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  1. MeTaLMooSe

    Co-op Battles

    I have to say coop is in its worst state ever. Due to my work situation I often have to suffer unreliable Internet. Coop seems to use less bandwidth and is my only option sometimes. The bots just charge in head on. You can get on the flank if you have a fast ship and they totally ignore you. Then it's all over. The only option for kills/damage is to wade in with a high dpm ship and torps and just go mad. It's crap and a useless trainer. For cv's it's over too quick before you can have anot impact. Nowadays I try randoms but if I'm lagging I won't even bother with Coop unless desperate for a ship fix.
  2. MeTaLMooSe

    Speculated Sub Gameplay?

    Notser has put up a vid with this exact discussion. Some interesting pov.
  3. MeTaLMooSe

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    Got to 10 and don't think I'll go further. 18-13 was a breeze, good teams. Rank 13 was a nightmare. I spent a night saving stars to just stay there. Abysmal team play which in cruiser or dd means death as you get flanked/spotted/radard. Pretty sure some teammates have never played before except coop...... Tonight was an ok mix. I found Fletcher outclassed in firepower and Z46 hydro is a bane. Good spotting ship though. JB was my goto BB which works great. FDG was a surprise in that well played they are a tough nut and that secondary fire..... Seattle was my CL and it's a good ship. I like ranked for the same ship tier vs tier but the quality of teams gets worse. If you can carry that's great but if you are average it's hard to carry a team of King Edwards that fail to achieve any objectives and leave you with nowhere to go.
  4. MeTaLMooSe

    Speculated Sub Gameplay?

    So I'll start off by stating I did not play the event with subs. It was obvious WG were testing the ability to introduce subs but in a separate mode initially. By my understanding they were slow and had limited underwater endurance. So what do we know about historical WW2 subs and how will WG take historical values and apply the 'arcade' factor to make it fun and engaging for everyone? They are slow underwater. They are relatively slow on the surface. Periscopes were relatively easy to spot in daytime and especially so by radar. Underwater duration was far longer than illustrated by the previous game mode. Torpedoes. Vast amounts of types, patterns and torpedo data computing to play with. Survivability after detection. Historically highly delectable. Spotting range? Sonar? ASW? Torpedo reload times? Advent of Schnorkel devices? To my eyes there's a goldmine of new content and interesting techtrees. I'm still absolutely intrigued as to how they will play. My spidey senses tell me that on surface they will have a US BB standard speed so getting around the map will be on the surface. Detection will be lower or comparable to DD's. Diving will take a specific time but 'crash dive' would make an interesting consumable. Periscope depth would yield a below DD detection range. So given you have surface cruised to your intended ambush area undetected. Then dived to Periscope depth what next? Surely your spotting range would be very limited so you rely on teammates. So similar to any gunsight the Periscope view is going to give standard range and torpedo prediction. However torpedo delivery is sub par compared to DD's. 4 tubes. 6 tubes. How long a reload? I will be intrigued to see if WG introduce the fire and forget pattern running Torpedoes and acoustic homing torps. So so far my best guess is an ambush predator with an arcade reload capability. Prone to set up ambush points or area denial at choke points and known transitional areas. How will surface ships be able to detect, evade and counter? My best guess is by up and close spotting. Radar and hydro and plane spotting. I'm sure there would be a dive function enabling subs to descend to max depth to flee from spotting. And this entails the spectrum of ASW capability tier dependant. However. Whilst depth charging a detected sub sounds awsome.... maybe not so if it's in a contested cap and your DD is also spotted. So this gives subs an element of survival in that the very ship trying to kill it is trying to survive! How subs fit into the 'rock paper scissors ' is indeed intriguing and I'm keen to see how WG go about it.
  5. MeTaLMooSe

    Speculated Sub Gameplay?

    As we already have dozens of pages relating to the big news of the planned introduction of subs. Pitchforks have been raised and the bonfires made ready. However. Rather than shout and yell and cry 'lynch 'em high' I thought maybe there should be a topic to purely discuss Speculated sub gameplay. This is not for the politics of said craft, go elsewhere for that. It's for discussion on views of how subs will work within the game as we know it.