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  1. AirSupremacy

    CV mains, help needed

    That's nothing against CV turning radius changes since 0.8.0, WG might as well put a fixed launch pad instead of a ship on to the map... Some airport runway :D GK is a speedy, fast turning ship nowadays in comparison haha. CV rockets now all fire GermanCVsilverShipStyle. At the end all CVs will be like the GZ haha
  2. AirSupremacy

    A toxic community

    Other games... Joining a random CS server where 4 people are insulting each other in 4 different languages + one guy trying to sing and advertising lottery tickets in the background can be interesting for a few minutes.
  3. AirSupremacy

    Double CV at tier 3 and 4

    I find it good that WG records so much player data, like the amount of ramming sinks, shots fired etc. In higher tiers its hard to achieve a double ram - Best rams are CV vs CV I find, so much fun!
  4. AirSupremacy


    If something is dirty, it could be cleaned.
  5. AirSupremacy

    Blocking toxic messages possible?

    Best practice is not to respond, making a screenshot and creating a ticket with WG support. Wishing you a nice time in the game :) https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/26679/
  6. AirSupremacy

    Double CV at tier 3 and 4

    I always try to get as fast as possible to the other CVs, next to capturing the circles. Sinking CVs can be satisfying hehe. In most cases it only works if one is not traveling alone, otherwise, you often can be the single target for the CVs and you may be permanently attacked. If you can, try to travel with others by looking at the minimap - Check what your green team is doing, where everyone on the green team is moving to and what they are doing. It takes battle experience to see what's to do best at any given moment. Try to look and learn at what other successful players in each battle are doing right, with the ships they are playing. Good luck :)
  7. AirSupremacy

    Double CV at tier 3 and 4

    Being nice is good, your welcome :) Some decide to be on a nice path, others choose the toxic or banter path. I find helping each other a good way. Wishing you a nice day.
  8. AirSupremacy

    Double CV at tier 3 and 4

    If one wants AA protection is good practice to seek AA protection. One can ride in the open seas or ride with other ships, up to the player. Like with CVs there will be a lot of whining when submarines are in the game. IMHO more ship classes will also be added over the years to the game. One can adapt or not, up to the player.
  9. AirSupremacy

    Double CV at tier 3 and 4

    CV`s have excellent AA, if you ride along with a CV you will be well protected from air attacks. CV players also tend to protect nearby ships within a few kilometers, as the flight distance is very short. Wishing a nice time in WoWs :)
  10. To simulate a typical WoWs player, drink 30 Vodka shots as your watching 3 Michael Bay movies ( Transformers etc.), play 100x T1 matches in a row, then buy the Friesland and only play the Friesland forever. A spicy player will alternate by riding the GK in to islands as burning candle stick. If possible only play Steel Camo or Arp Takao ships, it's easier to get shot as radioactive glow worm.
  11. AirSupremacy

    Pommern - another joke

    Not for WG :D Pommes & G.K. Currywurst are great slow and burning barbecue ships...Very tasty!
  12. AirSupremacy

    Penalty for Ships dying in the first 2-3 minutes

    What about a collectible badge for dying 10 times in a row within 180 seconds or a flag that can be raised on a ship? Like the "Alcohol-free Vodka" badge or the flag of "Hope and Solitude".
  13. AirSupremacy

    General CV related discussions.

    I think the upcoming DD detection reduction change will improve DD life, playfun and survival rate a lot - I find it a good upcoming change.
  14. AirSupremacy

    General CV related discussions.

    That is an interesting point. If CVs would have flooding & fires like any other ship, then IMHO WG would have to come up with a solution that prevents that one CV snipes another CV to death 5 or 10 minutes into a match. Players complain in the forum that they experience too many mega overwhelming speed wins or rofl stomp loss matches, with a short playtime. CV AA - I find the T10 CV`s AA godlike since game version 0.8.0. Ship players riding next to me are often surprised how strong CV AA can be ( I also often switch to CV AA sector control ).
  15. AirSupremacy

    General CV related discussions.

    I would welcome if CVs take fire and flooding damage like any other ship - However, CV vs CV battling could then lead to one CV dropping out of a team at some point in a match, because of CV vs CV sniping. I love CV duels, it would make CV vs CV battling really interesting - At least for me. There is complaints that random matches end too fast due to steamrolling. WG surely has implemented the current CV flooding & fire damage in view of those fast ending rofl stomp matches. I love sniping CV`s, no matter what ship I play.