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  1. Has anyone else noticed??

    Meh, try playing when you have to work abroad on a kak internet 6 hrs ahead of EU server. I get nothing but the school kid dread timezone. I'm just glad when I can get a sesh in without lagging out nowadays.
  2. How is US CA line (7+) these days?

    I just checked my stats and interestingly the Pensa has my highest cruiser PR despite an average dmg of 43k and wr in the 40's........ I do remember it being a cursed ship for wins but I think most of the PR came from cap defense points. I could dodge well enough to last a battle but ultimately it can't put out enough damage. T7 is the last tier before radar and T10 every match and possibly the most fun for pure cruisering. York was also a hoot ducking and diving and being a pest. That one has a real sting with a 6 fish BB killing end game tool though. I've kept Cleve and Pensa for operations and glad of doing so with the forthcoming cruiser revision. Some ships don't need to be monsters to be great fun. I label Pensa as one of these, akin to running around a park in a deer costume, with a bullseye on your arse. first day of huntin' season
  3. How is US CA line (7+) these days?

    There's a Mercury quota per bodyweight ratio you can safely consume. I did a non carb diet on my work tours and scoffed a lot of tuna. Fortunately a can a day was ok for me. Japanese tuna is worst. Does the most damage ;)
  4. How is US CA line (7+) these days?

    I loved Pensa. Taught me how to dodge incoming and predict as everyone and their dog wants a piece of Pensa cits! Her manoeuvrability and strong AP was great fun. NO is better but she faces higher tiers. I've not quite got to grasps with her as because of her radar and stealth abilities I can't stop myself going in for close cap support. And invariably getting obliterated. Pensa plays at midrange where you have time to duck and dive. I think that and Island hogging is the way forward. Their strong AP and AA makes up for their lack of torps and it's a different but fun line to grind.
  5. I voted Texas. Slow as a blocked turd but this can be advantageous. Arrive to the party late and miss the initial deletions and salvos. but at least you know where the enemy are. Since you have 4 years before you arrive you can plan your strategic destination and get your turrets traversed. Unless heavily focused by a T7 CV you can fend off most aerial attacks and she dances well for a fat lass. Any cruiser presenting broadside is an insta delete candidate. I quite like her broadside power. If your team folds then invariably you will die but most likely you will have lots of HP and can struggle (in vain). If your team steam rolls you get left behind. If it's a good match you just ponder around blapping anything in range. For some reason I find she never gets focus fired too much. Maybe shes a lucky ship but I get pretty good consistent results regardless of tier. Don't remember much about Kongo but most I see are border licking 'snipers'. OR, JC and ID all seem very promising and I've only managed ID in a few randoms and she was pretty fine. Alas having to move for work to a sh!thole country and having the most unreliable connection means very few random battles now. Shame as I like T5 BB's. They have a certain charm to them. Good thing with the prem T5 BB's is you can put a skilled cap in which makes a big difference.
  6. I like subtle camo schemes.........
  7. Turret rotation is a winner for me, it's a non issue. I find AP won't always get expected BB citadels but I tend to aim above the belt and get a good consistent damage. And as to her accuracy? Well cruisers tend to go BLOOP quite often! She's got fine reliable armour compared to warspite and a low citadel and massive HP. It's all good.
  8. North Carolina in random meta?

    Reference Flamu's vids. Note his accuracy with NC. Granted you can shout RNG but good gunnery with the USN 406's on NC takes practise. I recently bought Alabama and as I hadn't played NC for ages I couldn't hit the proverbial barn door. She's not an easy mode ship but has the tools to capitalize on a good captain.
  9. I knew you would break and git her! One of the best things about Hood, is she has bags of character. Don't know why, apart from her AA fireworks and being fast she has no other tricks. Maybe because you can choose the exteme flanks, go charging up and appear where no one expects you? I'm only playing Duke on the main line (I expect big nerfs with RN so why get upset about missing something I never had?) But I prefer Hood to Nelson and Warspite. Her AP is a bit soggy but she can put out solid consistent damage, flex the map and tank like a good 'un. Whats not to like? Looking forward to hearing your views as I feel her intro by WG has left a bad taste for many. And you can take my Hood flag from my cold dead hands
  10. Kii is coming for you :D

    I sold Amagi off but Kii makes a handsome crew trainer. Extra silver and Cap XP points are worth it over Amagi's differences for me. Granted I'm limited to co-op at present due to an extremely temperamental apartment wifi so it's better in a prem. She's damn handy against retard bots but it's getting a tad boooooring now!
  11. OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    I do. The good thing is you are never the first to reach a predicament.
  12. OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    Picked her up yesterday. Always liked the 'cut of her jib' in an ugly way since I first saw her. To be sure she is no OP premium. Just another slow old pig with slow old turrets. A twelve gun broadside is nice and as far as perks go the repair party is pretty neat. Certainly no compelling reason to buy one but she does look quite magnificent in her own style. Grey pattern camo all the way for me. I mean I run a stars n stripes Tex but the CCCP job makes my eyes puke!
  13. Premium ships V's Silver ships, P2W?

    I'll tell you what truly makes a p2w. Armour and the ability to go God mode without consequence. Doesn't matter about armament so much. If anyone can jump in press w and start causing mayhem without skill and take a team to put down, that's p2w.
  14. Premium ships V's Silver ships, P2W?

    Considering you can get more captain xp with flags it is indeed a poor premium sales model now. Interestingly I've seen a fair few threads on people wanting a Prinz but agonizing over it's performance for a premium. It is without doubt a beautiful ship with history. If it had a heal ability it would be an instabuy for many more people I guess and that's not a gamebreaker, just a premium perk. I've got her and Der Adler camo but I'm a premium whore. She is very strong in co-op which I use overseas when timezones are incompatible.
  15. Premium ships V's Silver ships, P2W?

    PE provides only the following premium perk:- Premium camouflage provides 50% bonus Captain Training on top of normal bonuses. A second camouflage option provides 10% bonus credit earning. So it is a true premium training ship. Probably hence it's lack of popularity and the reason WG didn't persist with this sales model.......