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    Am I the only one looking forward to the RN cruisers?

    Yes, because the RN should have been in the game long ago. No, because 5 BBs per side are standard these days and 152 mm guns have been nerfed to virtual uselessness against those.
  2. 2ndaryBattleTank

    Mutsuki(No complaint)

    The upgraded guns on the C hull fire more than twice as fast as the stock ones and have better turret rotation. So the upgraded ship may only have 2 guns but is in fact a more effective gunboat than the stock Mutsuki. For what that is worth.
  3. 2ndaryBattleTank

    Hitting the map edge as a result of an evasive action

    I think it is OK to hit the edge as a result of normal maneuvers. Doing it for a long time and deliberately is borderline cheating, but in the end it will not help that much. I don't really like the sound of the solution proposed for 0.5.2, but there is a more elegant solution to the problem: have a 'soft' map border. As soon as you hit the map border the ship will automatically turn to get you back within the playing field along the shortest possible route. Movement will remain in line with what can expected of the ship involved. You cannot stop the turn while outside the map and can be hit by shells and torps as normal. Done.
  4. 2ndaryBattleTank


    The title of this topic should have been: BALANCED. In fact if you position your tier VIII cruiser badly enough a tier III battleship can sink you with a single salvo. It is what battleships do to cruisers that don't show proper respect to 12''+ guns. Capabilities between tiers change far less than they do in WoT and skill and teamwork are much more important than the tier of the ship you play.
  5. Citadels from a cruiser on a BB are possible, but very rare. But even without those, AP can in many cases by a good choice that can outscore the average damage done per shot of HE. But it all depends on range, angle, what you are shooting at and what you are shooting with. It is hard to give a general guideline that will work all the time, but try AP at mid range and you might be surprised.
  6. 2ndaryBattleTank

    Ognevoi and it's paper turrets

    OK, so we have established that virtually unprotected gun platforms have superior survivability compared to fully enclosed armored ones.........
  7. 2ndaryBattleTank

    Ognevoi and it's paper turrets

    The Nicholas, Minekaze, Mutsuki and Clemson to name a few. I very rarely lose turrets on any of those. Every second hit kills your propulsion or steering, sure. But turrets? No. And the visual model suggests that the Ognevoi has considerably more protection than any of the turrets fitted to those ships. So the relative fragility makes little sense.
  8. 2ndaryBattleTank

    Ognevoi and it's paper turrets

    So I've just received my Ognevoi and not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I played 2 battles in it and lost one of my turrets 4 times. 3 of those were permanent. And every turret represents 50% of your firepower. For a ship that is supposed to rely on its guns to do damage that is killing. And of course I know it were only 2 games and I might have been extremely unlucky. But, if this is going to happen every time anybody sneezes in the general direction of my ship I am not sure I am going bother with it. But as I said: I may just have been extremely unlucky. So I ask for our experiences. The turrets of the Ognevoi are....
  9. 2ndaryBattleTank

    The truth behind WG sales

    Both. Particularly on a non-premium account (which I guess is what most players have) the grind is awfully long even to get just to tier 7. And then when you finally get to tier 8 you find that you probably need to play some more of the low tier ships again to pay for it all. After only a few months I am not surprised the high tiers are still mostly filled with players who have bought their way there. The whole situation does show how important the non-paying players actually are to WG. If nothing else they provide the paying players with something other than a Tirpitz to shoot at, giving it's customers a more varied game and increasing the chance they will keep buying stuff. But with the current economy this is not really happening. Solution: release more lines of ships and lower the cost per ship. More ships will give players who want them all an incentive to keep buying premium. And the non-paying players will have a chance to get to at least some of the higher tier ships within a reasonable span of time. Everybody happy. WG did this in WoT and it worked well. Now they should do it in WoWs.
  10. 2ndaryBattleTank

    "I play for fun", they said.

    The thing is I don't have fun if I am not playing well and winning. So I don't really see how having fun is an excuse for being terrible. If I were terrible at this game I would certainly not be having a lot of fun.
  11. 2ndaryBattleTank

    Preferential MM reintroduced and lower tier divisions

    Overall capabilities between tiers do not change that much and I find I can normally be competitive even against ships 2 tiers above me. The only time this does not seem to be the case is when the ship is both slow and has very short range. It is not funny when you are playing against ships that you can never catch and that outrange you by several km. The Kawachi and Albany are excellent examples. In those cases I feel preferential MM is justified.
  12. 2ndaryBattleTank

    The 'upgrade' from Nicholas to Faragut

    I know that under the right circumstances you can do well in the Faragut. I did play it in CBT. It is just that on the subject of short range torps and being sneaky the Nicholas is objectively better.
  13. 2ndaryBattleTank

    The 'upgrade' from Nicholas to Faragut

    One of the exiting bits about playing any WG game is that moment when you unlock that new ship or tank. More firepower, more armour, more everything. All is great. Well, actually not in WoWs. Capabilities change only very little between tiers and a tier III can be perfectly competitive against a tier V. And I think that is a good thing. Compared to WoT where even a one tier difference could have a very large impact on your usefulness in a game, WoWs is extremely refreshing in the sense that being low on the team list is never really an issue. And yet... Small differences between tiers are fine, but it is weird when the higher tiers are for all intends and purposes worse than the ship that came before. Not just tier for tier, but in a 1v1 comparison. This is the case when going from the Nicholas in tier V to the Faragut in tier VI. The Nicholas is faster, is less easily spotted and its torpedoes (the same as the stock ones on the Faragut) reload much faster. To me as a destroyer player those are the main attributes of any DD and the Faragut performs worse on every one of them. Fine, you get 2 torps more per broadside, but a Nicholas can turn around and fire its torps on the other side for a total of 12 compared to just 8 on the Faragut. True, the upgraded torps of the Faragut do a lot of damage, but range is absurdly short (not that those on the Nicholas can be called long range). In CBT I preferred the stock ones. Other than that the Faragut gets a little more range for the guns, but the Nicholas gets better DPM. So to call the Faragut the better gunboat.... Not really. And beyond the Faragut the Mahan also does not really look that great. Maybe I'll just stick to tier V for this one.
  14. 2ndaryBattleTank

    How would you fix high tier DDs?

    One common common complaint is that in high tiers so many planes are flying about that it is almost impossible for a DD to remain unspotted. For a class that relies on stealth more than anything else this is a major issue. My solution would be to have ships that are spotted by planes only be shown on the minimap and not rendered on screen. This means that when spotted by planes enemy ships can know you are in a certain area (and should take appropriate precautions) but cannot shoot you unless spotted by another ship. If you want to rationalize this, you could argue that in the real world fighters and bombers would not normally be busy providing target data to ships but be performing their own missions. Obvious exceptions would be for carriers who should see the ships rendered their planes are spotting and for scout planes for whom spotting ships is their reason of existence. All this should gave DDs a little more breathing space. And a slight buff to torp reloads at high tiers would be nice too.
  15. 2ndaryBattleTank

    for all these WoWs player, which tell their teammates, that they suck...

    I doubt matches are that often lost because of poor shooting. It is after all just point and click. And RNG. You should be able to figure that out in a few games. People that are either too aggressive and die pointlessly or that are too cautious and too far away from everything are the ones that cost you matches because they don't contribute anything useful to the team. And I do curse them, but only in my mind as I am too busy to try and win the game despite of them.