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    Trumpeter Bismark 1:200

    Achmed_Gringo, on 07 November 2013 - 06:16 PM, said: In my experience (only for tank models) Tamiya and Revell have good models tamiya has brilliant models, but revell has to few details
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    nice text and thx for info
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    demonaii, on 05 November 2013 - 06:57 PM, said: Is this city in UK? no, why? its a canadian city
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    demonaii, on 05 November 2013 - 06:05 PM, said: What is this? this is Hallifax today/ 1 or 2 years ago. Hallifax is the City which was nearly completly destroyed by the explosion
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    hallifax today :happy: :
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    How people view us

    nice job guy
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    Trumpeter Bismark 1:200

    Jann336, on 05 November 2013 - 01:44 PM, said: I do not know if you want to build functional models or standing models, but I as an experienced model builder would recommend you the brand Robbe, Revell or Graupner. Look in their product range or Model forums. :honoring: i build standing models, and i tryed revell allrdy, the got insufficent details, and i think , robbe haven´t stand models
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    hey guys, the following article is not about a battleship/warship, its about a french cargo ship "Mont Blanc" fully laden with wartime explosive. I think some of you knew this accident but, for the others, it could be a nice information. The Freight of the "Mont Blanc" was: 35 t Benzol 63 t Nitrocellulose 2300 t explosive Picric acid 200 t TNT At the 6 december of 1917 at 8:45 am "Mont Blanc" collide with the norwegian Ship "Imo". By this Crash the "Mont Blanc" startet to burn. After the crash A growing number of Halifax citizens gathered on the street or stood at the windows of their homes or businesses to watch the spectacular fire. The frantic crew of the Mont-Blanc shouted from their two ifeboats to some of the other vessels that Mont-Blanc was about to explode, but they could not be heard above the noise and confusion. At 9:04:35 am the "Mont Blanc" explode. The ship were completly blown up, an some parts of her hull where trown 1000 feets into the air. The blast was fastern then 1000 meters per second, and temperatures over 5000°C and a massive pressure of hundreds of atmospheres accompanied the moment of detonation at the centre of the explosion. Hot, white glowing parts of iron rained down of Hallifax and Darthmouth. A barrel of one of "Mont Blanc" guns landed 5.6 kilometres north of the explosion, and a part of her anchor flys nearly 3 kilometres. The smoke cload got a high of over 3600 metres and the shock wave from the blast travelled througt der earth more then 20 times the speed of sound. The explosion raised a Tsunami, which rose up over 18 metres of the watermark of the port from hallifax. 160 hectar were completly destroyed by the explosion, and every building within a 2.6 kilometres radius was destroyed or heavily damaged. Over 1600 people died instantly, and nearly 10 000 get wounded. The explosion was heard in North Cape Breton, 360 kilometres from center of explosion away. The explosion got an TNT-equivalent force of nearle 2.9 kilotons. Hallifax before the Explosion: Hallifax after the explosion: The smoke Cloud :
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    Trumpeter Bismark 1:200

    hey guys, i want to ask if some one build allrdy this bismark modell from Trumpeter : http://www.amazon.de...marck trumpeter i want to buy it but before i will do this, i want to ask how detailled is it? greetings
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    FRENCH BATTLESHIP Richelieu dokumentary short film

    i hope the global alpha starts soon -.- but nice posts guys
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    nj keks, you should get a cookie ;-)
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    USS Missouri video

    good old mighty mo and nice vid