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  1. Constantijn2

    0.7.8 Balance changes: Black Swan. Dear WG, please no.

    Those days were GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS!!!
  2. Constantijn2

    Bug Reports

    It's not just a visual thing. I actually tried and couldn't fire that turret. Full salvo (double click) and it only shot the 3 more forward turrets.
  3. Constantijn2

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Number 4 turret on tier X cruiser Zao turns through the number 3 turret. 2. Reproduction Simply while playing the ship in battle the back turret (4) starts rotating through the number 3 turret. Not even while switching sides, just randomly, and turns around a full 360° before pointing at the disired target again. I can't really reproduce the steps because it happens quite randomly. Also doesn't depend on map, battle type or ship I'm firing at. 3. Result Can't fire the number 4 turret untill it's completely turned around again. 4. Expected result Turret remains where I'm aiming so it's possible to fire all guns at the same time. 5. Technical details Last bug time was 19.23 CEST on 13/07/2018. And see screenshot.
  4. Constantijn2

    Ranked Battles How to Win?

    -Just play the ships you are comfortable with. It means ships you have played enough to know what you can or can't do with them. -What really helps is communicating with the team in a reasonable and respectful way. If you start calling them names they won't listen and if you give "orders" (more like suggestions) of what to do without a good reason they also won't listen. I have a little experience from clan battles so I basically was FC (field commander) for my team when needed. -Go for objectives and call focus fire when you see an enemy out of position or on low health. -Most importantly have fun!
  5. Constantijn2

    Since 2 Patches constant crashes

    Same issue here. Have had 4 crashes in less than a month. Though never more than one in a session. Also crashes folder in attachment. crashes.zip
  6. Constantijn2

    Matchmaker Improvements

    Since the update I've only really played ranked battles. For those battles the new matchmaking system is an improvement. Although it would improve more if it was possible to take into a count the number of radar ships on each team. It still occurs that one team gets all the radars while the other doesn't. But in general the new system improved my experience in ranked battles (like I said no experience yet in randoms).
  7. Constantijn2

    Ranked Season

    Going from tier 8 to tier 10 once you reach higher ranks is one of the best features of this season in my opinion. It gives some nice differentiation in gameplay. Still something needs to be done about inexperienced players on higher ranks. Each game I have at least one, mostly more, people who just rush in with their tier 10 ships without waiting for support and because of that die instantaneously. Instead of waiting until everyone is ready to support them (even then rushing is not a good idea). Then they blame the rest of the team for their own mistake. In randoms I usually don't have any interest in the stats of other players but for ranked I make an exception. If a player does something stupid in ranked battles (not a small mistake, something really retardedly stupid) I look up their stats and in 90% of these cases it's a player that has played less than 10 games in that particular ships and mostly with an overall winrate of under 45% with barely any average damage. These people should play randoms until they have at least a general feel of the ship they want to play in ranked before they try actually playing ranked. I also have a feeling it helps greatly if you have played slightly competitive beforehand (f.e. clan battles). They give you a better feel for positioning and timing and also help improve teamplay or at least anticipate what the enemy team (or your teammates) might do. I hope you will keep ranked at tier 8 and/or tier 10. It looks to me like those are the most promising tiers for ranked battles.
  8. Constantijn2

    Bug Reports

    I'm not that inexperienced. Yes I checked the distance. The closest enemy was a Z-52 at about 4km on the other side of island whose hydro expired about 30 seconds earlier. They also did not have any radar ships in the vicinity that could have spotted me with their radar. I carefully checked all possible parameters that could have been a factor of me getting spotted. The only one I'm not sure about is the height of the island but from experience I know ships can indeed hide behind the island in question. Until this occurred of course.
  9. Constantijn2

    Bug Reports

    1. On Sleeping Giant map remain spotted behind island on E1-F1 even when it shouldn't. 2. Played Ranked battle in Zao. Tried to hide behind previously mentioned island. three enemy ships were close but behind the island. Remained ship spotted even though I shouldn't have. (no hydro/radar/plane was used) Clan mate of mine had the same issue playing Ranked battle in his Montana. 2 ships behind island, one in smoke. Shouldn't have been spotted but still was. 3. Be spotted even when you shouldn't. 4. Be unspotted when hiding behind the forementioned island. 5. 07/04/2018, around 15.00 CEST (clan mate about 1h later).
  10. Constantijn2

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Short term FPS drops were fixed after updating graphics card drivers. BUT: when playing for a longer time it seems as if the game itself gets tired and FPS starts dropping again. Restarting client helps with the issue.
  11. Constantijn2

    Bug Reports

    Experiencing a lot of FPS Drops in battle since the new patch. Especially in close range duels or when launching torps. Previously between 50-70 FPS but since patch often drops below 20-30 FPS. Haven't changed any graphics settings and didn't get fixed when lowering some.
  12. Constantijn2

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    After this patch I experienced a lot of FPS drops in game. Usually I had between 60-70 FPS but now it sometimes drops to below 30. Mostly it happens when I'm close range fighting or there are a lot of torpedoes in the water. Not even playing on high graphics settings, most are at medium or low. Love the new water animations, but I'm afraid they might be part of the issue.
  13. Constantijn2

    Quality Poster Initiative

    I just hope this idea will work, it does sound good nonetheless. I suppose it will help with toxicity of some posts so people learn to be critical without insulting everyone. On the other hand it might also filter out every critical post and make it so only praising posts remain. Somehow this possible problem should be avoided, though I can't quite see how.
  14. Constantijn2

    Clan vs. Clan battes: Primetime in the future

    I suppose you can start by adjusting primtime for each server on its own. For some servers the time window was clearly not optimal. Would it be possible to think about implementing 9v9 Clan Battles instead of 7v7? That way there might be a possibility to implement CVs into Clan Battles in later seasons. There were a lot of CV players who complained about no CVs in Clan Battles. I look forward to Clan Battles against other servers so I hope it won't take too long. But don't rush it ;)
  15. Constantijn2

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    The only issue I found was the small amount of CAs in queue. Maybe a max. 2 BB rule might be necessary so CAs can actually do something without immediately being deleted. It seems most T8 ships are being used in Ranked (some more than others of course). The only ship I almost never encountered was Z-23. I can't really say why (don't have it in port) but I suppose it's because the other T8 DDs are more useful. This season was not really dominated solely by premium ships, which is positive. Before people start attacking me for this: yes, Loyang is a very strong ship and a lot of people used it. On the other hand there were also a lot of Kagero/Harekaze, Benson players. Even the occasional Akizuki. The Russian DDs were noticably absent and so was Hsienyang. On the cruiser side New Orleans and Admiral Hipper/Prinz Eugen were nowhere to be found. They are not very competitive compared to other T8 cruisers so that is understandable. Atago/Takao players were most prominent, but I did encounter Chapayev a lot as well. The occasional Edinburgh and Charles Martel also made an appearance. Mikhail Kutuzov was nearly as absent as NO and Hipper/Eugen though I have no explanation for that since it still is a strong ship (worked fine for the few battles I played with it when my other ships were in battle). The battleship slots in the teams were mostly filled by Tirpitz and Bismarck but North Carolina/Alabama and Amagi/Kii were frequently present as well. Monarch was rarer but not absent and after the release Roma also made an appearance. Carriers... well they were not often used. I'm not a CV player (at all) so maybe a pro CV player can explain why almost nobody plays CVs in Ranked. On the ship front this season was nonetheless quite succesful in my opinion. Now for the teams themselves... Too many players don't know what to do in Ranked battles, which role they have to play. Or maybe they just don't know the meaning of the word "teamplay". This is something that gets worse with every new Ranked season. Nevertheless I did enjoy this Ranked season so far when the team worked together, but also when it didn't. Since there was the occasional "spontaneous division" with one or two of your teammates that made it worth your while. In my opinion Tier 8 is still, and will probably always be, the most promising Tier to play Ranked battles.