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  1. 0.6.8

    secondary range buff was not necessary, dont like it a nerf is welcome (fire chance, damage), but the range buff is something NO ONE demanded for. the range was already too much before Bismarck/Tirpitz - 6,5 Friedrich - 7 Kurfürst - 7,5 would be more than enough
  2. it's not 100% noobproof, and in WoWS, every BB has to be 100% noobproof (prime doctrine of WG) thats why we recently got a Hood with overdone turret-rotation and rudder shift, just to make an uncomfortable BB to one of the most comfortable ones
  3. they messed up german BBs now they will mess up british BBs messing up historical ships in a game about historical ships is the only continuity you can bet for in this game gj, WGN !
  4. +1 Sir, absolutely true!
  5. can pls someone explain why a 10x14" with good sigma (1.9,2.0) and improved impact angles (like Hood) couldn't work at T8 ????? the only thing I heard was because of bowtanking high-tier CAs, but the Brits will get insane HE shells to switch, so they can aim for superstructure and melt it away and I guess a good sigma 14" KGV could still hurt a bow tanking CA similar good as a bad sigma 15" KGV but unfortunately, for WG the KGV is a "shotgun", and because of this "shotgun interpretation" a 14" KGV will underperform in high tier matches and about Monarch: why these stupid "post war masts" on an "early concept" for a historical ship that later never got these masts....
  6. this is the (even more stupid) 4-2-4 15" KGV obviosly the Monarch isn't on testserves at the moment
  7. T8 KGV T8 Premium Prince of Wales (of course with 14") this would have been best
  8. if they can balance Vanguard for T8, than they can also balance KGV for T8 --------------------- I still dont understand the problem of 10x14" at T8 with sigma 1,9-2,0 and good penetration angles (like Hood) a KGV could still perform well
  9. so this means that we will have a ton of british T7 battleships - Nelson, Hood, KGV, Vanguard ..... and only paperships above T7 ...thats....meehhh
  10. warum kann man die Seks nicht nerfen (Schaden), "ohne" gleichzeitig die Range zu vergrößern ??? unterm Strich ist es zwar immer noch ein Nerf, aber die viel zu hohe Range nochmal zu erhöhen ist einfach nur idiotisch. Das ist doch das aller aller Letzte was Bismarck/Tipritz nötig hatten. WG übetreibt es zunehmend mit ihrem "Special Flavour" Mist
  11. Hi, was ist das für eine komische Tarnung auf der GrafZ? schon klar, dass die GrafZ historisch nie eine Tarnung hatte, aber man sollte dann doch wenigstens eine "historische deutsche Tarnung" verwenden, die auf anderen Schiffen zum Einsatz kam. Schließlich kann man davon ausgehen, dass die GrafZ irgend eine davon bekommen hätte.... Liege ich richtig in der Annahme, dass dieses Camo-Schema komplett an den Haaren herbeigezogen ist, oder gab es da ein anderes Schiff als Vorbild, das ich nur noch nicht kenne ??
  12. ok guys I'm confused is the (stupid) 15" upgrade what WGN is going to do now ? or did they drop it ? (I hope so)
  13. that's new for me, what do u mean ? will the british BBs get an overdone rudder-shift like Hood ? according to the leaked stats on gamemodels3D, the rudder-shifts seems to be normal for BBs.
  14. I spoke about comfortability not gunpower
  15. Hood is too comfortable great speed + great rudder shift + great turret traverse + good fire arcs + good acceleration..........only bad turning cycle left this is not an old british BB, its a modern german BB, even beating most modern german BBs in this category Hood was buffed to become a fun-ship for dynamic arcarde playstyle-lovers......but this doesnt reflect the historical Hood sure, its impossible to make a ship 100% accurate, but a historical ship should still "reflect its historical base-characteristics of strenghts and weaknesses" .... buffs are ok when they still fit to this setup of base-characteristics, but buffs are not ok to make a ship to something different it never was so overall, I don't like this "interpretation" of Hood a small tweak would have changed a lot for me: same guns as Warspite: 3.3° traverse, 2.0 sigma, standard ammo -> this would feel more natural, more in the right corner, and would balance the overdone comfortabelity (still great maneuverability/mobility, but worser turret traverse) -> Hood is absolutely unique enough to stand out by herself with other stats, there was no need for this overdone Bismarck-traverse and freakish cruiser ammo