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  1. Reflecting the last few posts many would agree to have purchased her for her 'looks' and maybe history. We menfolk are so weak when it comes to a shapely lady! I think a slight RoF buff would not go amiss.
  2. das I gave you a like for the sheer enjoyment of reading your well written post. Ultimately it comes across as an orbituary for your beloved Torpedo boats. Well done for highlighting the facts, highlights and downsides and an understanding towards the balance. I can't say I ever encountered the OG Shima wall of fish you could do a Viking oar dance on, but it's still pretty fearsome to see a contemporary wall of red triangles approach you. Strangely despite my dislike of torp walls as a BB and CA main they always made me slightly jealous of that slow but inevitable advancement of floodings and detonations. Hated yes. But part of the game? Indeed. It was my personal mission from God (yep I had the crappy suit and shades on) tonight to either sink or scare away that annoying Shima in Two brothers. Maybe my Hindenberg was better employed elsewhere but these torp botes invoke an element of hatred which is good for a game when passion = ££££ and good gaming.
  3. I got her after having a few beers tonight. Mainly as a 'buff investment'. I'm not big on IJN DD's but keep a Fujin that gives a few game gems. I figure when the IJN torps get a buff she might be a little monster prem with her stealth and gun choices. At least her camo is not retina wrecking and I can ditch the weird crew for IJN. Collectable if not massively desirable. Oh and having just read a few posts back. Yep, I quite fancied a ship I could play with Torp reload booster on for shiggles and this a case of buy now or regret. If you can't be arsed grinding IJN DD's it's not a bad premium option. I like the fact WG offer an alternative to anime now. I've been here before and realised there is a huge fanbase of which I came to an understanding with. (I am not) I'm not going to say anything other than it's nice to have a choice. Which as a premium is a good move from WG.
  4. There is no logic to some premiums and equally some buyers apply no logic to them. Prinz Eugen appeals to the more historically minded history buffs. I've had her since 1st release. Pretty sure my stats will be awful but when I take her out nowadays she's always pretty solid. Certainly no p2w but she does give extra captain training as her premium perk. I like her just as I'm forming quite a bond to Pensacola and Indianapolis. Honestly, if you like the look or her history go for it. If you want a more rewarding KM premium then buy Sharnhorst or Tirpitz. Just don't complain as Prinz is well documented for being 'average '.
  5. That was a good game. Sorry I didn't chat more I was trying to sling more AP and wiggle!
  6. Is it just me or are there far less Zao's in the game after the stealth fire nerf? I only play Hindenberg as a CA at T10 and don't seem to encounter them much anymore?
  7. TBH I would prefer a turret traverse buff over RADAR. Indy easily out turns her turrets and can get frustrating when you want to dance. Some matches you can be the 'grey ship' and nail AP with immunity, other times you just feel you are drifting chum bait for the red team and they all want a bite. Having started playing Pensa again I feel she's a better ship all round.
  8. They are both excellent, solid premiums and captain trainers. Just buy the one you like the look of most, choose RoF over damage depending on your taste. Tirpitz is a brute whereas Sharnhorst needs an element of finesse to control those primal tendencies.
  9. It's a question of processing power online. Not going to happen with a world wide market and lots still using the Fred Dibnah Mk1 steam reciprocating binary bead counter.
  10. In all honesty (despite a recent comment about ships being allowed to be ships without 'national flavor') I would quite enjoy there being an alternative battleship at tier 10. Having not long acquired GK I am disappoint. It's just a co-op missions fort. I'd take my other venture into T10:- Mobile fortress Hindenberg any day of the week. As long as 'nation flavour' is balanced it's just like going to a curry house with all the main course costing the same but tasting different.* *T10 that is as it's a boring torpedo soup camp fest unless you play cruiser.
  11. Well they did do 'cheaper' packages and it was a choice. I would imagine maybe around the RN battleship release would be a good time to sell her again. And yes I paid a beer night out for it but that was then. She's a nice ship though OP. Damage over time enabled by tanking and speed. Lots of character even if you ditched the silly AA DF.
  12. Randoms are pretty good at the moment. The joy of seeing a red Fuso in my Amagi.......... Dirty sex
  13. I had to go for numerous votes. 1. My iz potato. I've been in a trough lately and can't seem to get my game back. Accuracy is a big one. Used to get pretty consistent cruiser deletions or multi citadels in CL/BB. Can't blame others when I'm failing to get top star many times. 2. RL, Job and family etc. Yes it's a biggy and maybe effects gaming temperament went you want to enjoy some spare time and get raged. 3. Internet connection. Well, I'm 6000 miles from UK at work so ping 150-300. It's not ideal nor is the time delay. 4. Others playing 'save a star'. I've been becoming more aware of this as the ranked progress. Mainly those *&%$!£* Fuso scrubs that go hide and snipe saving their hp to put out enough damage to get top xp despite not contributing tactically to the match. I despise them. And sadly Flamu in his Arizona ranked commentary is wrong. He states that any Battleship captain that places his ship in your cap circle can do no wrong. Maybe RNG blesses him with team support, smoke and spotting? I've found myself all alone surrounded by sinking cruisers whilst dd's get themselves killed and my fellow BB drivers go hide (Fuso scum) more often than not. Even resorting back to my trusted Budy I get reported. Why? I was way out gone dark with about 3hp left burning a BB with my spotter. I should have got top score for loosing but a stinking Fuso hid long enough to get more damage. But mainly I'll never reach rank 1 cos I'm not good enough. Despite 'reasons' you gotta be able to carry or sustain your stars.
  14. So not being a software wizard I was pondering over how do Wargaming set a price on a premium ship. Is it purely from what the players will pay? So after a brief google I found this short video. I had no idea it was this involved. 1120 man hours or 140 days! Break that into a salary and now I have an understanding. Maybe this is why I quite enjoy just studying the ships in port view. But WG PLEASE give us more zoom to appreciate your work. If anyone here has more of an understanding on how the ships are researched and designed and what sort of software is used, scale etc etc I'd love to know more.
  15. How's the tankin' going fella's? Still Rollin'? After watching some of Jingles 'Why you heff to be mad' vids I do miss some of the more comical moments that you don't get in ships. Watching half a team pursue an enemy to the water then all proceeding to slide in and drown was priceless!