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  1. unhart

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Glorious raffle time Prize #1: Kii Prize #2: Mutsu Prize #3: Dubs Price #4: T61 Dont mind having Tirpitz :) Happy Holidays!
  2. unhart

    British BB AP, short (con)fuse.

    In short, The Brits AP fuses arming itself a faster thus having less overpens for the cruiser but struggles to penetrate an heavily armored targets such as citadel belt and target which is angled towards to you. The shell is detonated at inside of armor belt/heavily armored section aka not penetrated it -> then shells is shattered and zero dmg. This is reason why it feels so underwhelming at longer range but it still can provide good salvo dmg at medium range but as range increase, damage output start to having dimishing and HE is quite potential at maximum range.
  3. unhart

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    Removal of stealth fire is fair for everybody as you have a chance to return fire instead of playing like *girl* and allow them firing guns on open waters without detection is just stupid. Russian goes strong as usual but they're essential Destroyer leaders but USN, KM isn't far from that, nor the Akizuki otherwise IJN need love and buffing or rebalancing of torpedoes (give back them original flavour as torpedo boats, tho Yugumo and Shimakaze isn't bad ship with guns). Side note, I'll kinda find a funny that comments of about Blyskawica is dead are totally absurd and it's strong ship even without stealth fire. In general you have adapt and use a bit more often WASD-hacks, maybe in future people should whine a bit less about of the balance changes and in the end, adapt a new play style.
  4. ID: Unhart Ship, Graf Spee or Dunkerque
  5. unhart

    Public Test #2 Changelog

    Yes, Ibuki DP guns are now different (like it was posted by OP) and it is having an 100 mm/65 Type 98 DP Turrets. It was notorious and well known a fact, IJN was having an inefficient low caliber automatic cannons (Type 96, 25mm) and should be crappy AA. Roon AA armament changes are odd, AA is weaker with B-hull then A-hull. In terms of DPS 269 vs 262 (latter is B-hull). Check it.
  6. unhart

    Public Test General Feedback

    Overall, Change for the skipper skills, AA and CV's are appreciated and greatly welcomed and some of those need to be an addressed. Let's start from CV's, the nerfing aka removing one torpedo squadron and adding one more dive bomber squadron for the high tier USN carriers. People already complaining about of it and not realized that three dive bombers can do an 20-30k DMG and start 2-4 fire (if it's timed rightly, it usual kill the target). Another is changes for the actual aircraft's, such as Zuiho having Zeroes or Bogue having F4 Grumman fighters are the best and serving more like a historical value (Zuiho with biplanes.. seriously?). I'll think somebody read my letter ;) Another issue with T10 CV are the removed jet fighter and increased AA DMG, this has lead the aircraft squadron get annihilated by full AA suited cruiser or BB's, even T10 DD are killing those very easily (albeit not anhilated by instantly but squadron is not gonna last long if circling around target zone). The jet fighters was relaying for an high speed of attack and delivering payload to targets, for now at live server it is definitely was a problematic counter by T9 carriers due high speeds. Solution for the problems, was a removing jet planes and increasing AA in public test and i'll founded out that it is problematic (i'll literally runned out of planes). How about this solution? We keep those changes from public test and increasing an high tier planes speed by 20-30 knots and test how it works? About skipper skills, overall they are great improvement for the game, albeit secondaries dispersion for the lower tiers. Change it from 15 to 30% and reduced 50% dispersion starting from the tier 6. Another one are nerfing of basic and advance fire training, reduced RoF and Range for certain guns. Greatest nerfing have been an constant change for the popular caliber such as 152 or 155's and 140's. There could be an another solution such changing the skill to including caliber of 140 mm's guns and increasing traverse speed for the Mogami 155's and Cleveland turrets. Torpedo acceleration (T3) skill is awesome as it also increasing aircraft dropped torpedoes albeit reduced range, other complaing its overpowered for the Shimakaze or Gearing. Do i'll need to remind 72 or 71 knots is a small thing to compared increased shell travel time in the game ;) I'm not going to judge about major changes for the Mikhail Kutuzov (range and Rof), but i'll remind for the people it is post war / early cold war design and albeit having one of the best light cruiser guns. Almost forgot to write something about permanent camouflages, they are too expensive and Izumo doesn't have a historical camouflage (sarcastic), otherwise it was good change and i'm ready to see more of those in the game (maybe changing the bonuses from camouflages?) // It was enjoyable public test (some lag, zero crashed) for a while and we can hope the AP-gate do not happen again. // When we can have premium CV's?
  7. unhart

    USS Premium BB or BC

    Remember, Alaska is an unique class of ships as it's considerate a true Battlecruiser design by other nations, where the USN discourage to use such classification and the purpose of ship was to escort carriers. The Fact Alaska class carried 12"/50 cal main batteries (2,4 - 3,0 rpm) and AA armament was an between heavy cruiser and battleship. Another notation class was having an cruiser class protection and definitely a lack of protection and due game mechanics of penetration, thus it is too weak for brawling with BB's. Alaska should be in between tier 9 or 10 bracket and researchable from the cruiser line (alternative for Des Moines) or maybe in an future from Battlecruiser line. There is a lot more other unique or even ship(s) within an existing classes (in the game) to be premium ships.
  8. Remember it take some time to develop ship models and ship in the game are quote complex. Individual model can took an month to model, texture and balancing, thus DKM or RN BB line can take 3 to 6 months to introduce. Resource allocated for this are unknown About mr. Earl open letter, i'm on his boat and agreed some part of his view of point, such as map and premium ships. Myself i'll desire more variations from the maps (such as northern light) and developed a new game modes, perhaps co-op or actual navy versus navy battles. Premium ships are fine and definitely keep buying those, but lately bundles have been limiting my desire to buy ships. Price tag of 60 euro from bundle are quote expensive from premium time and T8 ship, I'll really hope they got some grip and reduce price of bundles or selling them without bundles. Newest addition of Mikhail Kutuzov representing early cold war design like Des Moines (this was commissioned 1948) and actual place on tier should be T9 or T10 (I don't mind having an T10 premiums) but armament definitely missing punch, thus T8 is quote nice place for it. Overall ship is such beauty and create diversity(depth) to game. There is a plenty of ship classes or even ship within class to make premium ships such as USS West Virginia (BB-48, Colorado class where DP turrets replaced casemate guns), IJN Maya (Takao class heavy cruiser with extra AA), SN Petropavlovsk aka Marat battleship after reconstruction (actual it should be on normal T6 battleship on soviet tree) or perhaps IJN Akazuki (IJN gunboat class with four DP turrets). HMS Hood is odd birdie as it could be an premium ship (take my money) or in the tech tree. Anime aka ARP are definitely marketed to an Asian region and attract the anime fans in to game. Best of all, you have opportunity to turn ARP content on and off (so it's acceptable). Where i'll found a little girl whispering torpedo warning is quote "what-the-hell-is-happening" feeling. Actual i'll really hope WG introduce audio warnings for specific navies (Japanese,Soviet, Etc.). Conclusion: We can wait and see what happens, other hand give us (players) the facts and tell what are planned with projection when those are an expected (not gossips or copy-pasty-from-somewhere-by-random-dude). Used more money on this firm (WG) then goddamn Blizzard games and subscriptions
  9. unhart


    Well another try with Fuso, 9 citadels hits
  10. unhart


    Fuso, 8 citadel hits and 158k dmg.