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  1. BlackYeti

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    For me best bb of the german tree is the Scharnhorst My experience with Bismarck is that she absolutely kicks a$$ when top tier and struggles in T10, contrary to NC which is meh as top tier and way stronger in T10 battles than Bismarck
  2. BlackYeti


    I'd settle for removal of mirrored teams as the choice of ships people take into coop battles is pretty limited. Guaranteed Tirpitz and Scharnhorst every game. Plus, when I take my own Scharn into battle, I'd like to enjoy the torps I have without the fear od being torped back pls
  3. BlackYeti


    For me the only thing that coop needs for now is 12-ship, non-mirrored teams (diversity ftw). Any plans for similar changes in the future @MrConway? More ships per game=less games running=happier servers
  4. BlackYeti


    And then they proceeded to tweak those scenarios for unicum divisions making them virtually unplayable with random teams. Hence why pure coop playerbase is still doing good.
  5. BlackYeti

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @iJoby in co-op in my Nelson. I afked 3/4 of the battle because the second the battle started my baby son decided it's the perfect time to wake up :) Came back only to fire 2 salvoes but at least i wasn't last in score :D
  6. BlackYeti

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    As 1steel=10coal, 200 coal is laughable. I know it's free but most players that aren't ship hoarders will hardly feel it
  7. BlackYeti

    Suggestions for OP Hermes

    Yep, the t7 cruisers have 16mm plating so they get penned even by the T-22
  8. BlackYeti

    Newport scenario after changes

    In coop my most feared enemy is the NC because of the 2.0 sigma. The bot NC shells are homing on cruiser citadels like crazy while theres a 95% chance the human NC on your team is the average 42% wr coop player...
  9. BlackYeti

    Suggestions for OP Hermes

    I disagree on the idea that BB are easy mode. For a good player being unable to fulfill your tank role and see your cruiser allies die like flies around you is just as if not more frustrating as being in said cruisers. Once cruisers die and only then, every bot and their mothers finally switch focus to you and lo and behold, without backup you are just as helpless as the cruisers before you. The AI design is an utter failure and it extends to other operations as well.
  10. Congratz! I got the JB for coal tonight and am absolutely impressed with it, the main difference is in ammunition cost. With Musashi it is around 60k per battle, with JB around 15k. In randoms it is not a big deal but in coop economy this is huge. Plus JB shoots down alot of planes which translates into more cash and exp.
  11. BlackYeti

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Lyon for the 16 barrels of lul as far as silver ships go.
  12. BlackYeti

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery! (And hopefully win this time:) Thanks yet again for this great initiative!
  13. Here you go, a not-exceptional co-op game in Musashi, no flags, no premium, tier 7 opponents (so less earning possibility).
  14. As a mostly coop player I can tell you: get the Musashi. It is suited perfectly for co-op environment because you can overmatch the bows of head-on charging bots. Mushy is also perfectly sustainable in co-op making around 30-100k profit per game on free account without any flags.
  15. BlackYeti

    They did it again - OP Killer Whale

    He was in a CV. He claimed he "knows this op" and probably wanted to farm more. I was headed to exit but died on the way and we lost the needed quota to win. Oh, and he stayed parked inside the harbor till the end.