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  1. Reaver2145

    Fujin in the Premium store

    The truth is hard to swallow for some people, your comment has just proven that. I also didn't ask for your excuses in the first place.
  2. Reaver2145

    Fujin in the Premium store

    He can't do jack all, he's just a puppet for those pulling the strings back in WG HQ.
  3. Reaver2145

    Fujin in the Premium store

    WG has done it once again, another inflated bundle of crap. £21 for a tier 5 destroyer, I can get a bloody Atago Tier 8 for a few quid more. I probably would pick it up if they just sold the ship and a port slot but as it is they are not getting any money from me. Also I wonder how much better the deal is on the Russian server, as usual us EU cash cows with our non pentium 2 PCs are probably getting screwed over.....again.
  4. Reaver2145

    WARNING, dont be fooled

    If yor are this retarded, I'm guessing you are. Then you deserve everything you got.
  5. Reaver2145

    say no to racism

    Just deal with it, I swear liberals these days mustn't be born with a backbone.
  6. Reaver2145

    Tirpitz on sale tomorrow Sat29th

    Knowing the EU server it will probably be 30-40k gold, plus slot, plus premium time but you get a ""free"" ship. Knowing WG I wouldn't be surprised.
  7. Reaver2145

    Cleveland shell velocity

    Once again tears and whining beat all else. They cries so much thus the shell velocity got a big nerf.
  8. Reaver2145

    overeffective AA guns

  9. Reaver2145

    overeffective AA guns

    Yes please keep on darling, I do enjoy watching you act like a total fool.
  10. Reaver2145

    overeffective AA guns

    Go cry to someone who gives a damn about the crap that comes out of your pie hole. That isn't me by the way just so you can understand it.
  11. Reaver2145

    overeffective AA guns

    As I said, they want their easy mode extra easy.
  12. Reaver2145

    overeffective AA guns

    Your incompetence is the problem, you are so incompetent as you have clearly taken no ones advice from your first thread. Typical carriar driver, they want their easy mode with a side of extra easy no effort and a shake.
  13. Reaver2145

    overeffective AA guns

    Lets see. Stupid carrier pilot flies his planes over a AA cruiser and then wonders why they get shot down. AA is not over effective, you are just mind numbingly stupid.
  14. Reaver2145

    I need a lot more than just 3 reports per day.

    You're not meant to report people just because you're awful.
  15. Reaver2145

    Poor Albany

    A gift or not it's still a royal piece of crap. It's some gift when it feels like they couldn't sell it during the CBT so instead they pawn it off to us as a "gift".