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  1. BlackYeti

    Hindenburg Floating Citadel ?

    Eh, not really. I keep citadelling bot Hindens at all ranges in coop, it doesnt seem tanky at all. Angling helps but it eats alot of pens through massive superstructure.
  2. BlackYeti

    Roon and Hindy. Worth continuing?

    Looks? Seriously it's like a mutated Nurnberg scratch built from whatever the KM could find, only lacks some salvaged uboat kiosk randomly welded on somewhere...
  3. BlackYeti

    Roon and Hindy. Worth continuing?

    Basically Soviet BalansBoats and Yamasushi, that's about it.
  4. BlackYeti

    PLEASE unify the consumables hotkeys

    Well, playing the Belfast has to have SOME drawbacks...
  5. I'm not running IFHE on Georgia, just standard Montana tank build so no problem here
  6. I'm contemplating Massachusetts but I already have Georgia so i'm having second thoughts. I think I will wait for news on the California first.
  7. BlackYeti

    USS Arizona...

    Well the all or nothing armour scheme was actually the more modern concept compared to more evenly distributed armor that german ships retained. Shelling tests on captured ww1 german ships showed that intermediate armor is useless against main guns at all ranges and the weight could be better used where it counts.
  8. Smaller maps (removing or shrinking all high-tier maps).
  9. BlackYeti

    It happened again guys

    Mutsu shells have weak penetration, while Amagi/Nagato pen is best in tier. Amagi and Nagato have the same.
  10. BlackYeti

    It happened again guys

    Not anymore, has Amagi shells now
  11. BlackYeti

    What is it with the Fuso ?

    I meant that with german vertical dispersion you get unbelievable misses even at point blank. The stat in port is horizontal dispersion and tells only half the story.
  12. BlackYeti

    What is it with the Fuso ?

    ...and still miss most of the shells Edit: didn't notice the necro
  13. I only wish german BBs had Massachusetts style accuracy bonus. That would make them appealing again while not being a gamebreaking buff at the same time.
  14. BlackYeti

    Why no perma camo for T5 ?

    What a load of horse excrements. If anything, it would be one of the possible ways to repopulate low tiers instead of RB. Tier 5 is usually uptiered to T7 anyway so I fail to see where the sealclubbing is? If you don't own a GC or Kamikaze you won't be doing much clubbing in the silver ships.
  15. BlackYeti

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I know It's only co-op but it's so satisfying to see Kremlinbias go poof :D