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  1. Avallarion

    What will u do with [edited] mix tier division

    That's pretty much only true for certain DDs (primarily IJN Tier 4-6) everything else is mostly useless when there is more than a 2 Tier difference. And having someone in a division 2 Tiers lower should mean they can meet ships 4 Tiers higher than them. Good luck with that. I agree that 1 Tier difference might be acceptable but more than that is frankly stupid and should be forbidden.
  2. Avallarion

    so things after few months playing are like this

    When you get the audio warning it's almost too late to turn in most BBs. Not ot mention that turning may be very disadvantagous to the BB. Taking more damage and doing none in return because guns don't turn fast enough. The torps are the sole responsibiliy of each DD. Sure, sometimes you risk firing them and hit a friend but it is a risk YOU took and if it went wrong you should be punished for it.
  3. Avallarion

    Izumo der "Schrecken" der Meere

    Meine Erfahrung mit der Izumo in der CBT war vor allem, dass sie Upgrades braucht. Wenn alles erforscht ist und sinnvolle Module verbaut sind, erhaelt man ein Schiff, das ertraeglich ist. Mit einer Iowa wuerde ich es trotzdem nicht vergleichen. (OK, wuerde ich schon, aber das Ergebnis ist eindeutig.)
  4. Avallarion


    Das Problem ist der A-Rumpf, der nach der CBT eingefuehrt wurde. Damit hat man nur 11km oder so. Ab dem B-Rumpf ist die Reichweite wieder in Ordnungn. Ich glaube 18km oder so.
  5. Avallarion

    Halloween - Und wir?

    Mich wundert dass die Fuujin richtig geschrieben ist. Wird das bei den anderen japanischen Schiffen nachgeholt?
  6. Avallarion


    It really depends on the MM you get. If there are many DDs and/or CVs a solo BB is dead meat. On the other hand if there are many BBs a lone CC will go boom incredibly fast.
  7. Those are Katakana. One of the syllable alphabets.
  8. I agree with Croog that these should be implemented like inscriptions in WoT when they have the time for it. It would be great if you could decide the name of your ship yourself. Yes, in Kanji please!
  9. Avallarion

    Do IJN Destroyers need a buff?

    I wouldn't say DDs are hard to play. It's more a case of needing to get incompetent enemies. A single good CV can ruin your whole game. BBs that aren't braindead can be next to impossible to hit. And then you get games where nobody hunts you and everyone just drives into your torps. It's easier to capitalize on these in IJN, What would really help DDs without changing any stats or making them OP, would be to give rewards for spotting.
  10. Avallarion

    OMG this MM was balance and brilliant!

    The amount of fail divisions is interesting. Your team had IX + VII and VIII + VII, theirs had X + VIII. Still even when considering the mismatched ships they had a 5 tier advantage. (6 when counting all ships) So yes, MM struggles to provide fair matches for high tiers. Nothing new really. Though I have recently seen an increasing amount of MM fails even at lower tiers (5-6). I even had for the first time in a long while a game with uneven teams.
  11. Avallarion

    Why do i lose?

    Well, how often do you lose? It can sometimes feel like more often than it really is esp. if you get streaks. And just maybe you are playing "selfishly"? Which means you are doing what is good for your ship, your xp and credits but not neccessarily what is good for winning the game. It's often difficult though to find a balance between selfish play and throwing your ship away for a team that will probably not appreciate it and may even be incable of utilizing you sacrifice.
  12. Avallarion

    So the game is "Ready" for release

    I for one don't care if they call the game OBT or released or whatever. I just hope we finally get some port slot discounts.
  13. Avallarion


    I'm not sure right now how their dispersion compares but remember that it is max dispersion and IIRC the Iowa has longer range. So even with higher dispersion the Iowa may be as or even more accurate. Shell travel time is also an important factor.
  14. Avallarion


    Part of the problem with Izumo is that the first hulls are pathetic and it takes ages to upgrade them. Once you have all upgrades the ship is actually half decent. Then you look over the fence and see the Iowa and well... There's only one way this comparison goes.