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  1. can we get a poi for yuudachi in the chat?
  2. Taschkent_

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    furiosuly pats CptBarney me is alive and well desu!~
  3. Taschkent_

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    I wish they would have done a more neko-y approach because of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheshire_Cat
  4. is there a problem with the Garfield Kancolle Mod? i haven't seen it incorporated into your modpack lately
  5. wenn man die spee schon hat was passiert dann?
  6. Taschkent_

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to partake too
  7. Taschkent_

    Allgemeine Umgangsformen

    Gibt's schon auf wows-numbers.com kannst du die historie der Leute sehen und in welchem Clan sie waren
  8. Nein weil unsere Berechnungen genau dieselben sind wie Ihre Das ist wie damals in der Schule wenn der Lehrer Dich fragt was 2 + 2 ergibt und Du darauf antwortest 4. Der Lehrer dir aber ins Gesicht sagt:" Nein new_BumbleBee! 2+2 ergibt doch 4. Könntest du aber nicht wissen weil ich dir etwas vorenthalten habe.
  9. Wollt ihr mich veräppeln?! We have seen that some of you made calculations for this Puerto Rico event to better understand its requirements. We really appreciate your efforts to help the community. But due to some rounded numbers in our client they are not entirely accurate, so we want to share our core calculations on how to get Puerto Rico. We absolutely understand that these will not turn the grind for PR into easy one, but still believe it's important to have precise and clear information available. Die kernaussage daraus ist dass alles was wir berechnet haben falsch ist.
  10. Taschkent_

    Friesland vs Tashkent/Khabarovsk?

    no - never use smoke it just robs you of movement as an exampl: if you get hit you smoke and try to run away -> you still dont get your health back and the smoke will be a hinderance for your team if the enemy is advancing. next example you get hit and try to smoke up to return fire -> you're a sitting duck in a smoke screen which easily can be torped, hydro'ed or radared. another example: you smoke up and try to shoot but nobody spots for you -> ggwp.
  11. Taschkent_

    Friesland vs Tashkent/Khabarovsk?

    @Anymn it's nearly trhe same for the Khabarovsk. many people playing the thashkent and the khaba are too afraid of loosing their ship or to focused on yolo.
  12. Taschkent_

    Friesland vs Tashkent/Khabarovsk?

    I HAVE ANSWERED THE CALL from my expierence the friesland isn't really a threat to the tashkent and the khabarowsk - or rather i haven't seen any capable player really defeating me. i already killed several of them today in a 1v1 fight.