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  1. alphadec

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    I dont know how many times I have tried to update 0.7.10 but it fails everytime.
  2. alphadec

    Ranked Season X

    This ranked battle is a joke. 18-16 is for tier 8 15-2 is for tier 10 1 is for tier 5. Why no tier 9. ??? what the hell is this. ?
  3. alphadec

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Please look at attched picture. why is this happening. ?
  4. alphadec

    where is arizona ?

    omg sorry for asking
  5. alphadec

    where is arizona ?

    No I have not sold it. here is screengrab of us tier so please find arizona.
  6. alphadec

    where is arizona ?

    :) Would be nice to know since I did have this ship but now it is not in the US tier anymore.
  7. alphadec

    where is arizona ?

    In update why is arizona removed. ?
  8. alphadec

    Update 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    "What you are downloading..." There is not many ways todo this u get a update take or leave it. I have started wows and then it starts to update but it has failed a million times but I guess thats my fault. But I can give you bit of information about this. the content was not like you claim 2 chuncks of 550mb and 470 mb. If this update fails it dont download 1gb it then deletes everyhting in the update folder and starts to download all 5 update files in total 18.9GIGA BYTE. but you can read more about this that seams more then me is having: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/129899-how-to-download-world-of-warships-the-old-way/?do=findComment&comment=3304137
  9. alphadec

    Update 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    This comment is a comment to WG update in genral. Today I have been updating world of warship yesterday I spent whole day trying to update world of tanks after 15 hours hell I did get it to update. And today I having same problems with world of warships. What we have now is a game that is so huge that I hope that the developers must think a little before you send out a update ever 2-3 weeks that we the user has to sit and download a 15-20 GIGABYTE update. This game and most WG games need some sort of system so me as a user can decide if I want to update parts of this game that I most likly never wants. I hope that the developers can start to think about this. Thanks.
  10. alphadec

    Memory leak

    Is there a memory leak with latest world of war ship updates. ? If I have played 1-2 matches and is ready for a new match it is crashing and I get a error.
  11. alphadec

    Login world of warships

    I am trying to try World of warships using my World of tanks username and password but all I get is a server error. Why cannot I not login. ?