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  1. the north carolina is by far my favorite battleship and somhow i have good stats in it. It rewards my stupid postitoning for some reason which no other bb does in the same way

  2. aye, yours too, hai-furi? i've recently watched the 1st episode and the story looks promising and i loved the plot twist

    1. HoppouChan


      I still didn't start Hai Furi, currently I'm watching Ore wa Imotou ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!

      Started today at 4AM, finished the first season at 8PM. With 9 hours of school in between^^


      My avatar actually is Darjeeling from Girls und Panzer, the "ship" is the TOG II*.

    2. Flukeyluke


      phone screen was too small to make out the tog, now im on my pc i can see clearly that it is indead a tank, whoops lol

    3. HoppouChan


      Well, just look at the measurements of this old lady.

      There is a reason why they say it's in the false game :3


      Still didn't start Hai Furi :/

  3. Awesome avatar, added.

  4. for the next month i am gonna trash my win rate in the quest of haveing more fun....should be intresting playing without caring if you win or lose