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  1. Adamcriz

    What CA/CL line to grind next

    Really depends what you want to do. KM - Hindy is a jack of all trades, very solid reliable CA with good AP USA - DM has radar so useful in CW, ROF similar to Minotaur, pure gunnery that can take a few hits and i do mean just a few. IJN - Zao is just a ranged flamethrower, one trick pony, but its good at it USSR - Moskva is a very good ship withthe best radar and troll armour. Often number 1 choice for Clan wars, just dont expect to be sneaking round much, RN - Minotaur, utter monster if unspotted, when spotted becomes easy XP. France - dont often see them around, so dont know much about them. Really depends what you want to do, For clan wars, Moskva and Hindenberg are very good, if not the top best choices, hindy's armour and flexability lets it dominate, and Moskva can face tank yama's and have Radar up, also the Minotaur is useful but very situational. the DM and Zao are ok, but often not that great For randoms then anything youre happy playing in.
  2. Adamcriz

    RN Cruisers - jump from T7 to T8

    The best played RN CL's always hang back, your second line support who can, if well situated behind islands unspotted, cause utter devastation. Play the game your way while contributing and you're doing it right. Some people think CL's should be yolo charging, don't, you're far more valuable alive keeping DD's away and spotting torps. if a BB or CA has a clear line on you, you're doing it wrong. DD's can Cit a minotaur, so you learn pretty quickly to stay back, abuse your gun arc and insane damage potential to punish anyone silly enough to be in range while being invisible.
  3. Adamcriz

    Keen Intuition

    i wouldnt be that worried, i see smoke = i start evading as i know theres a torp spammer there and knowing my luck trying to line me up. i dont need some arrow to show me theres a DD nearby, i can figure that out myself, along with just about every other competent player can. the only people i can see benefiting would be inexperienced players as they haven't developed the kind of intuition more experienced players have. IE we know charging off in a BB into a bunch of islands is a quick way to get sunk as we know there will be DD's and CL's with torps hiding there, newbies wont. thats probably the only sort of thing i can see that perk being useful for. to kerb suicidal BB's piloted by newbies and/or idiots. Edit: actually, BB's react too slow for it to be that useful, id imagine a CA/CL getting more benefit from it as it can react faster
  4. Adamcriz

    Battleships ARE balanced at the moment (just)

    Lol german BB's wrecking DD's? ha! The only time i ever shred them is if they are careless enough to get within 6km of me, anything further than that is an exercise in futility. I see lots of silly mistakes from DD's and CA/CL; exposing your broadside to a BB thats aimed in your direction is pretty much guaranteed to citadel/1 shot you, that said trying to do long range shooting in a KM BB is just pointless, the dispersion is awful on them, heck against other bb im lucky if a couple of shells hit at range. The only reason i see BB decimating DD's and cruisers is because of stupid mistakes, dont expose your broadside, dont approach the direction his guns are facing. well aimed torp strikes are a nightmare for KM BB's, very hard to dodge them all, but too many bad aimed.
  5. Adamcriz

    Torps apppearing too late

    The logic is that its harder for torp bearing ships to close unnoticed like stealthy DD's giving you the oppertunity to discourage them from getting closer. giving yourself plenty of open space around you, DD's cant approach at all without high risk of being 1 shotted and cruisers are much the same.
  6. Adamcriz

    Torps apppearing too late

    The torp buff is just punishing aggressive playstyles and promoting edge of map camping. The edge camping was bad before, now its just stupid.
  7. Adamcriz

    BB/C High Tier Aiming Solutions

    most BB's snipe until all the DD's are gone lol, given torps are invisible until they are up your tailpipe and the nerfs to torp view range of BB's, even i am less inclined to go charging off until im certain there are no DD's around. usually when i do charge off, even with support i get torp spammed. simply safer to sit at range. after all a dead BB is no use at all, even if i am sniping im a bigger target and bullet magnet for my team to hide behind. that said when theDD's are gone and im not outnumbered, Close range is fun, nothing scatters a group of camping cruisers and BB's like a charging tirpitz lining up its torps at 4km
  8. Adamcriz

    BB Nerf

    This. Simple Rule, See a DD moving in a straight line, hard turn in the opposite direction. whenever i see a DD within Torp range, I assume that it has fired them at me and act accordingly. If DD is front left quarter then hard to Starboard, and send a volley his way to force him to evade, giving you a few seconds space. works for me.
  9. Adamcriz

    Current teamkiller punitive system

    I'm not against it, just dont complain when the cruiser hands you your rudder on a silver platter. In my cruiser i go DD hunting, pretty good at it, whole point of cruisers is to hunt DD's and kill Aircraft. because BB's complain DD and CV is OP lol
  10. Adamcriz

    Current teamkiller punitive system

    Because a BB trying to shoot a Cruiser at 10+ KM is an exercise in frustration. yes i can 1 shot most cruisers, but that assumes i can actually hit it (Dispertion, shell tavel time being about 10s etc, easily avoided). unless its at point blank range ( under 8-10km) i dont bother wasting the 30s reload time. if your dumb enough to get caught by a cruiser at short range, you deserve to die. No self respecting Dessy skipper with an ounce of sense would go near a cruiser unless he was in a position to torp it. That said most dessy skippers are not the most sane captains out there, this must be said.
  11. Adamcriz

    In dire need of help

    no probs dude. something to do with windows mandatory drivers and overheating and temp controls from what ive gathered. clean your GPU fan off and make sure no dust and try at normal clock settings when you have time and see if that sorts it. not really an expert in all that stuff, just what ive read. Microsoft being awkward lol.
  12. Adamcriz

    In dire need of help

    Its an ongoing Windows 10 issue, update windows and get the latest drivers. if it continues, ive found getting something like MSI Afterburner and underclocking my GPU effective. about 20% underclock pretty much eliminated that issue for me.