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  1. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    Hate to be F'csle part of ship on the Nelson tho'...all that deck to scrub Like OP I have enough Fxp for Nelson but can't quite bring myself to buy her..... Keep remembering burning a Nelson to death with my Galissonnière and thinking "that was easy"....
  2. Possible French freePex ship imminent ?

    And there was me thinking that Jack helped Nelson win at the Nile, Copenhagen,and Trafalgar........I'll get me coat.
  3. Bonus Code on German facebook

    Cheers Mate....no idea what I got as I'm still in work (booooo) but every little helps.

    Thanks for the code. No idea what I got as I'm still at work
  5. Critical Error Problem

    This has happened to me twice today. Before that I was running the programme with no issues at all...
  6. Free container bonus code

    Cheers Ferry. Got FREE xp , DC 2 and Spooter A/C 2 IN MINE.
  7. Improve balance

    In the Falklands war HMS Sheffield was hit and sunk be an Exocet missile. The missile itself didn't sink her it was the resultant fires caused by it, that and the damage done to the fire main system. Warships burn very well, especially those old ones with their shiny flammable paint work................
  8. So... WoWS has lore now

    Admiral's Quarters.......That's a whole different battle !!
  9. Out of 2100 games I've managed to blow up (Detonation) 43 times...admittedly I was stupid as for along time in the early days I wasn't using the flags. You live n learn or in this case blow up n learn
  10. So, why don't you play Carriers?

    Tried CV play...and sucked big time. Couldn't get my head round the changed perspective from Cruisers / DD's etc....gave up for now.
  11. Campaigns

    Tried the Campaigns on the test server...not bad, encourages you to play a variety of ship class not just the ones your comfortable with. i.e. CV's...not my best or most liked type...
  12. Turret Wont Fire

    I reckon the turrets are just "un-winding"
  13. Emerald tier5 cruiser worser then Kirov

    I don't mind the Emerald too much....I just think of it as a bid DD and use it as that. Doesn't always go well mind but did get 2 kills in it last night. Still a long way to go as I only have 17 battles in but i am looking forward to the Leander.
  14. Wrecks stolen from java sea

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/nov/16/british-second-world-war-ships-illegal-scavenging-java-sea Sadly not the only wrecks in that area that have been scavenged. Particularly annoyed by the destruction of HMS Exeter as I served on her name sake in the mid 80's. Barstewards is all I can say