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  1. The problem with Aegis is the ungodly battleship focus the bots have in this op so this is a knee-jerk "must stay away" reaction, same as in randoms. So the coding is also partly responsible for player behaviour in ops.
  2. BlackYeti

    USS Congress

    Thanks for an answer for a question I wanted to ask. I've been wondering why I have not seen any Congress at all in ops so far. You would think that it could fit as a t8 Spee but on the other hand Spee has torps...
  3. BlackYeti


    Why would you ever pick that skill though, the drawback is such a dealbreaker...
  4. BlackYeti

    About BOT focus fire in OPS

    Naval Immelman
  5. BlackYeti

    About BOT focus fire in OPS

    IJN suffers again, imagine the pagodas in shallow waters!
  6. As many said before secondary BBs have the upper hand, especially T8 due to extra range. I'm mostly rotating Massa, Scharny and Odin but would swap Odin for Tirpitz in a heartbeat if I had her. If Scharn had tier 8 secondary range I'd never play Odin again. Cruiser-wise I think Mainz, Eugen, Atago, Baltimore, Martel, Edin and basically any tier 7's that worked before. I wouldn't pick destroyers unless proficient in them (and I'm not). CV's- anything not British or tier 6 I guess...
  7. BlackYeti

    German Squadron buying spree

    Only if you have Mainz, otherwise still pretty relevant imo
  8. BlackYeti

    About BOT focus fire in OPS

    The hivemind AI focus targeting is really annoying and needs to be toned down somewhat. As for target selection I think that HP is also a factor but agree it does seem completely random at times...
  9. I have generally no issues with Hermes or Cherry but I hate Ultimate Frontier with a passion, especially the CL and DD waves, all seemingly with IFHE that spam the living crap out of anyone focused by hivemind AI targeting...
  10. BlackYeti

    Ever been on the real ship?

    What kept me wondering is that I have a picture from Błyskawica's bridge from my childhood but then again maybe my dad used some of his charm on the crew back then and they let us in...
  11. BlackYeti

    Ever been on the real ship?

    Błyskawica has been recently repaired and repainted so this might be a good idea to pay her a visit. Unfortunately unlike on the Belfast the bridge is inaccessible because apparently the ship is still in service (?) and bridge is off limits to civilians. As a bonus moored right beside her is "Dar Pomorza" (ex Prinz Eitel Friedrich), a 100yr old training frigate.
  12. In my opinion most t7's are very much still viable. Just below a screenshot from a recent Newport game, Carryhorse still has it! Tier 6...well it's tricky, the carry potential is much lower. If one is a good player, they will be much better for their team if they take a higher tier ship and carry. If one is bad, by taking a tier 6 they are actually increasing their chance of winning because they free up the tier 8 slots for potentially better players, if they take up the top tier slots they are making the game alot harder as the carry duty relies now on the tier 6-7's...
  13. I have taken a few years break from randoms but recently got back to finally complete Shinonome campaign and this happened... Tried some games in Ohio but after 5 or so losses due to excessive camping and inability to close the distance I decided to...take the easy route
  14. BlackYeti

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    This is literally my first SC ship (Haida, I suppose Ark Royal came from Unsinkable Sam) in 5 years 😉. I had a couple from free Xmas boxes before but not counting those. Maybe I just reached the 166 mercy rule...