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  1. rurkovsky

    well mm,well balance

    Or auto send them to co-ops
  2. rurkovsky

    Problematic historical persons

    There are tons of controversies around Mother Teresa. Edited*
  3. Once while playing ranks in yueyang I end up alone against 5k groser kurfurst. All i had to do is not to die but greedy me... Started shooting him knowing his guns are pointed other way. He detonates me with first secoundary shot, i was like 16k hp. The level of anger people PM me...
  4. rurkovsky

    HARUGUMO Building

    Thats still 10% more dmg, pair it with AR and LET IT RAIN!! With current battle times you rarely will use 4 smokes.
  5. rurkovsky

    HARUGUMO Building

    At 1 skill go for priority target other ones are useless, unless you go for three 4 points perks. 2 row take last stand and adrenaline rush. 3 row survive expert and BFT is as good choice as superintendet. 4 row IFHE and camo. Alternative 1. PT PM 2. LS 3. SE or BFT 4. IFHE AFT and CE or RPF Pure 10-13km gun boat go for BFT and RPF.
  6. rurkovsky

    Hayate vs. Smalland?

    Guys, Hayate with BFT and reload module will outgun every t10 dd in game. Stop writing BS about Hayate guns.
  7. rurkovsky

    WoT vs WoWs grind

    Credits grinding was worst wot experience. Aww E50m I still love you...
  8. rurkovsky

    Recommend me a Tier VIII premium cruiser

    Atago is really good and heal makes difference at t8 as you wont feel much useless after 30k BB salvo at match start. Dont count Eugen out as well as its great pick for 1vs1, 3vs3 sprints we all hope to see in future. Bayard have best server stats and it is dpm monster with MBRB, guys make ridiculus damage per battle on her. And Mainz is always great choice. What about Anchorage? Seems to be quite strong. Either finish directives or buy them.
  9. All that agrue while he point out that FDR was spoting him all the time and he couldnt disengage. With 4 strikes hes spoted well over 100s since mandatory time between strikes is 26(?)s. Something that was put to balance FDR while kinda work makes him even more cancerous. Our forum CV specialist had spoken, FDR isnt OP, battleship AP's are. Move along guys nothing to see here.
  10. rurkovsky

    0.9.9 hidden CV Nerfs

    Now thats quite huge nerf, some cv players may even quit wows... hopefully
  11. Problem with AP rockets is that they do citadel dmg which you can heal 10%. AP bombers with same citadel dmg and torpedos with 50%. Thats far too much non healable dmg capacity for cv. Removing 10% rule from AP rockets should balance it a bit.
  12. rurkovsky

    European Branch by Swedish Branch.

    He is right about this, theres no reason not to add Swedish tree just like in Wot. Halland is just as Swedish as tall blondes and We dont call them tall pan-european blondes...
  13. rurkovsky

    Anybody else hard time sniping petro - resolved

    Maybe its just Moskva with all that heavy propaganda on board?
  14. rurkovsky

    A buff for a balanced meta

    How about adding 15% torp range improvement at 6th slot for t9/10 DDs? It could help some destroyers, especially Kleber, Grozo and Z-52. Not to mention Shima with type F3 torps and more range.