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    Hi ColonelPete, Thank you for your reply. I have contacted support and they were extremely helpful in resolving this problem Because I didn't open any container from the collection the collection was not started in my Profile => Collections tab. However I still had one HSF container in port. Once I explained to them that I didn't want this collection and the container deleted (as I refused to open the container and start the collection); Support immediately removed the container from my Port. My problem was solved quickly and easy, which suited me perfectly. So a BIG thanks to Support for their help in resolving this issue.
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    Hello, When participating on special collections like High School Fleet a mistake is easily made. Hitting the "participate" button is easy but also not reversible. After you have hit the button there seems to be no way back, so opting out is not an option. Unless I want to start editing the files that enable this function to completely remove the collection from being created in my Profile => Collections tab in the first place. I would like to know what files I need to edit to completely STOP the HSF collection? So far the collection has not started yet, so there is no HSF tab in my Collections yet, I intend to keep it that way. As of today I have received one HSF container, but I will not open it, instead I want to permanently remove this nuisance as well. Thank you for any advice you can give in this matter.