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  1. BlackYeti

    AI difficulty

    He's got a point though, what bots lack in tactics they make up for with perfect aim and focus fire. You have to have a plan of escape if you get focused, having an island nearby helps. The perfect aim can be exploited in a bb vs bb fight because bots will always fire ap at your perfectly angled hull.
  2. I meant that if they make it as they made the CV where somehow only one plane may attack with each pass 😉 totally legit and makes no sense just as my suggestion
  3. After bb rework you will only be able to fire one gun per turret and rotate it 360' before you can fire another 😉
  4. BlackYeti

    Public Test: Furios Nerf / Buff + Azuma

    Eh, I never played carriers before the rework. I tried some co-op games in Hermes and Furious and the experience was utterly bad and masochistic. I don't know about the state of t8 and t10 CVs, from what I hear they're doing OK but if newcomers have a similar experience to mine i doubt the percentage of CV players in a few months from now is going to be much higher than it used to be before the rework.
  5. BlackYeti

    New Błyskawica camo

    Doesnt the Helena special camo have the exact same problem, where the eagles should mark the torpedo hits she received but instead one side is just mirror image of the other?
  6. BlackYeti

    New Błyskawica camo

    Hey that's the camo i voted for 😀 now if only we had ORP Orkan, i kept drawing this ship over and over in kindergarten (so well over 30yrs ago). It was my fav ship of the Polish navy because the big turrets looked so damn advanced and modern 🙂
  7. BlackYeti

    On Russian BB accuracy mechanic for all BBs...

    I think ALL ships would benefit from this mechanic. Only question is where the penalty/bonus would start and how much it would be. 15km is too much imo, and the bonus shouldnt be too large either.
  8. BlackYeti

    Operation Aegis on steroids glitch...

    Youve got some good points there +1 that said ive yet to meet a team that postpones killing the escorts as a calculated decision and not because sucking major ****. If a team struggles so much it cant dispose of the escorts in time, it doesnt need additional balancing.
  9. BlackYeti

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Coop-Lightning Randoms-Lyon
  10. BlackYeti

    Operation Aegis on steroids glitch...

    This situation aside, the amagi wave in itself is a really bad mission design. You have an awful team that struggles with the escorts? Let's ensure that you fail even harder by throwing some more impossible odds at you!
  11. BlackYeti

    Pre-tier 8 IJN gunboat DDs...

    Problem is that fubuki and akatsuki are better torpboats and the akizuki predecessors dont get anything to compensate. Hatsu even loses 3rd turret with B hull and shira main guns dont contribute to AA even when the description states they are DP
  12. BlackYeti

    Pre-tier 8 IJN gunboat DDs...

    It seems akatsuki is actually better as a gunboat than shira, having one more gun and better turret traverse. T5-T7 clearly need some redesigning.
  13. BlackYeti

    Belfast [Post Giulio Cesare saga]

    Alternatively, remove the T8 module slot and radar and leave her at t7.
  14. BlackYeti

    The best pay to win ships now?

    Can i trade Minekaze for Kamikaze then if they are the same? Hint: just compare torpedoes alone. Minekaze was heavily nerfed in the past, Kamikaze/Fujin couldn't because they were premiums and now they are dangled in front of gullible whales during every lootcrate event with the likes of Nikolai, Giulio, Belfast.
  15. BlackYeti

    My 1st tier 10......

    Fire chance is tied strictly to tier, not particular ship. Higher the tier, the lower the burn chance coefficient (lesser chance to be set on fire).