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    About credits..

    I've even come to the point where I have had the Yamato unlocked for quite some time now, but the credits needed to buy the ship has sort of made me just play gradually less.. To think I wanted the Yamato as badly as I once did is a bit weird for me at this point, considering I'm so close to getting her...Meh.. To be honest, the high tier economy has had a pretty detrimental effect on my will to play this game...
  2. Wrathborne391Y

    Forum Structure Changes - November 29

    Removing General Discussion is a very bad idea, and will only lead to a worse community. That you felt you needed to remove GD is just a symptom and you are removing the temporary symptoms without fixing the underlying issue... People will still congegrate and the same topics will pop up, and it will lead to more moderation. More moderation will lead to frustration in the community. This wasn't a well-thoughtout, sustainable move on WG's part. Oh well, they will learn.. One day.
  3. Wrathborne391Y


    Fonfalks, check out this post: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27222-about-the-balance-in-wows/ Pay extra attention to this:
  4. Wrathborne391Y

    Remove the timer. It ruins the game

    Yes, we get it, your stats are amazing and you really like to mention it in every single post even if it's just loosely related to the topic... These mechanics should not only fit your way of play. :/
  5. Wrathborne391Y

    Remove the timer. It ruins the game

    Ectar, some of these points are valid, and they are hurting your business more than keeping the current win conditions.
  6. Wrathborne391Y

    World of Drawships

    Perhaps if capping extended the total gametime in some way.. Some kind of situational overtime.. Just to remove the games that would come to conclusion in a matter of a minute or two anyway.
  7. Wrathborne391Y

    World of Drawships

    I think the reason people are passive in the start is because they are trying to figure out what both their own team and the enemies are doing. Untill they have an idea of what happens, they won't be very active. I doubt that would change if the battletime increases. This game has quite the penalty attached to a wrong decision early game, so people want to be more or less sure of what they are doing here than in other skirmishstyle games. I think we need to just accept that it's a semi-fixed timedrain you just need to account for when deciding what an appropriate total battletime is, and at the moment I think it's a bit too conservative. Just adding fast paced music would more likely just increase the stress we're already experiencing since the actual gameplay time after the initial "setuptime" might be a bit short. But fast paced music in the last part of the battle is a fine way to force people to make up their minds, and that should be a part of the game either way.
  8. Wrathborne391Y

    World of Drawships

    I don't mind draws generally, but most of my draws seem to be either JUST before we manage to secure a win, or JUST before the enemy manages to secure a win. If the battles had lasted 2 more minutes, most of my draws would end in either a win or a loss. It feels like the gameplay or the players are progressing through each battle too slow for the gametimer. We either play too passively in the start and waste time, or the gametime should be upped a little bit. I aswell feel that pressure from the gametimer is a bit too much.
  9. Wrathborne391Y

    Port music appreciation thread

    Shhh, keep it down. I'm listening to the music.
  10. Wrathborne391Y

    Border humping poll

    This is a clear case of unintended game mechanics that are detrimental to the game, both mechanically and it ruins the naval atmosphere of the game. Sliding sideways like a crab to not expose your sides is not how ships work, even if it makes you fuzzy inside. Ships move forward or backwards and turn, they don't slide sideways. This is a game with ships, not crabs. It's ridiculous and disrespectful to even insinuate otherwise.