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    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    JohnDX on European server High level overview Mostly plays battleships, especially low-tier and is very good in them Extremely often finishes damaged enemies Key vehicle - New York I am trying my best to remove as many opponent guns as possible, hopefully this is not seen as kill stealing... I love the NY, so brutal, definitively a keeper for me.
  2. JohnDX

    High Caliber [Contest]

    A good New York game with 2325 base XP and 138560 damage...
  3. JohnDX

    Phantoms and Witches

    Sorry for the constant bitter whining from some angry forumites*, and the general atmosphere here*, and _THANK YOU SUPERTESTERS_ for giving on your time for this event ! Much appreciated, even if I will probably never meet the ghost ships. (*) For this you have to report and complain to WG EU however, as it is directly caused by to their CM FAIL. They are numerous - often documented - threads about this here, and I already raised the issue a few weeks ago that the degrading atmosphere is spilling all over the place (e.g. on the WoWs front page news, in the comments section, or generally among streams) and probably giving an horrendous first impression to newcomers. If nothing is done on the WG EU side to fix the CM/Events/Specials/Premium Shop MEGAFAIL ASAP it will only get worse, and as you see now even this kind of involvement of yours is welcomed with a slap in the face.
  4. Well, given that the last week-end did correspond to the Battle of Leyte Gulf - arguably one the largest naval battle ever (check the Wikipedia entry, great read!!!) - and that we did receive a x2 "Special" from WG EU for that, I think you should give up any undue hope you may have in reserve. Still, given the fame of Guadalcanal Campaign in US there is a remote chance that WG NA will setup something, and then WG EU may setup a copy-pasted scaled-down version of it with an doubloons-inflated bundle of some sort...
  5. I fully support your request, this is regularly driving me nuts with my BBs! The typical case is when dealing with a threatening DD: you may want to switch to HE, but you may find yourself firing turret-by-turret (actually the preferred way of dealing with fast approaching DD for me, usually deadly unless faced with multiple opponents). So you are effectively kind of screwed and have to broadside at least once if you want to mitigate the DPM loss... The way it is presently implemented does not make sense, but I suspect it is related to the GUI as they did not implement a turret-specific shell icon. Although unimportant, I guess this is the kind of details that makes them worried (i.e. player not knowing what shell is in which turret)...
  6. JohnDX

    Lots of events for October!

    Now _this_ is certainly a path in the right direction, thanks Ph3lan! Let's not release the grasp on hope, life is still there at WG EU (for good?)....
  7. JohnDX

    Lots of events for October!

    They could essentially copy/paste much of what is done in WoT to begin with, excepted the failed bundles of course! Examples: - discounted port slot events - discounted XP conversion events - x3/x4 XP events - "mission events", e.g. x battles won being in the top 8 win you that item - discounted equipment/premium consumables events - discounted ships of tier X to Y of Nation Z events (15-50% off) - discounted captain retraining events - rare discounted premium time events (at least not less than WoT, e.g. a few weeks ago you could purchase discounted 3-days premium time in WOT and WoWp, not displayed in WoWs premium shop, so better check each week-end...) - some non-bundled/for-gold non-permanent premium ships, at least from time to time - some specials to win a little gold, e.g. 100 gold for 10 wins ... the list is endless! Who was in charge of putting up the "October calendar" at WG EU? The same one who organized the amazing game launch event? I actually realize I miss the open beta days, the release killed my remaining hopes in WG EU. Let us hope they seize the Oct 19th opportunity to rebound, but I am not too optimistic after the failed launch...
  8. They should implement a ranked system based on points like e.g. in Chess or other sports. Basically you earn or lose points depending on whether you win or lose, but the actual amount depends on the ranking of the opponent (opposite team ranking total?). You win vs. a weaker team? Less victory points for you. You lose vs. a weaker team? Big points loss for you. Etc... The weaker would also get a tiny bit of points in the case of Draw vs. stronger opponent. It essentially means the higher you get the more you have to lose, and vice-versa. After a few weeks, I bet such a ranking system would match some real landscape...
  9. JohnDX

    Lots of events for October!

    Wow, this is now getting over the top. This is all what WG EU has to do? Trying to corner down one guy, for bringing on the table an issue shared by hundreds of us, always in a polite, sensitive and well-constructed way? And at the same time not giving a sh... on the _actual issues_ (lack of events, specials, fair premium shop offers...) for days and weeks in this very same forum? You guys are really beyond hope, this is actually close to putting oil on fire, do you realize that? The only WG staff who stepped up to the issue was Ectar (thanks to him), posting in the Premium Shop thread, the rest of WG EU has been purposely ignoring the matter for ages. Whereas simple, short posts from CM along the lines of "Sorry guys, we are doing our best to relay your concerns, back to you soon" would have done so much for so little (actually nothing). Now you can enjoy the great show that is WoWs homepage with all its news articles filled with "Screw WG/WGEU fail", and as long as you proceed this way it will only get worse - as the guys who pile up on doubloons through scam-bundles will be increasingly vocal about their inability to efficiently spend it. Seriously, either CM should raise to the issues and do its job, or maybe they should consider stepping down or delegate. At this point in time, after witnessing this kind of CM actions, I just hope WG EU will not bring down this great game (the developers are the ones to be praised here!!!) along with them while they keep on falling to the bottom of PR pit... (Sorry if this is harsh, please keep in mind there is nothing personal here.)
  10. JohnDX

    What would you like in the WG store

    Yeah, the over-loaded packages with new Premium Ships has become the big issue these days, it is spilling over everywhere (forum, WoWs frontpage, YouTube streams,...) and generates bad PR. Not only does WG lose potential buyers this way, but it also probably lead to some people not purchasing gold/doubloons anymore, or just simply stop spending money on WG products altogether. Typically, if you want gold you may now decide not to buy and "hold on & wait" until the next interesting premium ship package is released, as you now you will _have to_ purchase gold in the upcoming bundles anyway. Having people "waiting to spend money" is not good for WG overall, just my two cents. Anyhow, back on topic, about what we would like to see in the Premium Shop... PLATINUM TIME! This is a bit similar to what someone suggested above. Platinum Time would be the same as Premium Time but the ticker would only decrease when logged in. Of course, Platinum Time would be more expensive than Premium Time, probably in the order of 5x-10x less time per € spent (i.e. you breakeven after playing more 2.5-5h per day if you pick Premium vs. Platinum, TBD). But it could be purchased in smaller 8h or 12h packages. I foresee great potential for such a product, as my guess is the people who have the least time to spend in the game (because of IRL) are generally also the ones with the deeper pockets... Right now WG favors no-life behavior once you purchase Premium Time, especially the short packages, this makes rather limited sense business-wise given the customer base and purchasing power to my opinion. Of course, there would be legal issues to address I guess, as you would e.g. have to define what is the "logged in" status (what if the client crash, and so on...). Still, food for thoughts. ;-)
  11. JohnDX

    What would you like in the WG store

    I for once would like to praise Ectar for answering on this Premium Shop issue, which I guess is a delicate topic for WG staff. This was much awaited feedback from CM for me. If the Premium Shop offers start to be more diverse (single ships or small-bundles, not every time maybe but - you know - some time!) coupled with random in-game discounts events (discounted port slots, captain retraining, etc...), I am sure it will do a lot to inject fresh motivation in the community, as well as raise value of doubloons (important issue!!!). Combined with the upcoming release of tech trees fromm USSR and Germany, this could announce better days ahead, this game certainly deserves it. Fingers crossed that the Premium Shop management listens to you, Ectar, but thanks for diving in!
  12. This is getting so silly, still no CM reaction on the actual issues after all that time. This is telling a lot about current state of affairs at WG EU... I am pretty sure that a quick reply along the lines of "Guys, we got your concerns and forwarded them to the Premium shop/Event specials management; we cannot do more in the meantime so please restrain from flaming on the subject." would have helped deter the matter long time ago. But no, too much to ask I guess. In the meantime the forum atmosphere keeps degrading, great for the game. I mean, what is the point of organizing external Community Events - like in the UK in the last example - while having the kind of homepage experience that is http://worldofwarships.eu/...? Say "events" succeed in having a bunch of interested potential new players googling "world of warship" and landing on the homepage. They see e.g. "Premium Shop: The Brit is Back!". WOW, great, let's check that. Guess what are the first comments: "Vent your rage here"/"bundled deal again..screw WG."/"just put the damn ships on sale!"... Same more or less for "October calendar" and "October specials" etc... Great PR pitch, well done WG EU. Point is I do not deny the rights for WG to make money - quite the opposite actually. I feel like they are not extracting the full potential from the current player base, both financially ("less is more" = 10x more customer paying $25 is better than a bunch of customers paying $50 + the ongoing loss of value of doubloons is worrying, given you cannot use them to purchase most premium ships) and in terms of providing a sense of "excitement" through real special events (which makes no sense as they could easily inspire themselves from WOT in this matter). Just think about how they screwed up at game launch, never seen something like this! So because I like the game very much I am worried about the current path of events, and this in turns tends to restrain my willingness to invest more time and money. I suspect I am not alone feeling like that, and I just hope WG reacts quickly enough to prevent an irrevocable loss of players, especially paying ones. So let us pray they address some of the issues with the release of the new techtrees on Oct 19, this will be the best time window for them since the failed launch.
  13. My first post here, feeling like I have to react to this excellent thread from Mr. Fingers, who has been spot on the issue these past few days. Thanks a lot to you Ectar for the clarification about Community Management lack of activity this week, although I guess a quick post like "in travel this week, back on Fri, sry guys" would have tremendously helped. To be clear, there is rarely anything personal against you guys, just a mind-blowing attitude and lack of communication strategy from WG - notably about EU - that is seriously getting on the nerves of some of us here. I am deeply disappointed by the lack of professionalism from WG about community management and how to handle their existing player base, right at the launch of the game. Having all the staff around at events while leaving the forum community in disarray for several days is utterly absurd. Events - while great at attracting new players - only affect a minority of people in the short term, while your active, motivated (some playing way before launch), and paying (statistically vs. newcomers) player base is right here! Losing too much of them vs. recruiting curious but non-invested new players can kill this game, this is not something to neglect. And I consider myself a newcomer here, I am referring to the alfa/beta testers who make this forum what it is. Frankly, the image shown of the game when reading the comments on WOWS homepage is disastrous, I wonder what new players (or people just curious about the game) will think. At the very least, if they install the game they will think twice before putting real money on table, not knowing where the game is going. Same for some of us right there, I guess, in my case I am certainly withholding on investing more, not knowing where the game is going and if it worth it. And this is what is beyond your paychecks, guys, so I would seriously consider forwarding the message up in the hierarchy loud & clear. How did we arrive at this point? Ignoring IG aspects (which is always debatable): Disastrous launch activities? Utterly mismanaged premium shop (expensive or near-scam bundles, no updates for weeks, boring offers, no ports slots/free XP conversion/retraining discount, progressive loss of doubloon value)? Provocative "October Calendar" with x2 XP all the way? Pick or add one, I stop it there as I am starting to lose my nerves. Take-home message: urgent PR action required, current trajectory in the "red".