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    No point denying, the cat's out of the bag, the Pandora's box is open, the milk has been spilt, etc. I gonna try some autodrop glitching tonight, will post results if interesting (after all this is a beta test... ) The mega-lag is indeed annoying, happened on 3 out of my last 10(?) battles, once also to a division mate who was in a different city (so not my ISP problem...)
  2. Klackon44


    Interesting, is this gonna be the next big thing of the forums? "Autodrop glichting haxx00rz are destroying the game!!!"
  3. Klackon44

    still working as intended

    Interesting ideas, but i think too elaborate to fix something that is low priority on the devs to do list. I would propose to just add a border friction coefficient that initially is the same as now, but increases in value the longer a ship sits at the border, thus you could still turn at the border as it is intended now, but prolonged border sliding would finally bring you to a halt and require that you backup like from an island in order to move again. Breaking border contact would result in the friction coefficient slowly decreasing (to avoid a new technique - interupted border hump ) To fix torp plane border targetting they would just need to have their flight border a bit further than the ship border. Anyway just my 0.02$, i personally havent seen anyone border hug like a pro yet, but maybe I am still too low tier...
  4. very much this. Even in Dune2, arguably the first rts ever you had way more interesting things to do, not to mention the other true classical rts games (because you already did ) regardless of being OP or not i just cant make myself play my first cv more than once every few days
  5. Klackon44

    Lag, FPS drops and sound stuttering

    It was quite smooth for me for the last two weeks only occasionally going into few k pings for a 10 seconds or so, but yesterday around midnight the game became unplayable for at least an hour (17k pings, minute long freezes, etc.), whatever it was I hope they fix it by tonight... And no its not the drivers , I recently got a new rig out of necessity (Witcher 3) That and other games work very well (including multiplayer games of all sorts) Neither is it my ISP - during the freezes I can still talk on TS, watch YT, etc. without any degradation in performance. Edit: Also the issues were happening at the same time for my division buddy who uses a different ISP in another city...
  6. Klackon44

    I challenge you

    Thanks, will do
  7. Klackon44

    I challenge you

    I'd like to play some Minekaze with someone who knows something about DD's, do I have to start posting crap about invisible torpedoes on the forums first?
  8. Klackon44


    Thanks to all for constructive pointers in this thread! Today evening, my dreaded Furu-grind begins...
  9. Klackon44

    Match start and division(platoon) members

    Definitely agree its annoying, moreso than in WoT, but outright dying before joining up seems very aggressive
  10. Klackon44

    Player Evolution vs. Devolution

    Now I understand - That's why we see so many screenshots from BB captains that show incoming torps with their ship sailing in a straight line, or even not moving at all..., I mean, why bother if it is obviously physically impossible to ever evade a torpedo
  11. Klackon44

    Experience gain stupid

    Is there anything really at the end of this rainbow so that we should all rush to tier X? how fast should you get a tier X? how soon will a player be ready for a tier X (as in: not suck)? In WoT for most players it was after a good few K battles, but I feel this game has an easier learning curve - probably because the maps are much simpler to understand and utilize than in WoT. Anyway - the speed was just my feel, does anyone have stats how fast does it get to grind a tierX without massive dubloons spend? Can we put some numbers to the conversation? Additionally, if you dont enjoy the game why grind it? I would rather accept the point from Jamiji - there have to be fun ships to grind and later just play - obviously WG will keep lower tiers populated by the means of economy so you will have to play at least the top 3-5 tiers Lastly coop battles are there only for beginner learning / checking out new ships, they are definitely not meant to be a way to grind high tier ships. cheers
  12. Klackon44

    Experience gain stupid

    it probably would like to think so...
  13. Klackon44

    Experience gain stupid

    yes but I liked the M3 Lee and it liked me... well - I havent reached those suckos as of yet - Isokaze is great, Kuma is great, BBs im probably not gonna grind too much so I dont care, still on the fence with carriers generally looking at prettiness I might wanna go for Zao next - I heard Furutaka is a first proper M3 Lee, I will report back regarding this.
  14. Klackon44

    Experience gain stupid

    Really people want everything just for showing up these days... besides you played exactly 5 games in Chester I think the progression in WoWS is actually very fast - 100+ games in Im almost at my goal of having all ships up to tier 4 researched and almost 2 tier 5's as a bonus (I cant decide which line to grind as I only started in OBT and wanted to get some experience with all classes and nations)
  15. Klackon44

    The General Community

    Y u do dis? Second time attacking PL players? In a thread about people being d1cks in chat... Hipocrisy much? Anyway, i dont know what game are you all playing, but i only remember someone writing noob like 1 time in a 100 od games... Maybe i play too low tier tho - i plan to have all tier 4/5researched before i commit to a few lines, maybe all ragers rushed up because they heard that you can abuse the MM with a tier X right now