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  1. I'll tell you what truly makes a p2w. Armour and the ability to go God mode without consequence. Doesn't matter about armament so much. If anyone can jump in press w and start causing mayhem without skill and take a team to put down, that's p2w.
  2. Considering you can get more captain xp with flags it is indeed a poor premium sales model now. Interestingly I've seen a fair few threads on people wanting a Prinz but agonizing over it's performance for a premium. It is without doubt a beautiful ship with history. If it had a heal ability it would be an instabuy for many more people I guess and that's not a gamebreaker, just a premium perk. I've got her and Der Adler camo but I'm a premium whore. She is very strong in co-op which I use overseas when timezones are incompatible.
  3. PE provides only the following premium perk:- Premium camouflage provides 50% bonus Captain Training on top of normal bonuses. A second camouflage option provides 10% bonus credit earning. So it is a true premium training ship. Probably hence it's lack of popularity and the reason WG didn't persist with this sales model.......
  4. Another one tonight and particularly frustrating. Just manoeuvred into their cap ready to pop smoke and burn the fat BB's on my flank and -35ms freeze and kicked out. Tab out and google etc working fine nothing on in the background. and everything tickerty boo. Finally it reconnects and I'm a burning sinking hulk. I can tolerate a lot of crap but I do expect the servers to be flawless for the profit made. Sort your [edited]crap out WG.
  5. GJ OP, I did say in your other thread if you want help ask. And you have. There's a ton of good info here you'll want to digest it. Some of it will take some time before it clicks. Now I'm guilty of an initial tech tree rush. There was me thinking 10k battles in WoT would make this game a walk in the park. Wrong!! Despite the chance to captain enormous battleships it's actually very subtle. One of the best things you can do is start a line and properly grind it. Doing this will skill up your captain which cannot be over emphasized. If you pick a DD and cruiser line you can start to appreciate how vulnerable you are, how to mitigate this and what you actually have in your favour. Say you want to pick IJN DD's. Until you get the 4th level CE skill you will struggle. Unfortunately there is no mid tier premium IJN DD's available now but if you grind out from tier 2 and use flags you should be able to get to tier 5 with a 10 point captain even if that means hanging around tier 4 for a while which is protected (max t5 you face). Start to play games of which you yourself have encountered. Stalk a lone battleship. Try it and come back and tell us about how hard it is. You're going to have to watch your range, anticipate his manoeuvres, aircraft, other ships and terrain. Now try hitting him with torps. It can be so incredibly frustrating. Again let us know how you get on. Once you get the hang of stealth you can start the tactics of capping. This is how games are won. A battleship will rarely win the game. Only give the support required to do so. DD's win games so by playing them you have an understanding of what they need to do. And it can be bloody difficult or glorious. What it will do is give you an insight to the tactics of a complete game not just your chosen class. You will then know what is expected of you in a BB to help your team mates. You will know what the enemy are attempting to do and how to thwart them. Of course this is random so it's a rollercoaster of fun with capable or potato team mates. If you start a DD and cruiser line then dip into your premiums when you feel more confident you will enjoy yourself more without feeling a victim. I've rushed lines and bought premiums to early. I've played too many classes in different grinds without getting to know my ship inside out. It's only now at nearly 2k battles that I've got enough skilled captains and can understand what I need to do or what went wrong. And that's the biggy. knowing what went wrong and why. Trying to learn from it or accept that's a trait you need to work around. Anyway let us know how it goes. Share your victories or losses. Like I said there are unicums here that can and will explain tactics and there are average guys that are trying to learn and share what they are learning. You'll also see the patterns of forum politics with patches, nerfs and buffs. You dropped a real clanger of a thread, on the weekend and just after a new BB line has been released. Yeah we gave you a hard time. I'm sure you know why now and welcome to the forums. Just don't take the salt to seriously!!
  6. Couple of easy things to do before and in battle. 1. Go to captains details for a quick refresher on his current skills. Just this will jog your memory. EG, EM= slow turrets. 2. Check your upgrades and flags 3. In battle press 'H'. This shows armament ranges and detection ranges etc. Very useful. 4. In battle press CTRL and mouse over say Radar or Torps and a popup will display equipment details. 5. On your MM there is a little gear wheel above and top right. Click it and you can enable range circles around your ship for all armaments and detection ranges. Yeah, some of these took me a while to figure out or be told............................
  7. Can I haz yoar flags mister? Please gibs.
  8. TBH I wouldn't know now. I had a Lowe back in the day and rage sold it. Slow as custard, accurate pea shooter and a big fat turret that gets penned by roost from the tank in front! It was due a buff if it's had one. Haven't played WoT for months. p.s Just had a look at the premy shop. Whoah! tons of tanks I've never seen. Must be loads of 'Whats the best T8 premium tank' over the WoT forums?
  9. I'm really rather glad I have Hood and Warspite. Since I haven't started the BB grind yet I still feel kinda 'clean' with the pure breeds not these new fangled HE mudbloods!
  10. Don't get a Lowe!!! It's got less armour than an Emerald. So many other better premium tanks.
  11. The RN Battleships join battle.......
  12. Ah but if you say, hoist Hood's flag on Warspite (cos you are missing that special flag but still want a special flag) does it curse your boat for that battle...........
  13. Wot Queues? Only played DD's and cruisers. Great night.
  14. Ah the devil makes work for idle thumbs....... Gotta love the Tog/Travolta crew o7