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  1. BlackYeti

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    Massachusetts, Tirpitz and theres also the often forgotten Kii. If you feel you struggle in randoms, theres always coop and brawling ships are perfect for it.
  2. BlackYeti

    Horses for Courses (Ships for Ops)

    Problem is that operation bots tend to evade torps flawlessly so from my experience only gunboat dds work somewhat. If bots turn to evade your torps, you are screwing your team's cruisers and BBs by making devstriking enemies much harder, especially in Aegis.
  3. BlackYeti

    Horses for Courses (Ships for Ops)

    DDs are usually a sketchy choice. Any CL is a safe bet, CA-Pensa and Molotov, any BB works but faster ones are better and Izmail seems best.
  4. BlackYeti


    Exactly, but nowadays "mediocre" just doesnt cut it for many ppl and that's how power creep happens. If anything, id bring her rudder shift below 20s because no ship deserves that kind of punishment.
  5. BlackYeti

    American 406mm - Do damage how?

    Yeah, even though Yamato has terrible citadel layout, at 20km her belt armor is still enough to bounce most shells, best to aim at upper belt and settle for regular pens.
  6. BlackYeti


    No, some other ships need nerfs. Montana should be the baseline of what other BBs should be.
  7. H-45? I can already imagine her on Ocean, only this time it's filled with Smolensk and Benham/Shimakaze drool...
  8. BlackYeti

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    Obviously if your damage is too high it means you are a selfish damage farming kulak that deprives the team of xp and therefore your xp needs to be subjected to immediate redistribution, comrade.
  9. BlackYeti

    coal ships, dilemma, trilemma or more

    Out of curiousity, does Lutjens's skills proc in co-op?
  10. BlackYeti

    t7 bb shocking

    If anything, high tier BB concealment should be increased, drastically. Best way would be to remove the concealment module altogether, along with concealment expert so it's easier to balance concealment across tiers and classes.
  11. BlackYeti

    The Kitakami returns!

    Just imagine all those sub 45% Nelson players swinging their ships full broadside just to launch that single torp...
  12. BlackYeti

    The Kitakami returns!

    Well...still better than as a cruiser...
  13. BlackYeti

    The Kitakami returns!

    Looks like Kitakami will be extremely annoying to both teams at the same time. The ultimate troll
  14. BlackYeti

    Sort out the bot dispersion in coop

    Except bots nowadays tend to make a beeline towards one of the flanks, chasing the closest player ship. On a map like Shatter if bots decide to pick the other flank, youre screwed.
  15. BlackYeti

    Sort out the bot dispersion in coop

    Too bad that in coop games that last very short and enemies die fast, when you get spawned on the wrong flank you often end with nothing to shoot at all, that's what OP meant.