”, and you answer yes. It’s crazy, and definitely not the right time, but you agree nonetheless. Knowing full well that you will most likely not come out of it alive, only by the grace of your team will you perhaps survive - a fool’s errand. You still take to the helm of this steel behemoth and steer it into the fray. What Lenin offers: 63200 Hitpoints, 45mm of deck armour, 32mm front and aft with a 100mm belt. A flat citadel compared to Vladivostok, no turtleback. 3x3 406mm Main Batteries. All of them mounted in the bow. 2 are super-firing, one behind the 2 mounts, similar to Nelson. The elevated mount has a 360 degree turn radius, while the 3rd gun receives worse firing angles due to the obstruction toward the front. 180 degree turn time is 30 seconds. HE and AP alphas are 5850 and 13100 respectively. Her AA suite is made up of standard LR 5.8km mounts with 128 DPS and 5 flak bursts and MR 3.5km with 358dps and 9 flak bursts. No short range, so there’s a 1km window of no AA. Maneuverability is on the better side, with a top speed of 29.9kn (Sierra Mike). The rudder’s 180 time is clocked in at 13,5 seconds. A fully concealed Lenin has a surface detectability of 13,1km and an air detectability of 8.9km. Smoke concealment after firing guns is 16.1km. Captain Skills: Skill tier Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 First Pick Priority Target Expert Marksman Superintendent Concealment Expert Second Pick Expert Loader Jack of All Trades Basics of Survivability Fire Prevention Third Pick Preventive Maintenance Full survivability to make the most out of a push with 2 points in EM for quick turret traverse. Modifications: Rudder shift and concealment for the ability to get close and maneuver more reliably when there. Gameplay and Analysis: Lenin is the first premium BB for the Russian tree. As such she is also the first tier 8 premium battleship to boast the new Soviet gimmick: accuracy increase below 12km, accuracy decrease above 12km. This, packaged with the front mounted guns, good side armour, decent maneuverability, and relatively small superstructure, make her ideal for situational pushes. This is what Lenin offers. Whether her captain makes use of this or not, is the main determining factor to the kind of performance the ship will have. Lenin likes to be close to her enemies, that’s where she works best and that’s where she should be. Sadly, however, being close to your enemies is not an ideal place for a battleship. For all the HE focus fire and the destroyer torpedoes, there is no place a battleship wouldn’t rather be. That’s not even taking carriers into account. Piloted competently, a player can make Lenin work most of the time. If one is selective, singling out ships to “push”, Lenin will provide the reliability to make it work. That is pretty much how she performed during the first few test iterations, and that’s the way she performs now. Absolutely atrocious at range, very good at close range – as long as you don’t get focused down. And that’s a bit of a problem right now. Perhaps she’d perform better a few months back, who knows? For me – a non BB player – Lenin is a ship with ups and downs. On good games you can easily go above 100k damage, on really bad ones you average around 50k. And let me tell you, I got more bad games than good ones, but it’s not entirely the ship that is to blame here. You see I am a very impatient player, BBs combine everything I dislike: slow and lumbersome gameplay, and inaccurate RNG based armament. Sure, there are games where you can do very little to prevent it from going bad, a full team blob rush on one flank for instance. You can’t single out a ship to focus, you cannot get close to the enemy because they’ll shred you to pieces. So you’re stuck there, kiting away for most of the game, knowing full well that it’ll eventually end with you running out of HP, heals, and team mates. But other times there really isn’t any reason other than getting bored. And I did do that quite a few times. Either that, or pushing a little too hard. Which happens… sometimes. The easiest work around to this is for me is to play in a division. This also enables you to take more risks when advancing in the right direction. Pros: Strong guns, good penetration Good armour layout and strong deck Frontal gun layout ideal for playing to the ship’s strength Decent maneuverability Cons: 3rd gun fire angles doesn’t allow it to fire most of the time terrible long range performance, lacking flexibility Large non-turtleback citadel, flat broadside Conclusion: So there she is in all her glory. Difficult to solo, fun when it works out. Sadly for me, the drawbacks, in combination with the fact that is a battleship, means that I will probably not take her out a lot. With the current meta in the game, I feel that it’ll cause me more grief than joy. Don’t let that be a deal breaker though. If you enjoy this type of gameplay or are looking for a new flavour of BB, and have a few clan mates or division mates to play with, this ship might be for you. If you’re still unsure, you can wait for the Vladivostok, which is essentially the same ship, but offers a more reliable citadel, a more usual gun layout, and a lot more hitpoints. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. WINNER: Shyrant ON EU Lenin giveaway
  14. Hayashio

    Azuma coming in 0.8.2

  15. Azuma – Irregular “Big” Cruiser For a few months now, contributors in World of Warships had access to the first Japanese super-sized cruiser: Azuma. She had different versions throughout her test lifetime, she was even tier 10 at one point! Most of them were quite similar though, little armour, accurate guns. How does she size up to the competition? History Azuma was never built as she is in game. In fact, she never went past the design stage. Understandable, considering Japan’s direction in the war. What we see in game here is something referred to as the Design B-65 cruiser, a brainchild of the "Decisive Battle" doctrine that the IJN were so keen on. Some tests were conducted starting 1939, but nothing came of it due to the need of war supplies to build aircraft carriers. There was, however, a protected cruiser built in the 19th century with the same name. She participated in the Russo-Japanese war, and was later instated as a training ship in 1912. In 1941 she was hulked. In-game rundown Azuma is a sizable cruiser. She is not blessed with a lot of HP or armour though. Azuma has all-round 25mm, with the superstructure being 16mm. Her guns are well protected and will take a lot more punishment than the standard IJN cruiser mounts. Her hitpoints clock in at 58350, which is the worst for any “big” cruiser. Her main armament consists of 3 triple 310mm guns. Their 180s turn time is at 36 seconds (worst). These have good AP penetration and amazing HE. Their accuracy is second to none for their size. This is one of the defining features of the Azuma. The AA is the usual, lots of 25mm AA mounts for short range (1.9km) and 5.8km long range 10cm DP mounts. These also serve as secondaries. DPS is at close 519 range, 255 at long range, she has 8 bursts base, dealing 1470 in the splash zone. Azuma is a fast cruiser, going 34kns out of the box. Her rudder shift is expectedly slow: 13,9s, putting her in the middle of all big cruisers at her tier. Base detectability is 14.7km, which can be brought down to 11.9km, which is the best in her class. Air detection in this configuration is 8.7km Consumable Choice Azuma has access to standard cruiser DCP, either Defensive AA or Hydroacoustic (5km ships, 3,5km torpedoes), a Spotting Aircraft, and the Repair Party consumable. Azuma’s Repair Party has a shorter cooldown – 60s as opposed to 80s standard - and she receives an extra charge. This is to boost her survivability in combat due to her lacking armour. Captain Spec I recommend a full survivability spec on Azuma: Skill tier Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 First Pick Expert Loader Last Stand Superintendent Fire Prevention Second Pick Priority Target Basics of Survivability Concealment Expert Third Pick Preventative Maintenance Due to Azuma’s size and lack of armour, I recommend trying to keep this ship alive at all costs. You could of course trade in Last Stand for Expert Marksman or Adrenaline Rush, both a very viable. Superintendent is a must due to her improved Repair Party. Azuma’s combat performance doesn’t really require her to have and specialist skills, therefore it is logical to me to be spending most of these points in a fashion to try to negate her shortcomings. Gameplay and Analysis During my testing I had mixed results in the Azuma. She excels at being top tier (and perhaps meeting ships that actually don’t overmatch her armour), but then again, which ship doesn’t? The problem with a super-sized cruiser is always the fact that you will be a massive target in the eyes of the enemy. And while Kronshtadt and Alaska both have strong armour to counter this, Azuma can only attempt to dodge and stay at distance. Luckily this works well with her improved accuracy. Sadly, when a player comes to the point of having to push, Azuma lacks. She is missing a lot of dynamic that the other two have. It is extremely difficult to disengage with Azuma once you commit and you will be punished quite often for your mistakes. Even more than in a Zao - she feels a lot like a Zao, just with Ibuki armour. AP eats you alive at most angles, and you’ll be surprised how much damage cruisers can do to you where in other ships they’d have bounced. I’ve had games where a CV would sit on me for a match, completely negate my ability to do anything, where I’d find myself wondering why I played this over a Kronshtadt or an Alaska. She works amazing support, but not so much to make game changing plays. Pros: • Guns are accurate and punchy, • HE is strong • Repair Party vastly superior to counterparts Cons: • 25mm makes her very squishy • Big target • Lacks flexibility Conclusion Azuma Proves to be very different from all the other “Freemium Large Cruisers”. She’s not as accessible and easy to get a hang of. If you like a high risk-reward type of gameplay, Azuma is a good pick. I cannot recommend her though, as she way too situational. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing challenging ships, but Azuma demands and demands and demands, and when the time of need comes, she doesn’t deliver. Not by much, but just enough to turn me away from her. So if you are considering what you should get, Alaska or Azuma, don’t get the latter as a first pick. If you already have an Alaska, and enjoy the playstyle of Japanese cruisers, then she might be worth a consideration. Have a nice start to the week and see you on the Seas!