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  1. Pappus

    Is something wrong with the Colombo?

    WDYM build you don't do manspec anymore anyway and slapping on range is fair enough value for 3 points especially if you wanna go with reduced maingun reload if target is inside secondary range. I don't really like the idea of a fifth heal on t9 or t10
  2. Pappus

    Is something wrong with the Colombo?

    Lepanto secondaries are sick you just nudge into range and have fires on your side for sure. No brainer since you don't even need accuracy for lepanto to hit accurately
  3. Pappus

    Is something wrong with the Colombo?

    The only thing I could thought of doing was faking a direction and then steering over and still maintain your gun power for very short encounters and kiting while switching sides, but the ship is just too inaccurate for any long range battles to be generally in your favor for my taste.
  4. I mostly played the lepanto and honestly that is a fine ship for t9, but the colombo accuracy feels worse - especially for the secondaries. I was looking forward to 4 more guns, but I am not feeling it with that one. Thought I would kick off the discussion here since nobody seems to talk about it although I see it regularly in matches today
  5. Pappus

    I would like a refund please, WG

    Just a small thing you are forming a contract by purchasing even if it is virtual currency. It is at the very least always a purchase contract. Not sure if other countries are specifically excluding this, but pretty sure this is the same for any EU country. It simply doesn't matter what you (legally) bought.
  6. Pappus

    Please bring back Enterprise

    You are faster trying to buy an account that has her. Of course against the rules! Don't do it! Of course!
  7. If what they claim would actually be working there wouldn't be an article on how to exert your right. I must have gotten some weird customer support guys this time around there is like 5 different ones of them and the actual end result was that they made me buy 67500 doubloons to then refund the 67500 doubloons that I purchased beforehand. I dunno what kind of customer service asks their customer to pay 220€ to get 210€ back. Now I still have the armory goods, but the 210€ are back. When such an operation would ever make sense I don't know and it remained unanswered. If you require further proof: That is wargaming refunding 3 payments I "waived" my rights to refund after they had me stock up on doubloons. Don't ask me what the point of doing this is either, cause I don't know. I have never seen such a stupidity happen. Now I still need the armory stuff removed Here the case is made for reversing armory purchases. I actually also tried not to revoke the rights and it indeed doesn't work. You cannot waive your rights away this simply, the only reason it is there is to make people not pursue the matter. However I don't care about pursuing the matter since all I need to do is go visit a lawyer at no cost since my insurance covers such cases. As it has become increasingly difficult these days to handle customer support since they are trained to push customers away to save money.
  8. You can revoke armory purchases. I have done such an operation in the past. They remove whatever you bought in the armory and give you your doubloons back. As far as I remember you can do it 3 times per account.
  9. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/10541/ If you look at this, then you can see that there is absolutely no requirement with it. In my case I purchased doubloons (67500) and purchased v. venetto, lepanto skin & whatever that t10 ship is called after buying the armory packages for 1.5k each until I had enough. I wanted to get it revoked, but customer support said that withdrawing from purchase is not possible at all, because I waived the right. Now we don't need to get into the absurdity of laws being waived by a click of a box, but my question stands why customer support denies it. To me it seems I can simply revoke the purchase contract of the doubloons and then they refund that money. They then should remove whatever I purchased with it on my account. (Of course I don't mind if they don't) During the christmas event we saw that this is a possibility for them either via rollback for a few days or taking their specialist to do it by hand. Why do I need to charge another 210€ of doubloons to get a "refund" going, when it is obvious that I will refund those after they are done too. Any1 else got any experience with it? Is there special trigger words you have to use for them to understand what you want? They could literally in step 1) revoke the purchases in the armory, then my account naturally end up with the amount of doubloons that they "need" for my refund and then proceed with that.
  10. Ah they aren't such enemies. After a gigantic back and forth with customer support I had to charge another 210€ to get the refund going, then I will proceed to request a refund for the latter doubloons. I dunno why a rollback isn't possible but it is whatever at the very least the money didn't go into this particular event.
  11. He is not wrong and that is why I opened the topic to discuss the pricing. We can vote with wallet or we can vote with wallet and talk about it. It is also in WGs interest to find a good price point. It is not in their interest to go overboard. Nothing is stopping me any longer to do as you described. I just wanted to be vocal about it. People make it about something different like why even buy them in the first place etc. which is of course beside the point. WG is not a charite and if people like me all stop purchasing everyone is out of a game very fast.
  12. I read and disagree but you can do as you see fit.
  13. You gyus are overly hostile towards him
  14. You sure you are on the right account? I don't have the shinonome nor the roma. The roma was rented out for all I think and I played it a few matches to see though. I get that you see the regrinding of trees as trap, but to me it gives me an incentive to regrind a line, which I wouldn't normally do. I guess detaching permanently linked camos is one reason. In general I dislike the notion of playing a t10 or a premium ship having all that xp go to total waste. There is a few things I dislike on how they go about the reset, but I can accept those. E.g. I would prefer the research points immediately instead of having to regrind so you can abandon lines you end up not playing at all anymore. This way I am pushed to regrind lines I like instead of regrinding lines I like and abandoning lines I dislike. So for you it is more like I have to regrind 3 lines to get ship X, but for me is I have reason to play the smaller ones and get rewarded with a ship on the side. The skins that are 200€ are the T9 and the T10 italian for the lepanto and the t10 christophoro? With all points earned you stop at needing about 36.000 italian tokens which in total will buy you the T8 tech tree ship veneto, t9 skin and t10 skin + about 12k coal and 36k free xp Either something is free or it isn't. You don't pay for the t4 skin etc when you buy the t9 skin. When you reach the point where you make the purchase decision you already own everything else. It doesn't suddenly become part of the price. Why would it anyway. Some people get it for free some people somehow pay for it, when they purchase the skins? Flawed nothing else. Maybe you are too young to retreat from a bad argument, so I will just leave it as is. I appreciate you regardless. You are right, that nobody stops me from just buying the generic skins and after I handled the refund that is exactly what I will do. You are also right on the amount of flags being a problem for non unicum players. Or well I don't play for victory in my BBs I go in for a good brawl so the results are very hit & miss. Of course playing it safe and going in when you should is much much better for your average XP, but I dislike it. So most of my results are 1.1k 1.5k in base xp with the occasional 2-3k which means a line becomes around 100 camos & flags or even more. With my stock I could do it for camos about 5-6 times, but signals not even one full run in terms of special flags. I also care about WG getting their money so I am okay with a bit of inflated prices, but here it goes much much too far even though I love spartans and latin proverbs. The reason I retreat from the purchase is simply to vote with my wallet. I don't care that much about the price as I care about the next events.
  15. Pappus

    The Issue of Balancing Premium Ships.

    I would like them to have a protection period of 1 year. If you didn't have the ship for a year because you bought it late you get a refund option. Unlikely to happen, because those banned ships are a mayor driving force for christmas boxes Edit: As one example I bought the massa a few weeks before the captains rework. The word on the street was they wouldn't nerf secondaries. They ended up doing it, but I have a weakened ship now that I paid the full price for. Still a great ship though