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  1. Ptakers

    [UK Royal Navy] River Class patrol vessel.

    do they have river patrols in the uk?
  2. Ptakers

    Spanish ship "BAM Rayo (P-42)"

    name first it
  3. Ptakers

    IJN Nashi/JDS Wakaba

    never heard about this one but looks cool
  4. Ptakers

    Russian Flying Submarine

    what the hell is this XD
  5. Ptakers

    Akizuki Class Destroyer [JMSDF]

    nice ship
  6. Ptakers

    DDH-181 Hyuga Helicopter Carrier [JMSDF]

    another weird ships that has no practical use, can some1 explain to me why they even made it
  7. Ptakers

    Croatian Navy - Missle boats

    i didnt expect croatia to hav ethat many sihps
  8. Ptakers

    DDH-183 Izumo Helicopter Carrier [JMSDF]

    helicarier?? what is that