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  1. trythis

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    ​Description Bismark secondary batteries don't work, only AA works. Reproduction steps each battle same effect, unchecked activate priority targeting, still no effect. ​Result ​any ship can get as close as they like secondaries won't shoot!
  2. trythis

    HMS Fleet ?

    Only one person mentioned the Icelandic Navy, but no one seems to remember (or maybe too young) the Cod War during which several RN ships were damaged and forced to return to port for repairs. We couldn't even protect our own fishing fleet! History lesson over, WG are trying to run a business and RN ships apart from a token few are obviously not on their priority list. As far as I know pre-WWI RN cruisers entered service with bigger main guns (9.2") than other Navy's cruisers and range at least equal to battleship main guns. How would they balance that!
  3. trythis

    Torpedo Protection. Damage Reduction

    On the test server while trying to decide which ship to grind upto post test, I found the American T9 cruiser is rated 4%, the German 13% and the Soviet 14%, so I thought a difference of 10% could mean surviving a torp hit or not. Sometimes the devil is in the detail. If it makes little or no difference to any ship, then its useless info. Thanks all for your input, I hope this helps others make better informed choices.
  4. trythis

    New User Interface 0.5.6 Feedback

    On the subject of grinding in a test, if you want data which is ship specific, then make only those ships available that it would meet post test, if you want data which is not ship specific then allow everyone an opportunity to find out if a ship they would like to have is going to be a worthwhile investment, i.e. time and resources. I think grinding is a waste of precious time. However maybe WG have found that people don't play on the test server for long enough if they give you too much at the start.
  5. trythis

    New User Interface 0.5.6 Feedback

    I like the additional info, minimap and post-battle, but I think over time would want as much customization as possible, because what may be relevant to me may not be to someone else. Overall I think its an improvement.
  6. trythis

    Torpedo Protection. Damage Reduction

    My question is, "which is better", not, does it make a difference. So you have not answered my question, but thanks anyway.
  7. Is the difference enough to chose between otherwise similar ships?
  8. trythis

    World of Warships - patch release

    I have a very low end pc, even with minimal settings, it struggles. I just assume long load times are because I don't have at least the minimum required. I've loaded in as late as 17mins and 30secs on the clock, my ping is about the same as in WoT 60-70 but my average FPS is mostly less than half what is in WoT.