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  1. custardSPARTA

    Alt Tap healtbar and team stats (ALT TAP out of the game)

    Couldn't agree more
  2. custardSPARTA

    The WoWS playerbase

    Stop reading at the point you claim WOT gameplay was ruined by 'tomatoes' your post is BS
  3. custardSPARTA

    ship of the line

    In what era are you talking about because The French never had all the best ships there 3rd rates unarguably better designs than ours but any others? British fielded 10 year older designs what over a 200 year period? Spanish biggest ships whatever You have left out many other Nations what about the Dutch they sailed up the Thames and burnt Chatham Docks and there East India Company was larger than ours and had an armed fleet bigger than a lot of Nations. Hmm ships with very similar firepower try catching a Sloop with a 100+ gun first rate You may have guessed from my post I quite like the idea of a Ship game in the sailing era
  4. custardSPARTA

    So this just happened...

    Whine thread please some moderation is required
  5. custardSPARTA

    Massive lag issues

    Really? I have only been seeing lag problems today
  6. custardSPARTA

    Rules of the Sea (or how to not sail like an idiot)

    Nice post I did read Shepbur's post but yours is more concise For those that are saying DD has more maneuverability etc. your just plain wrong if you understand the basic rules and do the same every time less mistakes will happen
  7. custardSPARTA

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I have been trying the aim assist for two days with the Amagi and the Nicolas with the later I am not sure its any help at all but with the BB it has helped with the first salvo against players going in a straight line. Before trying it I thought it should be banned now I am not so sure yes it helps and is an advantage but not as much as the hysteria in this thread claims I haven't made my mind up yet.
  8. custardSPARTA

    Poll: Should Wargaming allow the XVM mod for WoWS?

    Wrong 71.5% of people that have voted in this thread don't want XVM that is a tiny minority of players in OBT
  9. custardSPARTA

    Poll: Should Wargaming allow the XVM mod for WoWS?

    krautjaeger, on 30 April 2015 - 12:10 AM, said: Speak for yourself, my un-modded and thus vanilla WoT game has no XVM folder in it. Search your vanilla game when you find it do me a favour and delete it then try starting the client MeanGreenUnseen, on 29 April 2015 - 11:27 PM, said: This goes both ways. Instead of demanding to insert something that 70% of community does not want into the game , learn to play the game as it is? We have done it, you can too. Spoiler By any chance, can you confirm or deny that the developers are keeping an eye on this? That would be so nice to know. I am demanding nothing 155 people (to date in this poll) don't want XVM in WOWS I see more people than that playing WOT with XVM just in a few battles of my own I love stats (apart from my own ingame performance)
  10. custardSPARTA

    XVM... for WoWs?

    I have a poster on my wall of the rigging plan of the Cutty Sark it's covered in numbers one of my favorite books is 'British warships in the Age of Sail 1714-1792' it's full of stats this game features warships the game is all about stats I am looking forward to XVM or it's equivalent for WOWS. XVM is just a convenient tool for idiots to rage at others with it is not the cause people like this should be moderated out of the game and the forum removing XVM would not help tanks because the problem would still be there.
  11. custardSPARTA

    Summary of equipment and upgrades needed

    Nice +1
  12. custardSPARTA

    A message of thanks to all RAGERS

    You rock +1
  13. custardSPARTA

    Poll: Should Wargaming allow the XVM mod for WoWS?

    WOT vanilla game has a folder in it named XVM that's how much WG think it should be banned this game will too in my opinion it is also my opinion that the bad attitude in WOT is not caused at all by XVM those people would be like that anyway they should just be banned. Instead of whining about the mod make a complaint every time you see a player being abusive.
  14. custardSPARTA

    The verbal abuse sucks the fun out of playing CV

    If they say something that abusive report them and they will get banned, I have once and they are not in the beta anymore
  15. custardSPARTA

    My other ship is TOG

    The toxic element have already arrived the only thing that could possible stop it would be in-game moderation and WG are not interested in doing that unfortunately Played tanks for three years and I can't see me stopping just yet slowed down maybe but not stopped