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  1. If a Belfast is in smoke you really don't want to rush it unless you are a full health BB (like a Scharnhorst). With Hydro and Radar it can see for itself and put out a huge amount of damage. I have both and would recommend both.
  2. Tick0r

    Gneisenau the new "Old Colorado"

    I am playing it, no free XP used, and I do enjoy it. Agree with what everyone says on here, get in close to cause damage, but you are then at the mercy of HE spamming everything else and the DD's torping you. I still haven't got the engage quickly and disengage quite right yet, I have the " I am a BB and am therefore slow" mentality, or I am driving along thinking I am a slow BB when in fact I had zoomed ahead of team mates and put my self in a world of hurt. It's all good fun though!
  3. Tick0r

    NERF German BB Armor !

    I have played the German BB line to the Gneisenau, I only got as far as tier 4 with US and IJN BB,s as I didn't enjoy the play style so much. So just as an aside, I was in my Gniesenau closing on a reversing low health Dunkerque ( I was almost full health) for a bit of torp and broadside action, angled nicely, about 6KM away when the Dunkerque fires it's full front salvo at me, boom, detonation, 52,000 points of damage for the Dunkerque, take me out of the game which then swings to a loss for us. To say I was surprised was an understatement. German BB's are not good at long range (especially the Gneisenau) with the dispersion, so you have to close, and this can then leave you at the mercy of enemy DD's and torp firing cruisers, HE spamming everything, and the occasional massive damage roll. They are a different play style which I would be sorry to see destroyed by a knee jerk reaction to "no citadels".
  4. Tick0r

    Kawachi Gun Freeze

    Yes had the same with a Wyoming today, guns would not aim in and were stuck in the default position. I could steer the ship, just not aim or fire the guns, and the reload between AP and HE just switched without a time delay.
  5. Tick0r

    garage slots from space ships

    I wouldn't get too upset about what happens in other communities. Yes NA has the slots and longer play time on Space Battles, but I know that all the NA beta testers are beaten at the weekends by WG employee's with Oars. I think I prefer our more relaxed EU WG staff.
  6. Tick0r

    Why was HMS Hood sent to engage Bismark?

    Did the Bismark have that Aimbot thingy?
  7. Tick0r

    Gremyashchy - detectability range

    I haven't had any problems with it, if detection goes off I know there is a Jap DD close! Do love the Gremy btw. Russian Bias!
  8. Tick0r

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    BBs are fine, all the ships are fine. The most difficult ship I think is the DD line. One salvo from a BB and its over.
  9. Tick0r

    Which one is your favourite ship class?

    I voted Cruisers, but have gradually been drawn to playing destroyers...torp spamming noob....