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  1. how strong is the egnine boost ? I really hate the idea of battleships at 40knts, this would look completely stupid and feel wrong
  2. I'm not a fan of "permanently buffing RoFs" ingame, more "pew-pew" here, more "pew pew" there. no thanks in case of Hipper/Eugen, I would give them 1 heal consumable. german ships are more based on good survivability than on good damage output. the heal consumable would bring Hipper/Eugen closer to this, than more "pew-pew"
  3. 0.6.10

    WGN present's Michael Bay's World of BOOOOMships special super-cool features: - now, every "kill" will look like a gigantic magazine explosion -> boooooooooom - sunken after 2 min of torpedo flooding ? -> booooooooooooooooooooom - sunken by a little secondary gun ? -> booooomooooooooooooom - sunken by a fish, touching you? - booooooooooooooooom roadmap: - implementation of a "nuclear explosion" animation, if your magazine really explodes! -> super cool booooooooooooom XXL WGN! we do everything to please the 14 years old kiddis within our (mostly adult) playerbase!
  4. ironically, not long ago, a WGN stuff member (Tuccy?) said in this forum, that RN BBs won't get many gimmicks because devs figured out that these ships are already very solid.... ....some weeks later, we know, that the RN BBs are the most "gimmicked" BB line ever, with several ships overperforming according to testers, just because of these stupid gimmicks ...
  5. jetzt wirds langsam peinlich ...
  6. 0.6.10

    every "kill" looks like a massive "magazine explosion", blowing up the ship completely. thats too much I like the new water splashes and the fire animation, but the kill-explosions are overdone !
  7. according to russian archievs, the sovjet fleet's radar was far more advanced than USN or RN radar
  8. RN BBs are pretty well balanced, I swear they are so good, that no other ships will be played soon after release and when 24 ships in a match are overpowered in the same way, its balanced again ! thats magic !
  9. I hoped so for the british but even here, WGN comes up with 400% fastened super-heal crap, increased reload for KGV at T7, never planed Lion gunupgrades aso some day we will get 60.000 tons heavy french battleships @ 40+ knts because of stupid speed boosts
  10. rebuilt with a boat carrier platform, that made the KGV look unique compared to rest of the class. they should have saved this for a premium PoW.
  11. ....why does KGV use the "Prince of Wales" model with catapult instead of boats in the middle ??? the early KGV model was correct, now they switched to PoW and named it KGV....great ohhh WGN why always messing up ships.....I hate this crap, and I'm loosing more and more motivation to play this game
  12. still super-heal ? why ? that thing already has good survivability: armor ok, HP pool large......and still super-heal ? Lion and Conquerer have low HP-pool compared to other T9/10 ships, here the super heal make sense
  13. I hate this fantasy crap, already too much punkships in the game right now
  14. is this a Kii-mutant ? couldn't find any Kii drawings that look like this release !
  15. so it is, thats pretty much standard for most BBs