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  1. Zymeth

    Feedback about Ranked

    Comeone be more serious u know what i mean. If we have for example tech tree ship and black version of it and same with premium ships which u can buy but not in that color ? Be logic i would allow them cuz appearance/skin dont matter.
  2. Zymeth

    Feedback about Ranked

    well i cannot blame bad players cuz all player are allowed even you can bring stock ship without commander. Why they rank out ? well it is same like in other games win rate dont matter only how many games u played andd how many lucky wins you got. yes but only in ranked
  3. Zymeth

    Feedback about Ranked

    maybe but still i am deprived. Then if someone who is playing longer then me had a limited occasions to buy (me not cuz i was absent) a ship he should be allowed to bring it in ranked mode which should be a competitive mode ?
  4. Hello, i feel captain are unbalanced like let say we have Legendary , Unique and normal variants. 1. I like the idea but Legendary and Unique commanders should have a option to chose which two skills are improved vs current system. For me that would be much better. Reason is simple now we have commanders who are unique but they dont bring anything special for example: we want commander for DD , we can chose Yamamoto Isoroku or Suzuki or normal. Most of the time the Suzuki will be best and that is funny cuz Yamamoto is a legendary... + his perks dont work in CB. Solution would be simple any legendary and unique captain can boost two skill one from tier 3 and one from 1 or 2. WG could even do extra button to reset them and chose two new one. Ofc with that change perks would need some tweaks. 2. Another problem what i dont like in current system is tech tree ships will always need to retrain captain. Ok i am fine with that but give me a option to upgrade my tech tree ship to premium one like buying ship for coal (moskva,GK etc). It is sick if i want to play one game as CV another game with DD and few as CL maybe later again DD with the same captian cuz it will cost me plenty of gold or free commander xp. I see two solution give us a option to upgrade tech tree to better state or let say only legendary commander dont need retrain cuz they are awesome guys. This is only my personal opinion/feedback and i dont wanna rob WG. I will be honest if game is good i am spending money if not other game will take that money i am just trying to help/improve game a bit and ofc i can be wrong.
  5. Zymeth

    Feedback about Ranked

    Hello, my personal feedback ranked should be legacy , i mean only ships which are actually open to buy by (coal,steel,gold etc). The reason for this is simple that would make it more fair to play.
  6. Hey i watched KOTS replay and i found something interesting: Well if we wanna play fair in Clan Battle + maybe in Ranked i think this rule should be add from new patch. I mean unavailable ships (Like Somers, Smalland) cannot be picked to that modes. If u ask me Why ? For me it is unfair if one team have them and another one no. Like this guy mention in video.
  7. Zymeth

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    I like new "Interface" If u rly want to increase the point to 21 then for 20 it should be around 350k and for 21 around 400k. It would be nice to redesign Legendary commanders and unique commanders to fill all classes of ships. 10 point captain for 1750d is too expensive u can get unique for 1500 or even dasha... it should be just like 1000d - 1250d. Still it would be nice to have one captain for 3 ships in line like in WoT they wanna do it.
  8. Hello, i have suggestion can u just make assign to ship like in world of warships legends. What i mean , example: i have single japan captain and i can assign him to shima , kagero , minekaze etc. or If that would be too good, then maybe each captain will have to choose which type of class (DD , CA , BB , CV) to specialize in. Like if i have Japan captain who have type DD then moving him from shima to kagero or later from kagero to minekaze it will cost 0 retrain but if i want him to put in BB then i need to retrain the specialization which will cost. Ofc premium will skip this anyway cuz they are premium ships. I just feel it is good opportunity to improve this part too. If u ask me why ? Well i have a lot ships from T6+ and grinding on every ship captian to 21 point it will be just bad.
  9. Hey, Should they do rework for Captain? = Yes cuz current need some tweaks. It is good idea to have for each ship type separately skill line but !! 1. Captain should chose which type of ships will go i mean for example i chose "DD line" which means my captain can be placed from gearing to fletcher without retraining etc. 2. Same for unique/legendary Captain but they dont need to chose type and can be placed in any ships without retraining. Yes it would favor them but that would be fair. 3. Rest can stay like they want. That would be very healthy for player and make sense for rework.
  10. Zymeth

    0.9.10 - Aircraft Carrier Interface

    @OVanBruce like he said can u remove autopliot on minimap ? In CB i am playing CV and need to ping on minimap where ships must go (yes i am leading) and after i ping i need to re-done position for my CV ship -.-
  11. Zymeth

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Hey, i have a question about build for British CL. I was thinking going like PT / AR / SI / CE then RPF / SE or BoS / JoAT. 1. It will be good idea to have SE on them ? This line have low hp pool from all Crusiers or it is just better to stick with BoS ? 2. I am not sure about JoAT vs EM cuz from tier 6 to tier 9 thier turrent are moving kinda slowly. 3. It is good idea to play with stock range module ? ( i know i will have shorten range but i feel u need to be on short to hit something)
  12. Zymeth

    USS DD line tweak buff ?

    Nah , panic was good with old cv gameplay. To be honest it is very hard to balance that new CV. What i would change it would be remove status detected for planes just cuz with this thing u can ez know if there are some DD around which sucks.
  13. Zymeth

    USS DD line tweak buff ?

    Hmm i see some vote for "no" which maybe means that would be too OP. But ofc if DFAA would be a separate consumable it should have like 3 charges similar to smoke / speed.
  14. Hey, i think it will be nice boost what do you think ? or it could give too much power for them ?
  15. Zymeth

    0.9.2 PTS - IFHE and Armor Plating Changes

    Hey. Cruisers Colbert / Smolensk Her main guns are 130mm which means they can only pen 22mm without IFHE and 28 with IFHE. I was thinking IFHE should be more a option for CL. I think they best solution is to buff her HE to be 1/5 calculation which means without IFHE she will have 26mm (will pen most crusier bow/sterm) and with IFHE 34mm (Sure it will pen bow/sterm of BB but u lose half fire chance and u need to spent 4 points). Look at Worcester with new update she will have like 30mm ofc she can take IFHE and spam BB but she will lose 6% of fire chance. I know Worcester have like 344k DPM where Smolensk 384k and it is Radar vs Smoke.