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  1. Judith_

    Mikhail Kuzutov Gun Handling?

    But it is if you ask me....
  2. Judith_

    Please add Primary/Secondary filter to port

    Yes, This plz
  3. Judith_

    Rename Arkansas Beta

    a name change YES! Remove Beta Agree
  4. Judith_

    Have to say though, World of Warships is:

    Hope so too. The game has really high potential. And I really like the concept of sea battles with the Pre War and WW2 ships. Hope not it ends like World of Warplanes. I myself have not an account WowP, but have tested it on a friend's account before he gave it up.
  5. Judith_

    Co-Op Battle statistics page ?

    Hello Captains. Anybody have a good link to an Internet page with the Co-op Battlestatistics? Like this or similar http://wows-numbers.com PVP statistics.but for Co-Op Battle?Thanks in advance//Judith
  6. Judith_


    To begin with is not the Sims a bad boat, but I prefer the Polish boat over sims If this a hint of what British Destroyer line gona be, wow i gonna love the British Destroyer line
  7. Judith_

    Nice patch WG. How fast can you roll back?

    I love play BB! But now it dos not work!!!! Ca sure too you WG fix what you have mess up! And, please, why have you (WG) made so nowadays every time you want to buy consumables must put in silver manually ???? in my case it means that almost every time I drive a round with tier 5 +
  8. Judith_

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    may i ask what forum ?
  9. Judith_

    Warspite is the worst premium I have purchased from WG

    And for me one of the best, have had so much fun with her i just love this ship
  10. Judith_

    HMS Warspite - A Beauty and a Beast

    Thanks for the comprehensive answer, then i go DCSM2, I'll try accuracy upgrade later, I fully agree that secondaries is bad at hitting targets. but it is fun to play around with the secondaries then it has soo long rang. So for now i keep it. //Judith
  11. Judith_

    HMS Warspite - A Beauty and a Beast

    i wote for this! i have never situational awareness on BB, Superintendent. Definitely. has saved me many times. But is it really best to have Steering Gears Modification 2 :/? over Damage Control System Modification 2 ?
  12. Judith_

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    dos this crap work now after patch ?
  13. Judith_

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    I hope you threw it in the trash can
  14. Judith_

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    WHAT ? you kidding +? :S
  15. Judith_

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Maybe you should delete the youtube clip from this thread now so avoid it spreading even faster? or what do you say? Now WG should know about this problem