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  1. superbabs84321eu

    [WOTN] Warriors of the North is looking for more Northmen

    Sounds like a fun clan. Just applied.
  2. Hi, I am a 34-year old dutch player with a 59% (solo) winrate (and climbing) and decent stats (WTR 1430, 1950 PR). I have some experience with online gaming in clans (~2 years in KAZNA in WoT; 14k games, 63% winrate), took a break (kids happened) and recently I have picked up WoWS a bit more. I am now playing often enough now that I think it is a good time to join a clan. I am afraid I only have a single Tier X (Hindenburg, 61% winrate, 1480 WTR, 2100 PR), though, but there are more coming up (Currently leveling four tier 9s and have one more researched but not yet bought). Here are my full stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/501393357,superbabs84321eu/ https://eu.warships.today/player/501393357/superbabs84321eu Let me know whether I fit your exceptional criteria :P. Babs out! (<- Bonus points for anyone who recognises this phrase from the good ol' NF-days) PS The "clan" I am in currently is just a few inactive lurkers I knew from WoT-days. I allready informed them that I am looking for other opportunities that are a better fit for me.
  3. superbabs84321eu

    Fail Wargaming Center

    I didn't went to an URL. I simply installed WOWS from within the Game Center. And it didn't gave me an option for localisation. So I am afraid your rebuttal is invalid.
  4. superbabs84321eu

    Fail Wargaming Center

    Well, my WoWS game decided to keep crashing on startup so I needed a re-install. I thought it was a good idea to use the Wargaming Center for that, because you know, it also managed World of Warplanes. So after 4 hours of downloading 50 GB of data, it appeared that the Wargaming Center thought it was a good idea to install World of Warships NA even though I live in the EU, have Warplanes EU installed and had Warships EU installed. Of course, I now deleted that PoS-software (and Warplanes with it, because there was no choice) and went back to the standard launcher (which is also downloading way faster now :P). So, rant modus off: be warned when using the WG center :P. Cheers!
  5. superbabs84321eu

    Other Changes

    Shame you removed operation Narai. It was the single most fun battle of the entire game. Why make the game less fun??
  6. superbabs84321eu

    Game looks dull since the new patch

    More screenshots. Original is partly obfuscated though.
  7. superbabs84321eu

    Game looks dull since the new patch

    Here is a comparison of a 0.6.4 (?) and a 0.6.7 screenshot of the same ship with the same camo.
  8. superbabs84321eu

    Game looks dull since the new patch

    Here's a bland bismarck. Should be easier to compare.
  9. superbabs84321eu

    Game looks dull since the new patch

    Added a picture. Notice how the two-tone (superstructure is light gray, hull dark gray) is almost the same color.
  10. superbabs84321eu

    Game looks dull since the new patch

    Is it me or does the game look incredibly dull since the new patch? All the shiny vibrant colors are gone and replaced by dull grey. Game looks like 2010 now. And no it's not my setup i'm running everything on max.
  11. superbabs84321eu

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Here is my input on the new commander skills: In general: + I love the fact that there now is a 4 point skill maximum, this will put essential skills such as CE in much easier read. Also, it allows for more diverse Commander builds. - I dislike the fact that some skills are very class or ship specific. All aircraft skills are only relevant for carriers. Why not create a seperate skill tree for it then? Will make the interface less cluttered and relevant skills much more clear (especially for noobs). Alternatively, you might want to rework the skills such that each skill is relevant for each class. Like what you did with CE for instance: A different bonus for each class, or give a small bonus in general addition to a specific bonus. - I don't like that you upped the experience requirements for getting the first 4th lvl skill. It is now twice as high, which defeats the point of moving 5th lvl skills to 4th lvl. Suggestions for specific skills: Smoke Screen Expert: I like that this skill improves the effectiveness for a specific skill, couldn't this also be applied to other consumables. Rename it to something like Equimpent Specialist and then give bonusses to each type of equipment. Better speed boost, better planes, etc. Radio Position Finder: Get rid of it, while interesting in specific situation it completely destroys ambush gameplay. Big no-no for expert and competitive play. Expert marksman: Why not boost cruisers a bit more and make this skill three tiered: 2.5 d up to 139mm. 1.6 d up to 203mm and 0.7 d for anything else. Torpedo acceleration: I have been struggling to find a set of torpedoes where this is actually good. My advice: reduce the range penalty to -10% Superintendent: Since carriers don't have consumables: why not increase their number of airplanes they carry by 10-20% Air supremacy: Too obvious choice for any carrier. Why not somehow split the skill so that you have to choose to boost either dive or torpedo bombers or something? Preventive maintenance: A bit bland. Why not remove the change to permanantly loose primary, secondary and torpedo arnament? Or reduce detonation chance? Survivability Expert: It would be nice if this skill was a bit more effective for cruisers. Why not make it two tiered: +400 hp for destroyers and carriers, and +600 for cruisers and battleships? Yes that boosts BBs, but I don't think it is attractive enough for them still and I found it strange to boost cruiser HP and not BB hp. Emergency TakeOff: Way to specific skill. Why not merge this into Fire prevention skill? Manual Fire Control for Secondary Arnament: Why the big difference between low and high tiers. Also this skill is not good enough for cruisers: Reduce reload time by 50% when this skill is picked by a cruiser. Some more skill suggestions: Return fire: -10% dispersion if you fire at an opponent who fired upon you in the last 15 seconds. Advanced spotting: An undetected ship that fires at you becomes visible to you (and not to your allies) for 2 seconds. This gives you a brief window to return fire. Evasive manouver (ship): Your rudder shift time is reduced by 20% for 10 seconds whenever an opponent fires at you.
  12. superbabs84321eu

    Am I the only one looking forward to the RN cruisers?

    I am looking forward to them as well. Just to look at them in port, cause cruisers are underpowered at the moment. They die way to fist. I was a cruiser main, but switched to DDs and BBs cause frankly, it is not fun to die in just 2, 3 hits.
  13. superbabs84321eu

    British Cruisers

    So you suggest to replace an hypothetical design with another hypothetical design, but one that is less unique? Come on, we got plenty of 8 inch tier 9/10 cruisers. High tier 6 inch cruisers are fresh, new and therefore an inherently better choice. And no County class cruiser won't do, that's hardly tier 8 material. I do think WG made the right choice here. We all know that a second cruiser branch will follow, one that will hold Hawkins, York, County, 3x3 8 inch design, 3x3 9 inch design and 4x3 8 inch design. Babs out!
  14. superbabs84321eu

    Get Premium Ships Texas and Diana

    Great, I just started playing today and now I see this link.... not eligible.
  15. superbabs84321eu

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    Yup. Same here.