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  1. AirSupremacy

    CV Primary Objective

    I find the CV spotting very helpful for the team
  2. AirSupremacy

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well, if these kind of rude comments are tolerated here in the forum an answer in your rude style would be "Your posting has no meaning". Isnt it a bit childish to post snarky comments & memes to forum users again and again over all the years ? Anyways, have fun with your snarky comments - Im getting a nice cold beer :D
  3. AirSupremacy

    CV Rework Discussion

    I posted the WoWs Numbers website stats, what people make of stastistic is up to the people. If people want to discuss stats or bring in their views or statistics, cool :) I find the stats from that website valid and helpful, others may disagree. If one thinks one class should not be compared to another class - Thats up to the person. The original post from the user mentioned 2 ships - I posted the stats. Wishing you a nice evening.
  4. AirSupremacy

    CV Rework Discussion

    @ForlornSailor Below is the Stalingrad vs Midway comparison. The stats ( damage, winrate etc. ) on both ships are posted in this thread. I have nothing further to discuss or contribute on this issue and wish everybody a nice evening :)
  5. AirSupremacy

    CV Rework Discussion

    I disagree, the damage comparison of Stalingrad and the Midway was made by a forum user in this thread. You wrote: "Comparing average damage like this is the height of stupidity." A reply in your rude tone would be: "That you took the posting out of context, is the height of stupidity". Gladly other forum members do not post in a constant rude style and without snarky comments.
  6. I only made it to 369K in the early CV rework versions with the Midway, due to business travel I could only play game version 0.8.0 for 48 hours and also could not participate in the Haku torp spam :( How high do you think the damage record on any kind of Submarine will be, once it is playable in random matches ? Wishing everyone a nice week :)
  7. AirSupremacy

    Gewertete Gefecht ..... Es muss was getan werden

    Waere schon wenn WG den Autopiloten 2.0 verbessert. Autopilot 1.0 am Anfang des Jahres 2019 war gut und hat funktioniert. AP 1.0 war der mit den graden Linien und "Immer Vollgas". Es beschweren sich immer wieder Forumuser ueber Autopilot 2.0 - Der mit den langsam abgefahrenen Kurven, dem Festlandfeststecken und dem Zeitlupen Rueckwaertsfahren. @Sehales
  8. AirSupremacy

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    Probably WG added the Indo. as a nice allrounder CV. What firsts looks like a crippled CV to the veteran players is probably intentionally put on the market by WG - A casual CV. If her planes would fly 300 knots then I would buy it, I like speed. Cluster bombs and rockets = Some target hits for the majority of players Large plane hitpoint amount = Good for casual players Availability - Instant, via wallet cash Every now and then I play the cluster bombs of the Audacious for some fun, with her cluster bombs and the rockets she scores best at T10 for the majority of WoWs players. I find that playing the cluster bombs is a nice change every now and then. https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4074747856,Audacious/
  9. AirSupremacy

    CV Rework Discussion

    Midway 74K vs 94K Stalingrad https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4179605488,Midway/ 9 https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3760109008,Stalingrad/
  10. AirSupremacy

    Your top 3 ships that you look forward to play with

    No specific ships, but I would love to play with Submarines, Minelayers and Missileboats. Cant wait to see the first new class in the game :)
  11. AirSupremacy

    Wind speed and direction - nerfing CVs indirectly

    How is the view with Submarines ? Can playing those be felt like a different game ? I like all the ship classes and systems variety. IMHO WG will add more new game systems and mechanics over the years. For me all game components provide the feeling of a "Theater of War". BTW I really miss a kill-cam in WoWs, a kill-cam like in Warthunder or Counterstrike. Wishing everyone a nice evening :)
  12. AirSupremacy

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

  13. AirSupremacy

    Wind speed and direction - nerfing CVs indirectly

    Unrestricted flight height and plane steering would also be a welcome feature, if one wants to account for increased or decreased plane speed affected by wind. Also fuel loading and fuel management would be great, plus being able to load planes with different armament during a match. Being able to steer the CV during flight would also be good. WG tends to keep things very simple, a refinement on these kind of things would be welcome IMHO.
  14. AirSupremacy

    Armada: Indomitable

  15. AirSupremacy

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    Comparison - About a day later https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3762272208,Indomitable/