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  1. GIAMarcos

    Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

    Here are some images: http://2.bp.blogspot...aft_carrier.jpg
  2. Well they might not al have died from that hit but a lot of them certainly did, that is some serious loss.
  3. Ouch, that are some nasty granades, probably very effective against infantry and also agains personel on a ship I guess.
  4. GIAMarcos

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    At least our naval history is more impressive than the US one!
  5. GIAMarcos

    Holland class offshore patrol vessels

    Hmm I want one, with the guns of course but I am pretty certain that they wont let me to buy it.
  6. GIAMarcos

    Holland class offshore patrol vessels

    Altough I don't like the budget cuts I really like this ship design. Relatively cheap and perfectly fit for its role, anti pirates (except today since its: 'The official speak like a pirate day') and terrorists. And I am 100% sure this little bugger would make mincemeat of a Yamato :Smile_izmena: But yeah, any young boy would kick an old mans butt.
  7. GIAMarcos

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    Well you are right, it does not seem likely to be happening again but isn't that what people thought after the first world war? If the most unlikely thing happens and there is another major war in our region we will pretty much be screwed. Let's just hope that it will never happen!
  8. GIAMarcos

    The Montana Class

    Hmm that looks like a nice 'little' bugger, if it will find its way to this game I will definitely play it.
  9. GIAMarcos

    Spanish Alvaro de Bazán class ....frigates?

    Seems like a lot of NATO ships go that way, there have been several Dutch ships in that region as well. One of our 'De 7 provinciën' class frigates returned from service 1 month ago.
  10. GIAMarcos

    Yamato Class Battleship

    Nice pics there Optimus. Still figuring out the loading system of the gun that is displayed on the 3rd picture from the top. According to the scale it seems like it is one of the 460mm guns which is also stated in the text on the right. Did they have to lower the gun to a more or less horizontal position after every shot to relead it?
  11. GIAMarcos

    Spanish Alvaro de Bazán class ....frigates?

    Hah good that there is some Spanish pride on the forums! Now we can flame each other who kicked the behinds of the Brits harder, we (the Dutchies) or the Spanish guys ;) Nice ship though, seems to have a lot in common with "our" '7 provinciën' class, almost the same armament and also classed as an air-defence frigate. The name doesn't change the ship so that makes me wonder why they wan't the Spanish navy to change it.
  12. GIAMarcos

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    We lack some ships indeed, at least in my humble opinion. On the other hand: we do have the NATO and the EU but what are they worth when things go wrong like in '14 and '39? I hope they won't cancel the 2 other ships of the Holland class but only time will tell.
  13. Tuccy, on 17 September 2012 - 03:11 PM, said: One more: Starshell. Does what it says on the package. Note also that by WWII, some navies did not use AP at all in sub-8" guns. By that time generally getting hit by HE was enough to knowck ship out of action, even if the citadel was not breached - think stuff like fires, massive spalling, destruction of antennae and rangefinders, killing exposed personnel... Ship may remain seaworthy, but sure as hell not combat effective and then can be finished off by torpedoes etc. That make's me wonder what will happen ingame if you give a ship a full load of HE shells, and how it effects it's effectiveness in-game.
  14. De Zeven Provinciën was a Dutch ship of the line, originally armed with 80 guns. The name of the ship was also written as De 7 Provinciën. The literal translation is "The Seven Provinces", the name referring to the fact that the Dutch Republic in the 17th century was a confederation of seven autonomous provinces. The vessel was originally built in 1664-65 for the Admiralty of de Maeze in Rotterdam, by Master Shipbuilder Salomon Jansz van den Tempel. The ship served as Admiral Michiel de Ruyter's flagship during the Second Anglo-Dutch War, taking part in the hard fought Dutch victory in the Four Days Fight, the bitter defeat at the St. James's Day Battle, and acting as a command post as well as blockading the Thames during the Raid on the Medway. The vessel gave a good account of itself throughout the war, although it was partially dismasted during the Four Day's Fight. De Ruyter used De Zeven Provinciën as his flagship during the Third Anglo-Dutch War of 1672-1673. The ship served in all four major battles against the combined English and French fleet, fighting in the Battle of Solebay, the first and second Battle of Schooneveld and, in possibly its greatest moment, at the Battle of the Texel. In 1692, the ship, now armed with only 76 guns, fought at the Battles of Barfleur and La Hogue during the War of the Grand Alliance. The vessel was severely damaged during the fight and, in 1694, De Zeven Provinciën had to be broken up. De Zeven Provinciën measured, in English Feet, approximately 151 ft long by about 40 ft (12 m) wide by a little over 15 ft (4.6 m) deep. It was originally armed with 12 36-pdrs and 16 24-pdrs on the lower deck (although this had been changed to an all 36-pdr battery by the time of the Third Anglo-Dutch War), 14 18-pdrs and 12 12-pdrs on the upper deck, and 26 6-pdrs on the forecastle, quarterdeck, and poop deck. The construction of a ship replica of De Zeven Provinciën In 1995 a full-size replica of the ship was started at the Batavia-werf (docks) in Lelystad; but due to heavy technical problems that work was completely wrecked. As of 2008, a new replica is being constructed. On the evening of October 13, 2008 a fire ripped through the Batavia-werf. Although the sailmaking shed, several office buildings and part of a restaurant were destroyed, as were the sails of fellow replica ship Batavia, the replica of "De Zeven Provinciën" nearby was undamaged.
  15. GIAMarcos

    Art representations of warships

    That is a nice collection of Yamato pics!