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  1. MeTaLMooSe

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    I relented. How could I not complete my premium RN BB collection? Given all the advice around you could say only a fool, optimist or realist would purchase for reasons. I agree entirely with the aforementioned in that mostly the guns fire turnips. Accurate, but 8 turnips hitting you is much the same as 1 turnip hitting you! I only achieved one citadel and that was a lucky extreme range salvo on an angled Iowa.........?? Cruiser deleting is disappointing. Hood dispatched cruisers with gusto and is meh on BB's. Vanguard has rewarding accuracy but doesn't achieve the expected damage or citadels. It's much in vein with recent BB's such as Roma in that it offers nothing over silver ships. Or what it does offer is countered by another factor. Excellent accuracy - Turnips raining down upon your tumblehome Excellent rudder - poor firing angles Excellent HP - reconstituted turnip armour Excellent heal - 32mm turnip a la flamme armour + a citadel bigger than Baldrick's great big turnip in the country. So you would be lead to believe that Vanguard is the last and greatest of the battleships turnips. Not so and Baldrick keep yer grubby mits off my turnip! Despite it's many shortcomings it's still a very comfortable BB to drive. It's speed, maneurverabilty, gun handling and concealment mean getting around the high seas are a joy and it can dictate terms of engagement. I'm still low on battles and most have been disappointing in terms of damage (except one courtesy of obliging idiots). However its endurance means long and often entertaining battles. I suppose WG should be congratulating on not coming out with another gold OP monster. I think a little tweak of the guns would be nice but we seem to have a theme now of infuriating guns on gold ships. Compared to the utter bollocks of tiers 8/9/10 RN silver BB's, the Nelson, Hood and Vanguard are the real RN. Pretty crap but we had lots of 'em and the captains and crew more often than not accepted any shortcomings and got on with flying the flag and proudly so. Pic just to justify my purchase! (note the lack of cits.....)
  2. Ciao chaps. My venerable custom lappy is 4 years old now rocking the best of 2014. It's been the single best hardware purchase I've ever made but it won't comftably play the likes of Assassins Creed Odyssey etc these days. I'm looking into a replacement (no immediate rush). I'm pretty dang rusty on hardware since I had to give up desktops for a nomadic work life. I've noticed with the latest RTX cards there's a bit of an impasse to the next upgrade. Being as a 1080 is getting on now I'm kinda waiting to see what happens with mobile gfx cards. Any super savvy techheads know what's on the horizon for lappies?
  3. MeTaLMooSe

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    31. Experimentation is the key to happiness....... Still happily married for not rushing
  4. MeTaLMooSe

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    After reading a few pages the general consensus seems very positive to these ranked sprints. It is after all a chance to play those mid tier ships that are normally a stepping stone. Or those premy port Queens can go out on a cruise without fear of annihilation. With the lack of radar DD play and counter play is down to pure skill and combat intuition. I've enjoyed the short journey of running through your fleet repertoire to find your good/lucky ship (luckily ships are a boon in ranked!). Realising what you suck at OR observing how the enemy really annoy you. For every ranked ship prediction there are always oddball wildcards. Who'd a thunk Emerald! I even re- purchased a Nicholas for cap scrapping. Man I'd forgotten how slow Those turrets are! And I never would have thought there was a gap for good cruiser play for me to slot into. It is enjoyable to play single tiers though. The salty tears of frustration of border licking Kongo's are magnified. Let's face it ranked is always a zooming in scrutiny that gets missed in randoms. Remember folks there's no obligation to play but it's bloody nice to have a multitude of game modes available.
  5. I really didn't like Texas. Too slow, turrets too slow, every CV keeps away. maybe should have given her more of a chance but I can't get on with guns that take so long to aim they would earn interest on the time taken.....
  6. MeTaLMooSe

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    And done. Quite enjoyed it really when the hotel wifi wasn't going mental. Playing the same tier botes is good to dust off some of those ships that never creep out of your port. I eventually settled on Kirov as my choice. DD is always cut throat and you need to be really on your game. I found having been on the receiving end and giving it back it's great for DD killing. Had a bit of a laff with CV's and BB's and found it relatively relaxing as I don't normally play ranked. My only real complaint would be the sheer amount of border licking Kongo's. They just don't ever change!
  7. MeTaLMooSe

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    The man, the legend is still around
  8. MeTaLMooSe

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    Up to 63 and that was concentrating on AA. Might have to add some captain skills. Only AA module and flag. It does help when your team mates potato though...............
  9. MeTaLMooSe

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    Some great plane tallies here! Maybe should amend to max amount of Schnellboot kills
  10. I think this op was originally designed as an 'experience' more than a challenge for the Dunkerque anniversary. The original ships and Gallant made it work well as a corridor shooter. This re-release is just an opportunity to revisit the scenario and have a bit of fun in your own ships and earn some exp for your captains. I think the lowest I've got is 2 stars when your team get sunk by bombs/torps/mines but mostly it's a 5 star romp.
  11. I forgot Blywska! Yeah meh for me. I couldn't get the guns to hit for toffee. Hulking great thing that turns like a floater in a cesspool. But I'm really out of practise with it so it's probably just me. I actually like the Gallant. She moves well and the guns seem to set the most fires and detonations. That is once the turrets have aligned.......
  12. MeTaLMooSe

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    Aha thanks. Well I'm not going to rebuy and respec a cappy for this. Sims will do just fine.
  13. MeTaLMooSe

    Something weird happened in port

    Heads need cleaning out. Too many floaters...........
  14. MeTaLMooSe

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    How do you get Def AA module? Not been around for a while. I'm sure the first run at Op Dynamo all the lollibotes got Def AA by default? I scraped the rust of Gallant hoping it would still carry this perk but alas not. I've added the AA extended range module to Sims & flag. Trying to break the 60 barrier but RNG is a fickle master............
  15. Been having fun with a variety of lollibotes. It's a good source of XP for the Acasta and Icarus missions I've got so far. Sims= ace Haida= not bad Leni= S-Boot killa Gallant= a bit meh Aigle= le pants Surprised that team play has been overall pretty good without needing to self harm and sob. From an enforced break and work, coming back to this patch has been rather good.