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  1. AirSupremacy

    Pointless mechanics in WOWS

    You play very good, dear Seraphice. I find it great that WG staff participates in random matches. We recently had 2 sub games in a row, in the 2nd match you got me :D Wishing you a nice ( soon! ) weekend.
  2. AirSupremacy

    ranked sprint format as a game option.

    Yeah, was great fun !
  3. AirSupremacy

    General CV related discussions.

    It`s rare to see CVs in high tier matches, would be nice if the class is played by more people. Wishing everybody a nice weekend.
  4. AirSupremacy

    Just re-installed WoWs again.

    Installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, installing... There is this new thing called "Cyber Cafes" where people do it all day long!
  5. Good. Refines further skilled gameplay.
  6. AirSupremacy

    Continous chat bans

    https://en.wikipedia.org The page "Chatban" does not exist. The page "Chat ban" does not exist. One could write a Wikipedia page and essay about it, perhaps starting with: "Where does a chatban ( spelling variations:chat-ban/chat ban ) originate from ? Rumors are that internet computer game players got "game banned" ( see "kick" or "game kek" ) by typing inappropriate language in a shared player chat dialog, in the years of 1990-2000..."
  7. AirSupremacy

    Add german super-battleship

    So, like mating a Russian and a German battleship? A kind of "Russgerman" super fat BB. Then we need a good captain for 175000 coal, what about "Hans Erwin Vakalnikov Chederev" ?
  8. AirSupremacy

    Add german super-battleship

    Anything super is good for the game, but "Ultra" would be better. Some more fat ships would be great, it`s fun shooting at them. Make it ultra-slow, so it cant escape.
  9. AirSupremacy

    General CV related discussions.

    It would be very nice to have new CV`s in 2021 :)
  10. AirSupremacy

    Overpens from AP Bombs and Rockets

    Unrealistic or not, I like how ramming works in the game. I would find it great if ramming damage is accounted for slower in high tier, as the metal sound grinding the ships along sounds fun. Chhhhrrrrrruuuuhhhhchhhrrrr kaboom!
  11. AirSupremacy

    Overpens from AP Bombs and Rockets

    What about if ships take ramming damage as they collide with land?
  12. AirSupremacy

    General CV related discussions.

    There is players complaining that they have been touched by Manfred. Manfred sometimes tries to creep up to me, but he never makes it. It would be great if we have more CV fun names :D What about a CV with the name "Ultra Magnus" or CV "Krunk" ( Transformers) ?