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  1. Stormhawk_V

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    I only picked up on the first wrong one and it was a statement not some loose example. Even if steamrolls were rare (which they aren't) how does that invalidate my point of not having enough time to farm good rewards? You can get much better rewards from a loss where you tried everything to win than from a steamroll victory. This is subjective of course but having tried everything to drag my team across the finish line feels much better to me than being the bystander of a steamroll victory. So how do you position to farm damage in a small ship with short gun range when the enemy team is running for the edge of the map behind their spawn? As a DD main you should know torping ships that drive away is completely futile. Sure you get rewards for taking that one cap and maybe 10k damage on the enemy DD but how on earth is that better than a proper match where the other team puts up a real fight?
  2. Stormhawk_V

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    You accomplished nothing if you didn't contribute.
  3. Stormhawk_V

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    There's a massive difference between winning because you played well and winning because the enemy team collapsed before you could do anything meaningful. It doesn't feel nearly as good and the rewards are much worse, too.
  4. Stormhawk_V

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Wrong. No one wins in a steamroll. One team gets stomped while the members of the other team have no time to farm damage to get good rewards. Only 40%ers are ok with these matches because they wouldn't get better results anyway + it's a win.
  5. Stormhawk_V

    CVs are needed in Ranked/CW

    CVs aren't needed in any gamemode. They aren't vital to the game and don't enrich the experience at all. The DD flood is a direct result of WGs complete and utter failure to balance the game. The problem here are not DDs in general but the IJN gunboats with their 32mm HE pen and Kitakaze is by far the worst of them because it's a highly competitive cap contester on top of being a disgusting damage farming machine. At the same time we have the glorious russian BBs that are so heavily armored that no HE shell made by man can penetrate their stalinium reinforced hulls and people are wondering why T8 CBs are fought without cruisers. WGs answer to the problem? Nerf Jutland DPM to Chung Mu levels. Don't worry, WG will rework IFHE so it's actually balanced you say? No, the rework won't change anything. While Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo will lose the ability to penetrate 32mm, all other DDs will lose the ability to pen all sorts of cruiser armor ON ALL TIERS which will just widen the gap between them. 32mm pen isn't even important in the current CB matchups as it doesn't help against russian BBs which are now meta at every tier that matters.
  6. If what we have seen so far gets implemented without any changes: yes. Why? Because DDs don't survive being spotted for minutes and that was the case when the DD chased the sub in the gameplay demo. The devs also have to ask themselves if it's a good idea to limit anti-submarine weapons to the least played class (apart from CVs) with the lowest survivability.
  7. Would it be too much to ask how this internal test is going? Do you like how the changes you told us about affect the game or did you have to adjust certain aspects of them? I'm asking because they would affect a lot of ships, not only CLs and the BBs they're shooting at and I don't want to make decisions that I'll regret later on.
  8. Unless there are massive changes DDs won't counter subs but the other way round. Even in randoms DDs don't survive being spotted for that long. I don't understand why WG is going down that path again. They just reworked a class that completely destroys concealment based gameplay and now they try to introduce another superior spotter. At some point even WG has to realize that it goes against the basics of WoWs.
  9. What I saw so far was cringeworthy and it wasn't because of the subs alone. Seriously, who came up with these ideas??
  10. Automatically deployed depth charges sure sound like interesting counterplay. /s Do they get the irony of making subs similar to CVs at least? I don't think so.
  11. Very interesting and here's what subs will be really like, based on past design decisions by WG: - They will have comparable speed to DDs (surfaced and submerged). - Their spotting range will be similar to all other ships even though this can (and should) be adjusted. - They will be able to dive whenever they want and stay submerged for as long as they wish. As a result there will be no counterplay, which is ok because players who just got countered are less likely to spend more money on additional premium submarines. Then WG will 'balance' them around their average damage and spreadsheets will confirm they are 'fine'. Challenge accepted.
  12. Stormhawk_V

    Better rewards for DD

    'If we start to reward teamplay, players would concentrate only on that.' -WG official when asked why spotting is so poorly rewarded 'Let's move to the next question' -WG official when asked how this could be a bad thing
  13. Stormhawk_V

    Recommended Captain builds for higher tier UK DD's?

    All higher tier RN DDs profit greatly from IFHE. Jutland and Daring need it to penetrate other DDs (which is a horrible design decision btw) and Lightning, Cossack and Jervis are so dependant on their guns that it's basically a must have. For Jutland and Daring the only real choice you have to make is SI or BFT. All other skills are pretty much locked in place. Should the internally tested, extremely cancerous IFHE and plating changes make it to the live servers I guess you'll want to exchange IFHE for RPF and for the lower tier ones PM and DE instead of IFHE as fires will be your main source of damage.
  14. Stormhawk_V

    Submarines: the next step.

    The problem is if it doesn't work out then we're stuck with an unbalanced class that WG will buff over and over again just to get the development costs back in so they can justify the spending. That's the same situation the CVs are in now. They're bad for the gameplay, they're being balanced back and forth, WG doesn't really know what to do with them, but the players have to deal with the situation while WG is busy opening the next can of worms.
  15. Stormhawk_V

    Submarines: the next step.

    Did you ever consider that it's not what they're going for? It was also not their intention when creating the reworked CVs, why should it be now?