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  1. l3ull

    Will i ever play. :(

    A few days before the closed beta a friend happened to ask when this game would come out. I checked and saw the closed beta announcement. Told him and forgot about it straight away. On the night before I remembered again, took a few minutes to find out the time and pre-loaded the sign up page on my phone in the morning. Opened my phone 2 minutes past 12, clicked and done.
  2. l3ull

    Help With Upgrades

    Ah that explains. I already thought it was odd that my kongo had a 32 seconds reload all of a sudden.
  3. Get 7zip Open wows_30.84772_client.patch. Locate file. Extract. Let us know what happened afterwards.
  4. l3ull

    Draws, there must be a way of deciding a winner.

    That's where a cap is for.
  5. l3ull

    Suggestion: add naval officers to ship's crew

    Hmm.. works very well tanks? I don't exactly love having a well trained crew and find out the next tank has a random crewmember added. Bye bye ,brother in arms, 100% repair, firefighting and camo skills. I don't exactly love moving a well trained crewmember to the barracks since I don't have a place for him anymore. I don't exactly love having crew members sucking up XP doubles from the other members with useless skills. Loaders anyone? I think they nailed it in Warships, he is still fully customizable to the class of ships you want to use him on. Why make it needless cumbersome?
  6. l3ull

    The quality of ship models.

    I see what you mean and had the same thought. But I think it is exactly what you said. Ships are much larger and have a lot more details to display. In WoT garage zoomed in still shows you the entire tank. In the port you see only a little part of the ship, making flaws very visible. A simple solution would be to limit the amount of zoom in the port Problem solved.
  7. l3ull

    Edge of the map.

    Good point.
  8. l3ull

    Edge of the map.

    Well, I wasn't expecting to have a 15 second time limit. There should be plenty of time for any ship to turn around. Maybe also disable the ability to fire from outside the map to encourage staying between the lines?
  9. l3ull

    Edge of the map.

    I'm bothered by the edge of the map actually being an edge. Wouldn't it be a lot more sensible to have a 'You're leaving the battlefield! Get back or we release the sharks with freak'n lasers attached to their heads." message?