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  1. AirSupremacy

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    CV Midway, 369K 4.50 PUK Tier 3 Wickes, 119K 5.19 PUK
  2. AirSupremacy

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    Team XP should be equally shared at the end of each match, this would terminate the skill gap !
  3. AirSupremacy

    Clan sizes, are they too big?

    IMHO max. 100 players per clan would be perfect, so 20-40 active players on a day or point in time.
  4. AirSupremacy

    Submarine gameplay and mechanics - what would you like to see?

    First ship is a proposed Missile Gunboat. ...With Consumable Rubber Dinghies as Escort Drones, Waterbombs & Guided Missiles in WoWs :D +Please a new Uboat Techno Dynamic Music Set, fresh audio joy. Even my Carrier is in the Clip ! 1 Scout/Waterbomb Helicopter against close DD`s/Submarines as Consumable for Tier 10 CV`s would be ace. Wishing everyone a happy Sunday :)
  5. AirSupremacy

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    I wish we had the little impact monitor window from the "Other Game" :-) ...so that we can exactly see where shells, rockets, bombs whatever impact. I guess that 99% of players don't know that CV pilots like me sometimes throw HE(Midway)&AP(Haku) bombs sideways into ships, so that side armor is affected. Some of my bombs drops are actually so low ( 1 meter? ) that the impacts can wipe out an entire plane squadron in the process. Speaking for myself I don't see much motivation to play WoWs after the Anno1800 and the future release of the TheyAreBillions Campaign, so I hope WG adds new content during 2019, besides new Similar-Ship-Clones-Nr.100-200 Before the CV rework, I did a 1-year break from WoWs, waiting for day 1 of the rework. Now the game feels a bit stale for me without new Gadgets, Submarines, DD & Plane Waterbombs, Plane Smoke Bombs, a dedicated new Gunboat with Guided Missiles, 32 players per match etc.
  6. AirSupremacy

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    I do wonder what WG will integrate after Submarines and after Waterbombs ? Guided Missiles ? Some new gadgets ? 32 Players per match ? Or another 200 similar ships ? What do you think ? Wishing everyone a nice Sunday :)
  7. AirSupremacy

    Some BB Tier10 tips against CV`s

    Active afloat and stayin alive :)
  8. AirSupremacy

    what ship will break the 500,000 damage mark EU server

    It would be best if the Haku stats get reset by WG, in the first week of the CV rework it was very easy to score very high. Shame I was away after day 1 and could only enjoy the first day with the Midway.
  9. AirSupremacy

    what ship will break the 500,000 damage mark EU server

    Only depends on the amount of enemy ships as CV player, if there is 8 Yamatos I`ll get above 500K. There is just not enough enemies. Especially clan battles are a joke, there is nearly no ships on the map. If WG increases the random match player amount to 32 in a year and then to 64 in 5-10 years, it will be more fun for peoples. Counterstrike 7vs7 is super boring.
  10. AirSupremacy

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Game got a bit boring for me without new gameplay content like Submarines, Plane & DD Waterbombs, 32 players in random and new gadget ideas. Will focus on some other games and pauses. CV Midway, 286K 4.26 PUK, 6 Kills Confederate, Kraken, Witherer, High Caliber
  11. AirSupremacy

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Yeah, haha :) Initially WG offered to exchange 5.4 million Midway ship xp to free xp, but they decided to refund 0.8 million free xp from the Haku return without my interaction. As I wasn't aware that that Tier1 ship XP can basically be used for nothing and is used as a dump location for the CV rework programme, I was so clever to use the programme to give back the US line as I wrongly believed I could use Tier1 ship xp to research the US tree fully. So with my action to sell the US CV line the WG refunded 0.8 Million Haku free xp was then also dumped on to Tier1 US Eerie as ship xp. I performed the action to sell the US line with the rework option, my bad - I wish I would have known that Tier1 ship xp can be used for effectively nothing in my case and Tier1 ships are being used as a Free XP>Ship XP dump location with no further possible use of that ship xp. Anyways, my feedback remains on the programme and future programmes, a once researched ship should remain researched...No matter what the user does. Sure, it was my click actions and my fault.
  12. AirSupremacy

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    I cant use it - Its Tier 1 ship XP. Happy WoWs ;)
  13. AirSupremacy

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    It sunk in as I saw 5.4 million ship XP on the Tier 1 US ship Eerie. I still find it another WG money machine that early Tier ship XP is useless for experienced players. Happy florin collecting, looking forward to pink diamonds and the conversion rate of red butterflies :D
  14. AirSupremacy

    My thoughts on CVs...

    I found the previous RTS implementation a nice minigame for in-between. The current implementation feels for me like a real game - My 50 cents feedback.
  15. AirSupremacy

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    1.) I did 2.) The screen does not inform users that Tier one1 XP can only be used for the next connected ship 3.) You may know that, I didnt.