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  1. AirSupremacy

    CV rework appreciation thread

    Will the CV whining go on and on in 2020,2021,2022 etc. or will it stop when Submarines are in the game ? Or will the whining change to Submarine & CV ? If someday perhaps Guided Missiles, Smoke Bombs, DD Waterbombs etc. are in the game and the whining gets an equal share, then CV`s will only take 10% of the whining? Lets see if the forum is discussing the CV rework in the year 2024. Happy WoWs everyone, many kisses :)
  2. AirSupremacy

    CV rework poll from Flambass

    Ship Class Performance Emblems 130K is the emblem for CV`s - Aircraft Carrier Commander. Elite Forces 108K for BB`s - Battleship Commander. Elite Forces 95K for Cruisers - Cruiser Commander. Elite Forces 64K for DD`s - Destroyer Commander. Elite Forces http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Patches_and_Emblems
  3. AirSupremacy

    CV rework poll from Flambass

    Once Submarines are in the game, there will be a new focus for whining.
  4. AirSupremacy

    Jean Bart VS Premium CV

    The Jean Bart IMHO is an excellent battleship, also in battles with 2 T8 or T10 CV`s. I love playing the JB and always pray for 2v2 CV random matches, as the JB can be operated well within heavy air traffic. CV`s or future Submarines are other playstyle ship class(es), have you got some play experience with CV`s ? If not, perhaps give CV`s a try first with whatever CV you can make available by grinding XP.
  5. AirSupremacy

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

    As with Radar and Hydro, the game probably would allow those instruments to detect Submarines or some new kind of detection module could be added to the game to detect U-boats.
  6. AirSupremacy

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

    + some DD in-game live ships have water bomb barrels mounted in their back section. The more variety "The other game" has, the more WG gets pressured to add new gameplay content to WoWs.
  7. There are awesome DD players which sink CV`s & I often attack other CV`s. WG has done a great job on balancing, some people can not or are not willing to adopt. It will be the same as more possible content as Submarines, DD & Plane Waterbombs, Helicopters, etc. will be introduced. In 5 years people will look back and some will wonder how simple this game was in its current stage or 3 years ago in its beginnings. Happy WosW :) Sink them all!
  8. AirSupremacy

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

    Hedgehog Waterbombs @ DD`s against Submarines would be cool Spotting Helicopter idea as consumable for some ships
  9. It's like joining matches with T8 ships, you dont know where your luck falls. WG has implemented the roulette matchmaking right from the beginning of the game development, to give everyone a chance. It is like Poker - The most analytical, calculating and bluffy game from the entire category of gambling games. Nonetheless its gambling and includes lots of luck, no better how hard the best players try. WG`s matchmaking is similar, one can know by finding out all the known possibilities which could show up in matchmaking - Buts its a portion of luck in either way. WoWs is a game anyway where there is always a portion of players complaining and whining about others, instead of doing the best for themselves. The in-game chat is like a sandpit where little Bobby has lost his little red shovel and the blue sand bucket is gone.
  10. AirSupremacy

    World of Carriers

    Radar players are hoping for new possible radar modules, here are some new module name suggestions: 1.) Ladar 2.) Marmelada 4.) Motha Loada 3.) Mazda 5.) Tortilla 6.) Lolitha Chradhar - Russian ship line only, perhaps also for a new India ship tree. 7.) Radar III ( Egypt ship tree ) 8.) Biggus Radarus de Longus 9.) Lord Helmet`s Deathstar Radar Wall
  11. AirSupremacy

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

    We need Waterbombz against Subs ! Year 2021 - New DD class: Minelayer ?
  12. AirSupremacy

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

    I find fighting planes in the Jean Bart great fun. In Counterstrike some people complained at the beginning of the games mod development that grenades break the team gameplay as being too OP, Grenades were just too Captain Future for some.
  13. AirSupremacy

    Please keep carriers out of ranked

    Submarines sinking heavy AA ships will be fun in the future :D
  14. AirSupremacy

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

  15. AirSupremacy

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

    Please WG, dont make us wait till Winter for the Submarines. It would be nice to snorkel in the Summer :) Many thanks and kisses