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  1. OuweKnar

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    I am truly not amused by the grind.. i will buy NOT spend any currency for specials for this at all.. not bothering with it and wont log in as regular also... enjoy your greed and molesting a good idear in to a scrapyard issue.
  2. OuweKnar

    server interruptions, 19h

    Did that patch just now. Dear players, the game server will be restarted at 19:20 CET on 12.12 due to technical problems.
  3. OuweKnar

    CV Rework Discussion

  4. II had some great games in the carrier Saipan ....not many but with click and drop-. now it is become a hilarious mess of cluttered lines...and i have no idear what happening..] ..i quit playing the Saipan and other small carriers.. so buy buy 35 $ and not even going to discuss the names i been shoved down my troath for not being able to correct any course...
  5. When will we get LCV,....? Some of the players need to get solid ground under theire feet..... and stop with assuming this game is already out of beta status.. 1 poster said it right > Its a unpolished gem... give it time...and stop waisting time with fare-well posts... You know better ...
  6. OuweKnar

    New Portal confirms submarines!

    Was that a ping from a sub ..? or did the dime finally fell trough...
  7. OuweKnar

    map edge sliding

    – They know that railings, wires and cables flicker. But they have no idea how or when this can be fixed.????? Get rid of the>>FXAAA.. thats what i noticed in WOT, and after the latest update its fixxed for me when i clicked the new settings option<<< Just a hint or so**
  8. OuweKnar

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    After arriving back home from Tankfest at Bovington, It was a pleasant surprise to see the Arkansas and all the Vessels i bought, <>and premium,gold dublouns returned to me after the latest patch. The lag is not a problem and im glad the game runs smooth. I wish you all a good and sportive game.
  9. OuweKnar

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    I am still in there atm>just did a game a minute ago*
  10. OuweKnar

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    341 games in CBT 45 games in Public CBT No Arkansas Yet and i have 6 premium ships in CBT Hope for real i will get all in OBT... I just did a game and all the russian players have theire Arkansas and the premiums they bought ,like the Grem and sofort, I really cant understand why my premium ships i bought with RL $ s arent in the game... I bought many premium ships and got the proof of payments to show... talking about biased..
  11. OuweKnar

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Just logged in and did a few games after the latest patch, I am resided in the Netherland, and the PING was like 150 + never that hight before. overal i liked the better info on results and im looking forward on all the updates. BTW> No Arkansas vessel till now in sight...
  12. @: Quinzer: If i play >Carrier, I look on witch side the team goes, I follow them. to let the team be a barriere to block airplanes flying to wards me, and defend me from ships incoming. Your post isnt impressing me:Your still a lone ranger and only interested in yourself..and your team isnt important to you at all.. I dont call that fun...its a team game,not a first hand shooter gallery*
  13. OuweKnar

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Well. I hope it will be solved for You in person ...there are few players with graphical issues as you mentioned many times.. Maybe get a better card or contact them urself to solve it for you in person. GL.
  14. I like Carriers, I wont pay and play WOWS if they nerf them to give advance to rush and play torpedo waving destroyers...
  15. OuweKnar

    Japanese carriers OP?

    I like high tier carriers, i dont> like OP speeds on cruisers and destroyers...>my 2 cents.. reason why there is a disgust for them>carriers, > by , dd, and other ships is, they want the ships they use to have a overall say in the game like rushing in with top speed, and dont protect carriers like they need.