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  1. Ptakers

    [UK Royal Navy] River Class patrol vessel.

    do they have river patrols in the uk?
  2. Ptakers

    Spanish ship "BAM Rayo (P-42)"

    name first it
  3. Ptakers

    IJN Nashi/JDS Wakaba

    never heard about this one but looks cool
  4. Ptakers

    Miracle on Franclin

    nice topic
  5. it always comes down to the queen
  6. Ptakers

    Russian Flying Submarine

    what the hell is this XD
  7. Ptakers

    Akizuki Class Destroyer [JMSDF]

    nice ship
  8. Ptakers

    DDH-181 Hyuga Helicopter Carrier [JMSDF]

    another weird ships that has no practical use, can some1 explain to me why they even made it
  9. Ptakers

    Croatian Navy - Missle boats

    i didnt expect croatia to hav ethat many sihps
  10. Ptakers

    DDH-183 Izumo Helicopter Carrier [JMSDF]

    helicarier?? what is that