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  1. New (personal) co-op exp record :)
  2. BlackYeti

    Update 0.10.7 - Bugs Reports

    While comparing some US BB armor schemes ingame I noticed a possible bug in NoCal's aft armor, the armor plates are switched, the 25mm should be on top (added front view for comparison).
  3. Got it in first bundle, for 1500dubs it was a bargain. Wouldn't have bothered otherwise...
  4. I meant why not give the standards 25kt speed with upgraded engine and historical 21 with stock
  5. Russian national anthem consumable jamming enemy hydroacoustic search
  6. And then the US standard bbs still go at their historical 21kts. What's the problem with giving them historical performance with stock config and say, 25 kts with upgraded engine?
  7. Well, I've met people with sub 90% WR in coop...to lose one in ten coop games simply going afk is not enough you have to actively play against your team somehow, that's a feat.
  8. BlackYeti

    Jingles on the state of Operations in WoWs

    Hey WG, add decent tier 8/9/10 ops and watch the money flow (from premium ship sales and XP conversions). Keep decent XP earnings, and economy slightly worse than randoms
  9. BlackYeti

    Co-op bot AI mess...

    Since the co-op community is pretty big in this game I'm wondering why has noone complained yet about the wild mess the bot AI has become in coop? WG introduced changes to pathfinding that were supposed to stop bots beaching into islands, but guess what, they still do that but in addition: -bots rarely go at full speed now, stop regularly and while it is good for aiming practice, they often fail to take any objectives which especially in epicenter ends games prematurely. Also disproportionaly punishes slow-firing ships. -bots now completely miss their salvoes very often, they used to have perfect aim if you didn't change course which was also broken in a way but now it's just laughably easy to tank multpile bots now In short, last patch completely broke bot AI and I'm seriously considering returning to randoms so if that was your goal WG, mission accomplished
  10. Oh god that tier 8...Graf Spee Chernobyl edition
  11. BlackYeti

    Kitakami is coming

    Some glorious career opportunities await you at WG marketing, I'm sure
  12. BlackYeti

    Odin M.I.A

    Even for it's discounted cost od 3500 doubloons, i regret every single piece...
  13. BlackYeti

    The cost of "service" after Battle a should be cheaper

    Must be the reason why we have bots at low tiers and tier 7 gets constantly boned with tier 9 matches...oh wait
  14. BlackYeti


    "Characteristics may be changed in the future" springs to mind...
  15. BlackYeti

    Soviet Cvs

    The expectation of the playerbase is: "don't" But if i had to choose between RU CVs or subs, i'll vote CV all the way