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  1. Intrepid95

    Ship classes you want in the game

    I know it wouldn't be a good ship but i would like to see the Väinämöinen-class coastal defence ship.
  2. Intrepid95

    Skin for ARP Takao

    Looks nice
  3. Intrepid95

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    Well, i got the To the Bottom achievement along with hoarder 2017 few days ago. Can't remember if it was a bit before To the Bottom went gold or a little after it. So it has been quite a few days already .
  4. Intrepid95

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    Haven't gotten containers from To the Bottom and Tin Can. Tin Can went gold today so that might be that but where is my container for To the Bottom?
  5. Intrepid95

    Something for Finland?

    I meant that the ship would be in the tech-tree, like any other ship. It would just be nice to have something finnish in the game/s. Also, Väinämöinen would most likely be a T2-T3 ship as it wouldn't be very good. Best thing would probably be the guns.
  6. Intrepid95

    Something for Finland?

    Hiya forumites or what you guys and gals might be called! I was thinking how nice it would be if WG gave something to us Finns this year on 6th of December when our small country gets 100 years old/young. Something like our own subforum(?) or maybe a premium tank/ship? In WoT side it would be nice to see BT-42 and here the Väinämöinen-class coastal defence ship. Just something little would be nice even a special or something. I know that this is the WoWS forum so BT-42 wont belong here but i thought that if a WG staff member saw this and they would think about doing something nice like any of my suggestions they propably would talk to WoT side staff as well. Sorry for the any errors in my grammar. Intrepid95
  7. Intrepid95

    Loot Boxes Feedback

    The first 5 crates are the same for everyone.
  8. Intrepid95

    Loot Boxes Feedback

    It isn't. It just shows the total xp you have to get in order to get that certain box. 2000 for the first one, 12500 for the second and 37000 for the third one.
  9. Intrepid95

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel (Ars Nova) Mode 0.5.2

    Great.. Well i hope the missions wont have any kind of time limit because i wont be able to play WOWS much for atleast 6 months starting January. Was just watching new Jingles video about the patch and he said the ships are coming tomorrow.. Which information is correct? Tomorrow or in January?
  10. Intrepid95

    Getting Commander skills points

    As far as i know only with he new flag that you get with Confederate medal. There are also missions that give you 0.3 more xp for your captain sometimes.
  11. Intrepid95

    Arpeggio Mode and Port Functionality

    So if we get the ships via missions, i would very much like to know if we have unlimited amount of time to do them on the live server? Or are they just for a limited time after which we cannot get them anymore?
  12. Intrepid95


    i think that is because saying you get "extra" 1,000 it gives an impression that you will be getting more than if it were to say 7,000 straight away. Edit: It's like shops giving offers like buy 3 x for x price and when you calculate it yourself it most of the time is more expensive than it makes it look.
  13. Intrepid95

    Small Nations premium ships, Sweden, Poland, France, Italy etc

    Finnish Väinämöinen-class coastal defence ship would be nice to have in-game as a finnish premium or even a soviet premium as the surviving ship of the class was given to soviets after the war.
  14. Intrepid95

    How do i see other Ships in a Series?

    I'm not 100% sure but i think that shows how many ships were really built.
  15. Intrepid95

    Upcoming tech trees: England, France, China, Italy ...

    Would be nice to see Väinämöinen in the game if possible. Would make a decent premium ship for the soviets since the surviving ship of the class was given to them as war reparation. I just worry how it's 254mm guns would fit in to the game.