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  1. wavijunk

    Ghost (ship) in the machine

    So while busily pounding a red CV i a cap area I found this floating along. Its obviously an enemy CA that's been sunk but still rendered....anyone else found them ?
  2. You do realise that the CV's are only missing form Co-Op until WG work out the mechanics of AI's controlling them don't you ? It's the same reason they have removed a number Scenario Ops that were CV heavy. Eventually CV's in Co-Op and Scenarios will be back...
  3. wavijunk

    Playing WoW like WoT

    I take offence !! My name is Kevin and I can hit WASD and LMB as well as most (some) Okay I'm fairly crap but I try
  4. wavijunk

    Which game do you go for?

    I tend to play the first few games of a new vessel in Co-op to get an idea of how it plays etc. If I do that then I'm not jumping into a random game with a new ship where I think I'd be a bit of a liability to my team.
  5. wavijunk

    Humble Bundle WoWs bonuscode

    yup...still works :)
  6. wavijunk

    Buff Stalingrad

    Think I prefer the Stalingrad in a nice shade of grey (when I see it obviously as I don't own it)
  7. Yep...I stand corrected. In my defence this was taken a few years ago and I couldn't remember what the plate said... I think you're right and it is the Iron Duke
  8. For anyone interested in the Royal Navy Museum at Portsmouth they have this Silver model of Dreadnought
  9. wavijunk

    Ticking clocks and my hard time recommending this game

    Search the Forum...the 1st of Jan date is only there because , due to the nature of the programming, they had to have an end date associated with them. The date will be rolled over probably for another year and then another etc.....
  10. wavijunk

    Code for a Pumpkin Container

    Thanks Shippers.. At work so I'll have a (hopefully) nice surprise when I get in.
  11. Anyone else getting a bored with this mission yet? Sail in, pick up men, sail out shoot down a/c, sink S boats complete mission, rinse repeat.... I don't think I have been on a team that's failed to get at least a 3* win most are 4 or 5 *.
  12. wavijunk

    -Worst Ranked season ever-

    Anyone else read the title of this post and said it in this guys voice.....
  13. wavijunk

    Domintaion and Destroyers

    Here's an option.. Why don't we go old school with all BB's in line ahead formation (Line of Battle) then have the CL/ CA as a screen against the waves of DD's each side will unleash. Obviously this would have to be on the Ocean map for realism sake, no pesky shallows or Islands to interrupt the stately advance of our majestic BB's.. On a more serious note.... DD's Yoloing are a perennial hazard (I know as I've fallen into that trap once or twice myself :( ) but they generally don't get as much support as they could. It's a game of individuals forced into a team with very little communications, if you win great, if not then review what went wrong and try and learn from it...
  14. Interesting to see how the after effects of WW 2 are still being felt so long after the events. The fuel oil on the Prinz Eugen now posses an environmental issue 70 years after she sank. Just think of all those other wrecks that are slowing degrading and will release oil in the coming years. that must add upto millions of gallons just waiting to cause havoc. https://gcaptain.com/u-s-navy-commences-oil-removal-from-capsized-german-cruiser-prinz-eugen-in-south-pacific/