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  1. Mundoin

    Whats with the FPS drop?!?!

    As the title says, whats with the huge drop in FPS today? I started a game, and it was fine my fps is at 76 and it never moves, but after the first minute It dropped down to 13 fps and it stayed there, I logged out and back in got the 76 fps again but then it dropped after 10 seconds. Anyone experiencing this ?
  2. Mundoin

    High Caliber [Contest]

    here's to whatever
  3. Mundoin

    Datamined 0.5.2 Patch info

    Saw the ports and I got this awesome battle map in mind.
  4. im laggin and sometimes ship move by a km once the lag is over
  5. Mundoin

    We want lower repair costs too!

    Yamato is about 250k-to about 300kish, that was my max repair bill, I always get huge repair bills as I like to get closer and smell the fear while I'm ripping through their hull. Before Yamato the maintenance or the bills are just too small to even notice imho.
  6. Mundoin

    Chat server down

    I am getting the same for couple of hours now anyone experiencing the same ? this is bordering the real annoying!
  7. Mundoin

    Chat server down

    i had it the other day now it just re appeared...
  8. Mundoin

    Tirpitz cheeper on other servers. Thanks WG

    I myself was thinking of buying the ship, before I saw the price, after I seen it it was a no no no omg dafuq is that, it is the price but also is it worth it ? I like my fuso more . I keep my premium time and as a poster said above, it's a small fee to maintain, especially when you work 10 hrs a day get home deal with kids, put them to bed and then you get like 2 hours of gameplay. I can not afford to spend 10 hours in front of the screen every day, those times are long gone( so long i cant remember ), and if I can spend some cash each month to keep myself entertained, i will not care for 9.99 per month as long as I have fun.
  9. Mundoin

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    omg I was looking for this thread the other day to post my awesome day but couldnt find it till now. it's the credits that was the jaw dropping for me, the exp was crap compared tot he coins
  10. Mundoin

    The Equipment Guide

    Lots of info packed into a small video, nicely done.
  11. Mundoin

    [Guide] Advanced Carrier Guide

    Thank you for the videos man, I just saw one the other day and it helped me in more than one way ! Keep it up!
  12. Mundoin

    Balkan forum ?

    Really well put!