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  1. I stumbled upon how to acquire Her majesties finest today. I had no idea how to get them and thought I'd missed some mission or something (been on a break). I also had no idea where and what all the flip flops and thingymajiggies currency where all about. So bumbling into the arsenal the penny dropped. HMS furious thank you very much. Not sure if I'll get implacable, maybe not enough time now. I've just sold Ranger as I had got over the initial novelty of new cv play and realised I hated the thing. I flogged off Saipan and other line CV's and managed to free xp Lexy for not too bad a deal. Enjoying her far more than Ranger. So how was Furious compared to Ranger? Apart from the planes looking tastier than marmite AND peanut butter on toast she's very comfortable. Lots of rockets, converging torps. pretty good. Weird bomb aiming but I'll suss it out. So 2 new CV's in a day and one a complete surprise. Not a bad haul.
  2. MeTaLMooSe

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    I must admit after the initial novelty of cv play in Langley followed by screw this I'm free xping this crap. Followed by whoohoo a whole 2 torpedo strike I'm flagging in the fun department. Ive been having a crappy run last few games and under performing. However. What I do want to do is master or at least get better with my strike accuracy. Sometimes more fun can be had but othertimes when there's a challenge you just have to accept it.
  3. MeTaLMooSe

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    I've been playing Ranger trying to get a grasp of new cv play. Previously I dabbled in coop and low tier randoms. What is immediately evident is that hitting dd's takes skill and practise and rng. Despite what harassed dd's will claim it can be incredibly frustrating trying to damage them. If a cv repeatedly rocket strikes your dd he's a good player. As much as normal ships like to assume that planes just whizz around and blap what they see, they are wrong. You cannot just strike a dd as soon as spotted. You won't have time to align your run and arm. A strike involves spotting, maneuvering your squad to make a run on dd's predicted path, arming at the predicted point to get the smallest aim point at the correct lead and timing for predicted strike. Any squad adjustment throws out the aim. And during this approach your squad is vulnerable and taking damage. So 'if' the squad rocket strikes you for damage and repeatedly does so you as a dd have made his life easy. They cannot simply repeatedly strike you with impunity. If you meet a dd in cap and contest do you cry if you are beaten? If you are confronted by a host of enemy radar cruisers do you retreat? Remember whilst a cv is spotting and harassing your dd that means he is not spotting any other cap or striking another ship. Man up. Evade and evaluate. Once his squad is spent he is gone. Spotting dd's from a cv is now incredibly hard. They have been blinded. Hence the flood of dd sniping Cv's. If you think rockets are easy try dive bombing or torping. I play all classes and would say Cv's are less threatening than pre rework. Great players are always going to make the most of what they have. Average players are struggling to make pitiful damage. Some games a combination of poor team position, flying over a hidden cruiser or the enemy blobbing up makes getting a strike in extremely difficult until the end game. If your team misplays there is no end game for the carrier. It is incredibly rewarding to get a good strike in. It's the sum of all your predictions coming right. Consistency is the hallmark of a player with good skills and many hours of work to achieve that. I would stress to any cv hater to give a low tier one a go. Even if you hate it you might learn some counters and even respect for your hated class. Every ship is available for anyone to play. The sheer variety means this game never gets old. The constant change of meta means tactics have to change. Either adapt and overcome or cry that you don't like new things.
  4. MeTaLMooSe

    HMS Exeter

    Just less of them that don't go as far!
  5. MeTaLMooSe

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    I took Roma out for a run today and remembered why I had left her to rust in port. Overpen.....Overpen...... Overpen.... I'm surprised the enemy could return fire through their tears of laughter. I did once cit the crap out of a GK angled at max range. Was it worth it? Nope. Port queen. Buy a Massa or Tirpitz if you want to go hulk smash. Shame really as she looks beautiful.
  6. MeTaLMooSe

    New carriers

    That's a valid question Flavio. I can only guess that similar players are experiencing lower damage values whilst they get acquainted with the new mechanics. I just had a look at my Ranger stats and agree they are terrible! Although you have to account for learning the ship, they will improve. But the crux of the issue is should someone play a cv (badly) when they can do more for the team in any other class? And the answer there is, does it matter unless you are in a competition or care about stats? Does a player have a responsibility in an online game? Meh, it's fun now and different. Whether it's part of WG's master plan to make it more fun for a casual player and hence lower cv's average damage I don't know. But yes. I am having fun learning and either I'll pick up the techniques and improve or loose interest.
  7. MeTaLMooSe

    Massachusetts Vs Tirpitz Which is better?

    The MB only goes to 18k. They disperse a fair bit but it only takes one of those 406 shells to ruin someones day. I can't say they appear terribly inaccurate. Dispersion yes, but not wayward pot luck like a Roma or GK.
  8. MeTaLMooSe

    How good is the Alaska

    Gotta say I'm loving Alaska. I thought twice about buying her as I'm not great in Buffalo and don't run Missouri much. Glad I did. It's versatility seems to suit or I play to her strengths and she suits me. Either way I'm finding the gunnery vey rewarding. She has just the right amount of agility and survivability. I think a much better team ship than Kron. If you like US superheavy shells and can get around the map to utilise your strengths she's awesome sauce on toast!
  9. MeTaLMooSe

    New carriers

    Pre patch I had the premium cv's. (I'm a collector potato extraordinaire!). I would play the tier 4/5's in randoms and had some fun but normally got my arse handed to me by a clubber or just someone that knew what they were doing...... As for the premiums I just played them in co-op for my own entertainment. Since the re-work I've started grinding the US line. I was quite shocked how much cv's have been de-fanged. I'm up to Ranger now and find it a somewhat varied but fun experience. If WG wanted to allow more of the playerbase to access cv play without the need for serious practise and harwork they have succeeded. I am finding situational awareness and ship AA capability knowledge essential. I can't delete any target but I can spot and damage them. The gameplay is rewarding and different from ships although the aiming takes some practise. And who and when I can strike and when to just maintain a presence and spot. Conversly I'm learning the strengths and weaknesses of cv's for my normal ship play. I agree there is further balancing required. The uptier mismatch is quite shocking and T6 at T8 can be somewhat unrewarding. I have made it my mission to make isolated ships hell and spot and harass enemy dd's. I've also raped enemy squadrons in my Alaska. I much prefer this new version of cv's. I completely understand how previous experienced cv captains feel they have had their livelihood taken away. But also new captains are finding the gameplay of cv's far more accessible. WG are never going to remove them, they are as much part of the game as battleships. I think WG are on the right road to balance but of course cv's are always a bipolar class.
  10. MeTaLMooSe

    HMS Exeter

    I find her hard to judge and am still finding her tempo. She is way too fragile to cut the mustard at the sharp end. Her low rpm and medium range don't work in her favour at the rear. Her AP makes short work of broadside CL's but these are not as good as IJN or US 203's. Personally I find Kirov works better in random with its long range lasers. A tiers 5 ranked sprint normally sorts the wheat from the chaff so I suspect she'd do well there with her heal.
  11. MeTaLMooSe

    Alaska, how to get the best from her

    I whapped my Monty captain John Doe (Segal was much cooler!) In Alaska. She's pretty neat I like her. A credible threat and enough agility and speed to be cruiserish. Not many games but enough to make a Midway cap regret his life decisions and give me a grin. Wrecks dd's too. On the whole a bit more versatile than Kron.
  12. MeTaLMooSe

    HMS Hood

    Solid if unspectacular. I kinda miss the cruiser blapping from the old short fuz shells. She still tanks though and flies through the sea with the cruisers. Gets me into glory or the bottom! She's the Hood though so bloody awsome!
  13. MeTaLMooSe

    Vanguard. Tips and Hints-skills and modules

    She's a classic fire and kite, rinse and repeat bb. Her firing angles are God awful from the rear and those guns are rather long in the tooth. They are accurate though. She's pretty nimble and with her heal you have the tools to last a match. You just have to be patient. Damage comes from whittling away and kills from crippled ships. That's the trick though. It's rare for me to have that patience and if you misposition you will regret it. All in all a pretty comfortable boat to handle. I really only got her for collecting. I probably enjoy Hood more.
  14. MeTaLMooSe

    Massachusetts Vs Tirpitz Which is better?

    I'm all for agreeing about not getting a tier 8 bb if you are new. I made that mistake and it has taken ages to undo the stats damage from being a burden. But my take on the ships. Tirpitz is a very very comfortable ship to drive. It's speed and handling are excellent as is its citadel protection. I find gunnery comfortable. The arcs and range are great. I never feel trolled by them. Secondary spec is great for shooing away dd's and they still burn down other ships. I like manual secs so I can focus on two ships with main and sec battery. Torpedoes are sadly a bit redundant but they still carry the threat. A charging bull Tirpitz is a scary thing when it gets close even for any tier 10. I'll happily bring any T10 to brawl. It's reload, turret rotation torps and secs are perfect. It's just getting that chance these days. AA is a bit crap so Cv's will eat you. I can't say much about Massa as I haven't played it much. It is fantastic fun like any secondary monster. Guns are better damage dealers but just as trolley as Tirpitz maybe more. I am not as familiar with aiming so it takes a few salvos to warm up. Her repair is good but she can and will take big cits so you can't go mental like Tirpitz. A bit more range would be nice especially in the T10 games. AA is pretty sweet nowadays. I really only got Massa as she was black but was pleasantly surprised that she's as good as stated. I've had Tirpitz since I started so I'm really quite fond of her. I don't get to play much now and it takes a while to blow the cobwebs out but I would not be disappointed with either as a premium. Kii and 'Bama don't entertain me as much so clog up my port. Anyway that's my ramble from a potato collector. Tirpitz is my personal favourite but you wouldn't go wrong with Massa. Both fine ships. Have fun.