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  1. Flukeyluke

    Looking for a premium light cruiser

    not a light cruiser, but if you can only have a single ship from the cash shop i vote for the Atago she does everything the mogami does but better played well the atago can even give the zao a run for its money 1v1
  2. Flukeyluke

    alabama, massa, NC

    stay on topic, we all know the ships had things to different them before the heal changes but thats not what this thread is about, before the change they balanced up against each other nicely the point i wanted to make in this post was the alabama got the short end of the stick with what it got from the small rework / additions NC got a much bigger heal and direct buff to surviving Massa got a shorter cooldown on its heal, directly buffing how tanky it is short term Alabama got a anti sub air strike in a game with no submarines one off these in the current game is much less usefull...
  3. Flukeyluke

    alabama, massa, NC

    The 3 ships all had there own small differences before the amarican heal changes but after the small rework alabama kinda got left behind, will there ever be a small buff for her? massa has faster cooldowns NC has much more hp per tick alabama got deph charge planes? right now if ranked was t8 and you took the alabama you would be called out for it and if clan wars were t8 and you took an alabama you would be laughed at and replaced
  4. really disapointed in this years xmass crates... zero ships but i got a lot off x24 hours premium at the busiest time off the year that i couldnt really make use off
  5. Was the clan leader of the Skrublords untill i kicked a player while exhausted... realised later that i made him the leader off the clan instead off kicking him (both share the same "confirmation" style box it turns out, good job wargamings ui department)

    got in touch with wargamings support team... yeah they can undo the change to clan leadership, the tech and softwear to force a change exists but with a catch, only within a 24 hour window from the clan changing hands .... after said window expires wargaming support laugh in your face and tell you sort the issue out yourself...

    so now i have a 4 year+ clan and work related to running it, in the hands off someone with 60 battles played before permenatly quitting the game over 300 days ago

  6. Flukeyluke

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    theres two issues I have with subs... putting it simply they are not fun to battle against OR To play as a class what happens when games stop being fun? they bleed players... just go ask "robocraft" the "was number 1 for player count on steam f2p game" what happens if you monotize a game above all else
  7. Flukeyluke

    PT 0.9.10 - General Feedback

    hey devs, what are the less obvious features that exist on the map for Key Battles... mainly i wanna know what the 5km circle off blue fire with a glyph looking thing in the center is or does, it does not show on the minimap, i have sailed through it, i've sat in it, i've shot at it, seems to do nothing
  8. Flukeyluke

    PT 0.9.10 - Big Hunt: Key to Victory!

    pretty fun bug, seen it before but no idear what causes it
  9. Flukeyluke

    PT 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    unassigning the commander from the valkyrie soft locks you since you cannot re assign one back to the ship...in otherwords, i cannot continue playing the new mode cause i unequipped my captain to see if it let me and what would happen and said captain vanished into thin air edit, after relogging the unequipped captain showed up in the reserve and could be reassigned
  10. Flukeyluke

    oh yay another launcher

    how long untill we need a launcher to launch the launcher?
  11. Flukeyluke

    PVE, only ranks 5-6?

    so one thing i see a lot off people commenting in game chat while playing the new team vs AI gamemode *operations* is people moaning they cannot play the ship tiers they want. I under stand that these missions are fairly new and a test ground of sorts but what are the chances of some higher tier missions down the line. 3-4 7-8 and 9-10 for example even if it was the same missions with the AI ships swapped for suitable tiered opponants it would cheer a lot off players up. cheers for reading
  12. Flukeyluke

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Sound

    not a bug, its a feature, notice how when you ram a ship the trumpit goes of instantly, the further away they are the longer it takes the fake sound to get to you
  13. Flukeyluke

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    *edit, was playing the mission newport defense* team play IS needed to win. balancing seems fairly good if im honest. a team that plays well has no issues winning. divisions can hard carry for instance 2 fubuki DDs and a carrier in a division and you will not lose unless they screw up big time In random teams the chances are your team will lose a careless ship in the 1st wave, the carrier tends to cripple a ship in the 2nd wave and in the 3rd wave the t8 cruisers lol pen your t5 battleships with full damage HE shells, 4 salvos from a mogami sunk an allys near full hp new mexico.granted he deserved it since he screwed his aim up and only landed 9 overpens instead off citadels at 6km range. balancing seems ok for now. i suggest adding a 5-20 sec delay betweem the friendly lexington spawn and the izumo spawning in and staggering the ai opponant ships in the fleets spawn times very slightly since spawning 6+ ships at the same time may cause weak pcs to stutter briefly as they load in Are more levels of missions planned since tiers 5-6 are lower than alot off people were hopeing for. take some notes off armored warfairs approch to pve, some intresting features they have letting you play co op with any tier and the mission difficalty scales with it.
  14. Flukeyluke

    Technical Test Announcement

    gonna get my mates to do a full fletcher/kiddivision, should be fun and test how well the ai responds to surprise buttsex
  15. bigger! Bigger games! can we not have 32 player games on these servers? 16 vs 16 please granted, i might have to drop from 4k if i want good fps then :/