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  1. Masterrix

    Insignia & Emblems

    this game becomes more and more childish annoying crap, no one demanded for
  2. ok this game has more and more Punk-camoflages more and more Punk-B-hulls (to lift historical ships 1 tier higher than they should be) more and more Punk interpretations of paper-ships (WGN-superstructures, or melting different paper ships into one ship) now we have the first....completely sense-free, out of control ......"Punk-BOSS-mutant" ! freakish camoflage on a freakish "disfigured" italian beauty: The Kobayashi-who-demanded-for- this-****- Roma
  3. Masterrix

    King George V vs Duke of York

    eben nicht, welches "Groß" denn ? Scharnhorsts und Gneisenaus(=Bismarck) Geschütze hatten auch historisch eine geringere Ladezeit als die meisten anderen BBs Die restlichen T7 BBs haben eine ebenfalls recht akkurate Ladezeit von ca 2 rpm, nur Nelson wurde auch gebufft von 1.5 auf 2 rpm, sonst wäre sie nicht spielbar gewesen dass man aber bei der KGV von 2 auf 2.4 bufft wo das Schiff doch ohnehin schon gut genug ist, war schlichtweg unnötig und ist der Grund, weshalb KGV leicht überperformt. das hatten 10 HE-Gimmik Kanonen schlichtweg nicht nötig... deshalb bin ich froh, dass man DoY wieder mehr an ihr historisches Vorbild angelehnt hat, und das Ergebnis ist ein deutlich ausgeglicheneres Schiff!
  4. Masterrix

    King George V vs Duke of York

    das Prolem ist nicht DoY, sonder KGV der 25 Sek Reload ist schlichtweg unnötig, und a-historisch obendrauf (das waren 30 Sek in Wirklichkeit), mit 53.04 % winrate ist KGV nicht ohne Grund das erfolgreichste T7 "Tech-Tree"-BB (DoY hat sogar noch etwas mehr, 54,68%, was aber daran liegt, das v.a. die "Pros" sie am schnellsten freigespielt hatten) dieser überzogene Reload für 10 Kanonen mit HE-Gimmik hat die KGV etwas zu gut auf T7 gemacht, während die DoY "nur" ein well-balanced T7 BB ist, .............und so sollte es auch sein !!!! falls WGN hier Anpassungen vornimmt, hoffe ich, dass KGV ihren Reload genervt bekommt, auf DoY-Niveau. Das wäre gut fürs T7 Balancing, gut um die überladenen RN BB Gimmiks etwas zurückzunehmen, und gut für die "historical correct"-Lobby .....nur würden dann die KGV-Performer natürlich rumplerren
  5. Masterrix

    French battleships talk

    is this "Strasbourg-like" "command tower" also part of the early Richelieu project ?? the command tower of the A hull looks more similar to Strasbourg than Richilieu
  6. does anyone know why Richelieu's stock-hull looks so strange ? Straßbourg-command tower, 5x3 secs, catapults ? is this another fantasy-garbage thing, no one demanded for ? so hard to use early-war Richi as stock and late war Richi as B-hull ?
  7. how strong is the egnine boost ? I really hate the idea of battleships at 40knts, this would look completely stupid and feel wrong
  8. Masterrix

    About time Hippers 8"/60 SK C/34 were buffed

    I'm not a fan of "permanently buffing RoFs" ingame, more "pew-pew" here, more "pew pew" there. no thanks in case of Hipper/Eugen, I would give them 1 heal consumable. german ships are more based on good survivability than on good damage output. the heal consumable would bring Hipper/Eugen closer to this, than more "pew-pew"
  9. Masterrix

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - New Effects

    WGN present's Michael Bay's World of BOOOOMships special super-cool features: - now, every "kill" will look like a gigantic magazine explosion -> boooooooooom - sunken after 2 min of torpedo flooding ? -> booooooooooooooooooooom - sunken by a little secondary gun ? -> booooomooooooooooooom - sunken by a fish, touching you? - booooooooooooooooom roadmap: - implementation of a "nuclear explosion" animation, if your magazine really explodes! -> super cool booooooooooooom XXL WGN! we do everything to please the 14 years old kiddis within our (mostly adult) playerbase!
  10. Masterrix

    Brits: Special case across the board?

    ironically, not long ago, a WGN stuff member (Tuccy?) said in this forum, that RN BBs won't get many gimmicks because devs figured out that these ships are already very solid.... ....some weeks later, we know, that the RN BBs are the most "gimmicked" BB line ever, with several ships overperforming according to testers, just because of these stupid gimmicks ...
  11. Masterrix

    Diese BBs.........

    jetzt wirds langsam peinlich ...
  12. Masterrix

    Public Test 0.6.10 - New Effects

    every "kill" looks like a massive "magazine explosion", blowing up the ship completely. thats too much I like the new water splashes and the fire animation, but the kill-explosions are overdone !
  13. according to russian archievs, the sovjet fleet's radar was far more advanced than USN or RN radar
  14. Masterrix

    RN BBs : Their Achilles' Heel

    RN BBs are pretty well balanced, I swear they are so good, that no other ships will be played soon after release and when 24 ships in a match are overpowered in the same way, its balanced again ! thats magic !
  15. Masterrix

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    I hoped so for the british but even here, WGN comes up with 400% fastened super-heal crap, increased reload for KGV at T7, never planed Lion gunupgrades aso some day we will get 60.000 tons heavy french battleships @ 40+ knts because of stupid speed boosts