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  1. Troubledove

    Battleships = death trap

    If BB's are staying behind all battles they will fight will be alone and to the loss. Tag along the cruisers, they are your supplemental cannons delivering the DPM that enemy cruisers alone cannot deal with. So basically, BB captains should realize they are not alone in game and any cruiser nuisance they meet will be nullified with another cruiser by your side, thats why they are, thats why they go forward - to meet the enemy cruisers and to engage battles. You are supposed to tag along them instead of waiting your turn to get slaughtered. Meanwhile, those cruisers also keep you often safe from DD's and torpedoplanes so there is double reason to keep up with them.
  2. Troubledove

    Captain transfer/retraining problems

    Found two bugs: 1) If you send captain to reserve he loses proficiency for his ship immediately. This leads to situation where he has to retrain for ship he already is proficient with. Proficiency should obviously be dropped when retraining to OTHER ship, not just by leaving a ship. 2) If you send captain to premium ship and then return to original the UI claims that you have to retrain captain for his original ship, this is not true. Visiting premium ships works as intented but user gets illogical message.
  3. Troubledove

    still working as intended

    This idea, but change the #3 rule to "Player loses control over his ship in this area and server automatically turns ship back, using full speed and full rudder turn to reach "playable area" as fast as possible. So the walls become bouncy - in realistic way. You could full forward to map edge and you'd just steer back automatically. If you whine about autopilot being active you chose to go to border and that means autopilot back to playable map. In case of engine/rudder broken - if ship is in autopilot zone then repair is used automatically (if available) to fix the problem. If rudder is bust then autopilot stops the ship ASAP and waits for the repair to be available (aka it doesnt plow deeper into off-game area if it cant turn). If engine is bust then it uses the remaining momentum to turn to right direction and waits for repair that is used automatically. Autopilot considers islands that extend beyond playable area and turns away from them, again - calculating what is the fastest way out of the border zone without hitting the island (sometimes it might be reverse, sometimes it might be making a longer turn). When ship enters playable area player gets full control back. This is the most graceful way to do it, its intuitive, easy to understand, doesnt have much abuse potential (only "abuse" is ability to temporarily plow over map edge, in expense of loosing your ship's control). Its visually intact, doenst give false feedback to others and it gives decent penalty (not able to manouver while youre offmap = easier to hit) but not too harsh like losing your ship or something ridiculous.
  4. Troubledove

    I'm done with DDs...

    They are usable there but far from perfect. I like my Wakatake a lot, but any nimble cruiser with semi-intelligent captain can push me around easily by dodging my torps - I mean, 4 torps - that is not going to be issue with anyone who can steer their fast boat. Also enemy DD's poses a risk, I can't spot them any further so if they pop out at wrong place I'll be sitting duck immediately and that 8.9k HP runs out in seconds. Also carriers can harrass me by spotting my poor destroyer with any plane and without working AA i'm again running out of HP... so while something like Wakatake can stay at times invisible and lob torpedoes - its not autowin or autosuccess. I have games where I have fired 60 torps and none of them hit because enemies played it out well. (this happens when defending against cruisers. You run away, send some fish to smack the enemy, they dodge skillfully, you run again, rinse repeat). So basically, playing DD at low levels is INTERESTING because it has working meta slot with strengths and weaknesses. St Louis is both my favorite prey and at the same time my arch-rival. The moment 6th sense pops out I know I'm neck-deep if theres louis around...
  5. Troubledove

    I'm done with DDs...

    It's quite logical why this "nerfing" happens. The further you are forced from enemies the worser the torpedoes get no matter what. You cannot compensate this much by adding number of torpedoes because it just makes the fan wider - but on long range it still leaves big gaps to slip trough. Then becomes concealment value (you have to ninja in close) and because these values are constantly getting worser and environment becomes "more aware" this means destroyers are meta-game wise constantly nerfed on higher tiers by denying more and more their effective use and trying to compensate with more torpedoes per fan (doesnt fix the issue, wide fans are easier to dodge. You are shooting sawed-off shotgun at long range, yay, great spread! Oy vey, no hits!) and longer range of launch (doesnt matter because the long range is one of the sources of the problem).
  6. Troubledove

    20 minutes , just NOT ENOUGH!

    Go tell that to last remaining DD, go tell that he should assault those 4 remaining enemies in direct confrontation because there is 4 minutes left. What is your answer to him when he's dead and he asks you "What did I do wrong"? - because correct answer is : You assaulted overpowered enemies instead of playing it out slow. So, you are saying that each ship class should dump their roles and act stupid because time OR accept the fact that some matches are lost at some point - which would mean that after certain point match could end prematurely even without cap and some enemies still remaining "because there is nothing that could be done at this point - because its either wipe or time runs out." Oh. Such sport.
  7. Troubledove

    20 minutes , just NOT ENOUGH!

    That is about 65% true. There is strategy involved if people are observant even without verbal communication. Atleast I do look at the minimap and consider how things are going to play out with my teammates, are they currently engaged with enemy or can they help deal with my rival somehow and act accordingly. There are emergent tactics out there, even if you can't trust random teammembers ... you sometimes have to.
  8. Troubledove

    Open tier battles

    How about mode where there would be one "supership" per side?
  9. Troubledove

    20 minutes , just NOT ENOUGH!

    Problem here is that when you should fight way stronger enemy in endgame with fragile ships you are forced to play it out "against your role". So you are forced to either to draw or assault the superior enemy. Both are frustrating (draw to both sides, assaulting with inferior ships to assaulting side). Because all game modes involve capping of some sorts - maybe the timer should be in some cases just removed and the stronger team goes to "forced cap" mode, where they actually have to cap and defend the cap if they are capable of doing so, and the weaker side is allowed to try to stop the cap and there is no timer (or timer is reset to allow continued play). I have number of games where I was alone or with one friendly ship as DD against number of enemy BB's, cruisers and whatnot and I was "hunted into draw". The thing is... I was actually enjoying myself at that point! It got all survival horror genre and it was fun, trying to struggle against the squeezing net, lauching torpedoes left and right while trying to stay out of visual range or ration my smoke... - but the timer said "Nope. You shall not have fun. Nobody wins because 20 minutes is so damn important number".
  10. Well... I see it happen and I think its ok. DD's are crammed vehicles without much relevant armor so HE hits should be more effective against destroyers than say - cruisers. DD's have self-defense in various forms. They can pop that speed boost even when rudder is dead, they have repair cooldown, they have fog and they are manouverable to begin with. - When you lose rudder you probably are heading safe way. Pop speed boost to get out of range/visual range even if you cant turn. - When you lose engine pop smoke and steer with your remaining speed to avoid fire. In smoke you can wait repair cooldown to come back. - When you get hit and lose component consider second time if it's neccesary to repair it just now - if there is more fire incoming you might also catch fire soon and lose more components. You must and should consider your repair CD's value in HP - meaning, let the component be broken, let the fire burn or some component be broken if it's not absolutely mandatory to fix it right now. Fire eats your HP - but broken rudder that gets busted in next volley will kill you 100% sure - so save your repair for rudder/engine even if that costs you some HP right now. Repair when you are (relatively) safe.
  11. Troubledove

    Invisible DD? Is it a feature or a bad luck?

    Its intented feature and game working as planned. Especially japan DD's can do "invisible torpedo launch" out of their visibility range and still be in their torp range. The margin for example in Wakatake with camo paints is about 900m (7.0 torp range, 6.1km spot range). When maxed this can be about 1400m in wakatake. (With 5 point captain skill in added camo). Shooting torpedoes does not add to spotting range unlike shooting cannons and use of AA or being on fire. The downside is that torps from that distance are long shots. They take long to travel, the torpedo fan will be wide and thin and targets moving away from the torps can even outrun the torpedoes range. Also any shift in speed or bearing will make the torpedoes likely to just completely miss. But yes. You can shoot torpedoes when staying invisible. Once you see torps coming from nowhere you know there is DD out there, act accordingly and you will be fine.
  12. Troubledove

    Is WOWS realistic?

    No. WoWS is not realistic, its not simulator, its not real-physics based. It is streamlined arcadey tactical bathtub-battleground that takes historical and realism in streamlined gaming-first attitude, facts and physics are just "flavor" here and there, giving some intuitive feel. WoWS - like WoT - is more like real-time board game with boardgame like rules.
  13. Troubledove

    WoWs has become WoT

    Mistake on what sense? In sense of hurting 2%'s of (eventual) playerbase feelings? Yes. Bad mistake. In sense of getting millions moneys from howling crowds of madness? Not mistake, brilliant business move. Lets stick to the only world we have, the world where games like WoWS and WoT are not developed for die-hard gamers with special tastes, but to the masses that will toss away their wallets to be panzer generals and wurship kaptains. What "Diehard gamers" need is a coping plan. What stands for WoT stands for WoTS. 1) Enjoy the chaos. Learn to harness and ride it. (the other team will - in average - be as awful as your random team. Deal with it.). If you expect random teams to behave like well-organized entities youre bloody fool. 2) Play team games / eSportsy game modes if you want deep team tactics. (they will emerge later to give game skill-credibility and make "superstars" and give clans something to strive for. It is the community advertising WG needs after while) 3) Only thing that you can change is yourself, world just won't care. You want different game? Too bad. The WoWS developed ultimately for the masses is the reality and only WoWS there will be. Thats realism.
  14. Troubledove

    Border humping poll

    Well... maybe the borders should be "extented" in a way that when you collide with the "border" the ship stops responding to user controls. The ship automatically starts steering maximum to get out of the border, with full speed ahead - and the ships travels beyond the border on autopilot that is steering and putting speed to max to return to this side of the border. When ship exits the "autopilot" zone ships controls are returned to player. Because this disallows any kind of defensive manouvering while out of map soft borders it doesnt allow "sidestrafe" of any kind, just turning back to map on autopilot. Anyone seeing you being out of map borders knows instantly where you are heading (turning back to map) and your speed (full speed) thus it would be undesirable to lose manouverability while being offmap because on autopilot youre sitting duck. So my solution is not to alter the physics of ships exiting map limits, but setting them on autopilot to return to map in controlled fashion.
  15. Troubledove

    WoWs has become WoT

    Wasnt this obvious from the beginning?