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  1. Capt_B_Willard

    The Person Below me (GAME)

    False 30k battles ton of prem tanks way to go I.ve been on live firing cruiser, bet person below didn't
  2. Capt_B_Willard

    Keyboard setting switching mid game

    Hello, I play with arrows, so I programm all functions under different keys. example: -smoke is consumable 2 and on my settings under NUM pad 7..... * lost every game start up -information is under end *lost -my page down bottom gives me a strange focus out ? In-game the mappings, if not letters are not well signed of under the object to use. Further the TAb +LMB-hold mapping for torp planes is not right ? And its very hard to aim with planes ? I think there are some issues with keyboard mappings ? Question: these mappings are they stored and changed local or on the central server ? So-far we game on...
  3. Well, euhh that said...... LOL
  4. Why do people have to behave the way you want them to ?
  5. Löwe Who cares its a Beta game...... GAME Like as if your strategies are so briljant mister Pawnshop........ Like in WOT take advantage of inexperienced players and try to learn them something and learn from them....... because in a game there are bounderies but NO RULES
  6. Capt_B_Willard

    Will us the CBT get a ship as a gift for when OBS

    I want a reward ship mimimi mimimi because i have to wait to play mimmimimi
  7. Capt_B_Willard

    Will us the CBT get a ship as a gift for when OBS

    A lot of people want to play for free , so why a reward ? GREED
  8. Capt_B_Willard

    Regarding beta acess + preorder ships/beta rewards

    @DECOSTER Thanks for explanation. All fair. I leave it at the two I bought ! Because i cannot play this game yet , i wait as if Santa is comming....... like a little kid...... For my code to arrive or playable version of the game......
  9. Capt_B_Willard

    Regarding beta acess + preorder ships/beta rewards

    Hello, i am a WOT addict..... sad ? yes.... I applied for alpha and Beta but nothing......watched all video s and already playing the game in my head..... Problem ? Yesterday I bought two ships from pre-order offers. But hé, now there are roumors about a bundle with all three ships in it comming to arrive soon in europe as well !???? HUH So questions: -1) Pls provide me an invite code ASAP, or I will revenche crap on the High seas in tha face ! -2) What about the fact I bought two pre order ships while a triple pack is comming ? can I buy it and get refund ? -3) When is the waiting over......... ? P.S. @ Fedyakin, I dont have a lowe but I just bought two of those wale fishing vessels on pure Impuls, spring time is comming ! Gotta love !