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  1. Adamcriz


    they can, the problem is they tend to wipe the floor with whales who play coop, and given they spend lots of money, wg doesn't want to piss them off too much, whales being whales afterall.
  2. Adamcriz

    Chat Ban

    Common sense? How dare you! On a serious note, most games don't do this either. I wouldn't expect anything groundbreaking from WeeGee, unless they figure put how to nickel and dime you some more through it.
  3. That Ohio stole my 5th kill lol. I was spanking the kremlin and he got the kill, would of been a Kraken in ranked for me.
  4. Adamcriz

    Chat Ban

    If it makes you feel better, after nearly 6 years of playing, admittedly sporadically, I got my first chat ban today for calling out a mouth breathing, CV playing moron for their exceptional ineptitude (who was bottom of the xp list, by a large margin). Although, 3 day chat ban for comparing someone's usefulness to the team to a condom machine in the Vatican seems a little harsh. WeeGee for you, Error 404 proportionality and common sense not found. or was it the Lion player who was partically stupid, suiciding intentionally and costing us the match I called out (who was also at the bottom)? who knows.
  5. Adamcriz

    Chat Ban

    1, As part of WeeGee's TOS and Rules you agreed to their moderation of your discourse on their servers, you may have said something that was against their policies and/or TOS, and as you agreed to abide the TOS in order to play and post, you also agreed to the sanctions being levelled for violating them. 2, you main a DD it seems, perhaps some speshul snowflakes took umbrage with the 533mm love packages you sent them and you simply accrued enough misbehaviour in chat reports to get a 1 day ban. 3, Free speech isn't free, you still have to face the consequences for it. Free speech simply means in most places, free from govt. prosecution, within certain limits (IE inciting hatred, shouting fire in a crowded room or other legally defined limits).
  6. Adamcriz

    specced immelman for secondaries

    Speccing anything for secondaries with the nerf atm is stupid. Oh Noes! Fun police couldn't kill someone! Someone Call WG CV balans team! it needs fixing! the outrage! Somebody think of the children!!!
  7. nope. 1, not worth sinking dubs into, may change my mind if i so happen to get to stage 19 and then il think about it, haven't opened my wallet in quite a long time beyond premium account, but given I don't really bother with dockyard events, think the only time i seriously went for it was for the Graf Spee, cos lets face it, shes a fun ship and it was easy to get. So, nope, not playing dockyards, still have PR nightmares with that, every time I see it, i just see greedy wg rubbing its hands together with a bunch of stupid whales and wallet warriors falling for it, buying what they can't earn for the most part.
  8. Adamcriz

    SO who is getting the Vampire II?

    On the fence, have the RP, but also have a daring. Daring does Daring things better, 1v1 gunfight a Daring should win everytime, the heal and HP advantage makes the Daring better. Yes the Hydro is nice, but thats it, loss of a torpedo launcher limits its versatility the Daring has. That said qudos for it being a real ship, I like seeing new historical ships instead of magical pretend designs created by a navy that hardly sailed out of their harbours and that wouldn't even be able to sail in the real world or would simply capsize if its guns were ever actually fired *Cough*Kremlin/Petro/90%ussr line*Cough* ... Vampire II is sexy in appearance by dint of being a Sidegrade Daring, but less flexible.
  9. Adamcriz

    karma system is pointless and needs reworking

    Theres no downside to being Neg-repped so why bother caring. I stay silent in chat, do my thing, make people explode and go to the next match. no chat bans gained. I let my guns express my feelings, well except CV's, they get an automatic -1 as I've no other way of retaliating beyond playing my Halland ...
  10. Adamcriz

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    Why do I get the feeling DD's are going to be the biggest loosers to this, trying to kill a dd at range, get a magical accuracy/reload/sigma boost ... dead DD.
  11. the 155mm doesn't apply to Russian ships no? i do recall their 180mm Nevsky being "Technically a Light Cruiser" or a heavy light anyway. I've always gone 200mm or higher as heavy
  12. Adamcriz

    How to get the Småland

    gone and likley never coming back. theres many ships that have gone years ago and never come back, to name a few; Kronshtadt Kutuzov Belfast Somers Black The Memeboat Kitakame When they say it may come back in the future, WeeGee were probably fibbing, I doubt it will ever come back. That said given WeeGee now nerfing freemium ships, wouldn't put it past them to nerf the premium ones also (...what? since when has WeeGee cared about "public relations" forums will be set on fire for a week or two and go back to normal, just like before), so who knows maybe they will sell them again and then nerf them to oblivion when enough have sold.
  13. Adamcriz

    WG stop star-saver in ranked, please

    have to admit, ive just started doing this, i was always pushing for team wins, but im struggling to get out of bronze, instead I am just playing for myself, if we win, then thats a bonus really right now, but saving my star and just leaving the team to do its thing while I do my thing and hope to wreck the enemy on my own. now i just need a ship i can carry in. using Akizuki and Kitakaze lol. Shitty mentality i know, but if it works, then it works.
  14. Adamcriz

    0.10.3 - Release date?

    Any word on if any of the new ships are going Research Bureau? ont he fence deciding between Sigfried/Ohio or waiting to see if something new is added with patch
  15. Adamcriz

    Destroyer tips

    In CV matches, spotting is less important, as the CV will do the spotting. That is not what I said, If the CV is picking on you in particular you will want to be near friendly AA where possible, but it also brings us back to Be infuriating and frustrating. While a CV is focusing you, if you can really make it annoying for the CV, he's wasting time, hes not earning as much XP as he would by dunking on BB's, its quite rare for a CV to perma spot for long periods, your own AA will eventually clear them, and the CV will want to earn damage and credits. Outside of Clan battles and ranked, you generally only have to worry about CV's fir the first few minutes and the last minutes of a match, if they cant kill you quickly, or see to it you are killed quickly, they will go pick on something juicier. It really does depend on how potato the CV is and how determined he is to kill you. if he is perma spotting you, be somewhere that you can control who has a line of fire on you, doesnt always work mind, abuse islands etc so if a cv is camped over you, let your aa clear them while preventing enemy shooting is good idea, prioritise your survival over getting caps and kills, end stages of a game DD's are extremley powerful, CV or no CV, play more cautiously and dont over extend, keeping within reasonable range of friendlies. CV and DD is a bit like cat and mouse, be the mouse, like Tom and Jerry, hide, abuse cover, abuse friendly AA, abuse your agility. Stay Alive > everything else