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  1. I am modern Popeye :) I have: the look, the dark-haired girl, the anchor tatoo; I shot a lot with (real) guns. I just do not smoke pipe. That is why I am here from time to time (with some 3-6 months breakes). But I am also drifting from WoWs to other naval warfare games. And the drifting speed goes up...
  2. 100% agreed. Previous "version" of ops was booooring. All week long same scheme. All week long hate for Weimars. Weimars woolfpacks in Narai. Some people who made time countig to be able to be in the right place for shots. And so on... . Now winning is not so certain and there is some thrill. Ok - you can be "deeply dissapointed" (to the level of f.e. chat ban) by some potatoes of the vitrual navies, but it is also spices things up. it could be interesting but it may cause some problems - especially with T9. Many players started to use OPS as the less painfull way to grind T8 ships when last change did come - still PvE but no loose of credits + ok XP, you can die quickly, start next ship, die quickly, repeat... . And this is (IMO) one of the roots of current "OPS playerbase problem". Try to imagin what would it be like all those goonies would start grinding T9 same way. And all the BOTs would be T9&10+T11. Thanks but no, thanks.
  3. ZygZag

    Idea: Soviet CV Line - Helicopter Carriers

    OMG... @AirSupremacy do you start in some Golden Shovel Competition? Just let the whole idea Rust In Peace, please.
  4. ZygZag

    Progress Queen of the Seas Adventure?

    Still in 1st chapter. TBH - I am totally not interested in that "adventure" :)
  5. ZygZag


    Pirates! - I had it on Atari ST :) Try "Naval Action" - as far as I remember it is now free-to-play. Not as nice graphics but gameplay is interesting. BDW - I was commanding a tall ship myself in real life :)
  6. ZygZag

    Screenshot co-op corner

    Using Tromp in coops with air strike is hard but not impossible. Simply u need to target BB and go for close distance.
  7. ZygZag

    Operation Wolfpack

    Well... I tried to find a div for Wolfpack operation yesterday using chat for operations . Played it only once - during 18.00-20.00 CET. Simply no people interested in that mode. And it was a weekend, Saturday, during time many players would be expected I really was considering to purchase I-56 because I was almost sure there will be more "movement" in WOlfpack operation. Now I just drop that.
  8. ZygZag

    Has World of Warships become World of Chickens?

    Man - are you aware of the "PvE Corner" meaning? Especially what "PvE" is about?
  9. ZygZag

    Operation Wolfpack

    Maybe it would be a good idea to make such topic in "PVE Corner"? TBH I forgot there is an option to play Wolfpack ops with a division - thank you @Nachalnikas for a reminder. I will try to join in looking 4 players for Wolfpack at the chat. Same with me.
  10. ZygZag

    Screenshot co-op corner

  11. ZygZag


    To be deleted
  12. ZygZag


    Man... I do regular breaks from WoWs :) BUT I never ever did "drama exit". When I see sbd does it it always make me laugh. I play WoWs for almost 8 years now (with WG since 2011). None of my colleagues did such stupid "official goodbye". We all know the meaning of phrase: "the moon doesn't care for barking dogs" Someday we all will leave that game - bad players, good player, whatever players. But do hope not all will be doing such usless shows
  13. ZygZag


    He (@Krotonx1) is just one more drama queen :)