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  1. Admiral's Quarters.......That's a whole different battle !!
  2. Out of 2100 games I've managed to blow up (Detonation) 43 times...admittedly I was stupid as for along time in the early days I wasn't using the flags. You live n learn or in this case blow up n learn
  3. Tried CV play...and sucked big time. Couldn't get my head round the changed perspective from Cruisers / DD's etc....gave up for now.
  4. Tried the Campaigns on the test server...not bad, encourages you to play a variety of ship class not just the ones your comfortable with. i.e. CV's...not my best or most liked type...
  5. I reckon the turrets are just "un-winding"
  6. I don't mind the Emerald too much....I just think of it as a bid DD and use it as that. Doesn't always go well mind but did get 2 kills in it last night. Still a long way to go as I only have 17 battles in but i am looking forward to the Leander.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/nov/16/british-second-world-war-ships-illegal-scavenging-java-sea Sadly not the only wrecks in that area that have been scavenged. Particularly annoyed by the destruction of HMS Exeter as I served on her name sake in the mid 80's. Barstewards is all I can say
  8. I've had this but mainly on the Halloween special.....you can sit and watch the battle unfold on the map but can't get in. Normally I close the game down and re-start and it lets me get into the battle. You lose 30 - 40 secs or more but its better than sitting and dieing....
  9. The sign in bumpf says:- There is no need to keep track of your scores – the results will be drawn directly from the server. ....so I would say, No you can't track it and there is no plan to let you.....
  10. Still learning this line and only up to Caledon at Tier III...best score so far is 891.... Is this just way for you to see what the competition is like in the ""Cruisin’ for a bruisin’"" contest
  11. I am looking forward to this line, mainly for the looks of them really. I can see the Light Cruiser line being a challenge for DD's but virtually useless against BB's unless they can get close enough to us torps. Think MM is going to stack full of the RN up to and including this weekend.....it'll be fun times for the heavy's from the other lines !
  12. I want a Noel Coward accented Captain. A la "In which we serve".....snorkers! good oh !
  13. Yeah..it is hard to understand actually....You spend money on this ? Real money ?..... Seriously I can understand your frustration if major units are AFK / Unresponsive but it just means you have play clever and more tactically to gain a win...or at least a good defeat (one in which you know you have tried your best and (hopefully) have got a decent score). Personally I range from 30 secs before battle to 4-5 secs after the battle starts to get in and I don't run a high end PC (it's @ 7 year old)..
  14. It's an interesting new view of the ship anyway
  15. It could stimulate a discussion about the differences in game play / style of the Benson V Fletcher could it not ? I don't have either but any new vessel takes time to get accustomed too, to get used to the differences in firing aecs /loading times/ rudder shift speed.. I was the same when I got the Konigsberg...total pants for ages it seems but not too bad now. Maybe you should take it into P v E for a game or 3 to get used to it.