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  1. MahBallz

    Indianapolis Marathon


    Kinda sucks... Have been keeping up the best I can but don't see why I have to miss out as have been busy with work and have been on holiday etc so have had periods I've been away and not able to be online... If it wasn't for each of the parts being staggered every few days I'd be complete already or on target to compete this event. Especially coming into the height of summer when people are starting to have a lot of irl stuff on it's kinda unreasonable to have an event structured like this imo.
  2. MahBallz

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Any harder and I'd have given myself a hernia.
  3. MahBallz

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Actually really annoyed. Someone stole a kill off me, I gunned a dd down and some little bb was sitting there waiting for the last moment and BAM stole it Also woulda kill traded with the zao - he killed me but i also got him down to 34hp and i had two incoming salvos on him but the game ended before they landed Always seem to get cheated out of my kraken lol The biggest thing that's annoyed me is i recieved -2 karma for this game.... HOW THE HELL DOES THIS DESERVE -2 KARMA?
  4. MahBallz

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    Maybe make the maps so that you don't start earning full XP until you've traveled past a certain point? And/or you earn more xp on damage you do whilst in/near cap points/objectives? Until they create an incentive for these bozos to actually move out of spawn or introduce a method of punishment against those that camp this will only ever continue. Or nerf BB guns to 10km?
  5. MahBallz

    I'm being abused by weekend potatoes :(

    Yeah I bloody hate that. I've lost nearly all my karma just from games I've done really well in lately. Getting sick of getting reported for doing well... WoWS... The only game I know that rewards & promotes knobbery and punishes players that play the objective and do well
  6. MahBallz

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    Have to say I've recently had a bit of a holiday from wows. Enough was enough and I just couldn't take the BS anymore. Things were gonna get broken... Not that I have anger issues or anything But yeah things have certainly taken a turn lately. My average w/r is normally about 65% on average if I'm having a typical run of the mill day/week. Higher on occasions if things are going super well. I've had some days recently though when it's been around the 30% avg mark. Or lower. Think it was boxing day I played 21 games and won 3 even though in nearly every game I was top or at least top 3. Though, that's hardly an achievement lately.... But even carrying pretty hard there's not really a lot one can do when a significant portion of your team are muppets. Biggest issue I have is nobody wants to push up and take objectives anymore. Dunno why, but people seem to think games can be won by sitting at the back of spawn doing F all. And by far the biggest annoyance is when you're on the way to an objective to cap and a few enemy ships pop up on the screen. Before you know it the other players that were accompanying you have soiled their britches and F'd off leaving you on your own against a number of enemy ships which you could have easily defeated as a group but have no chance on your own and get focused to hell earning no xp or credits. I dunno if its stupidity or laziness. Or both? Also what is it when you start a game and the DD's are going BACKWARDS?!? The DD's should be getting out there to scout, cap or lay a few torps down. Instead they sit there in spawn and wait for other ships to go in first... But yeah just general common sense seems to be severely lacking at the moment. Watching players, even higher tier players atm its a wonder how they even got to that point in the game. Simple stuff like angling and ammo type use, not using hydro/radar or my biggest gripe people that play dd's that are unaware they have guns too. This type of behaviour has definitely been on the rise. No idea what the solution is though. One things for sure, I think I'll be taking a few more wows holidays before this year is out -.-
  7. MahBallz

    Gift Containers a joke!

    spent near on £150 on these containers and had nothing but LOTS of camos, a few doubloons and a couple of days premium. bit of a joke when some of us spend a fair whack of money on these and get nothing decent in return and other people spend like 10 quid and get awesome ships n stuff... why not make it so if you spend x amount and haven't had a ship or anything you get something? kinda not fair to those people who spend a lot of money to support this game and dont get anything in return.
  8. MahBallz

    The adventures of a Cruiser Captain

    i nickname the Fiji 'the squeegee'. It's just a wet friggin sponge. Sure, I can more often than not come away from a game with circa 80k dmg in it but rarely do I ever make it out alive. The tiniest glancing blow takes off so much damn hp.
  9. MahBallz

    The adventures of a Cruiser Captain

    I wonder how many of the 80% voting for no are part of the current 'OMG NERF EVERYTHING EXCEPT BB'S BECOZ WE ARE SPECIAL #MASTERRACE' You know something needs to be done when you're regularly seeing games with 4 or 5 BB and 4-5 DD a side with literally one or two cruisers. There is literally no incentive or motivation to play cruiser anymore especially considering your broadsides are now pretty much irrelevant as you are just as likely to be citadeled through stern or rear. BB's have had it far too easy for too long sitting in spawn sniping poor defenceless cruisers from 20+km.
  10. MahBallz

    Royal Navy CLs fix poll

    someone needs to remind them who it was that protected their precious arctic convoys... oh yeah... the British. in their cruisers. who sacrificed themselves to help the soviet war effort.
  11. MahBallz

    weekends + mid tier = lose lose lose lose lose lose

    how do I see that? iirc, I only played one or two games yesterday evening. not really much to base anything on like the whole day I've been playing today.
  12. urgh. I know loads of people moan about relentless losing streaks but this is just getting ridiculous. Is it just me or does anybody else just get constant lose at weekends now with mid tier ships? Higher tier games aren't so bad, its more the mid tiers (around 5-6) that are the issue for me (I don't play low tier, so can't comment on those) Currently working on a couple of tier 6 ships which during the week I get a general winrate of around 60% but weekends are ridiculous. So far out of 17 games today I've won 3. And I know that I'll probably get the usual tedious morons pointing fingers saying 'oh well it must be your fault then' but a fair amount of them i've been top or at least top 3. I just don't understand how this happens. If it was just the odd bad weekend then fine. But its EVERY damn weekend. It never used to be like this, I used to enjoy playing mid tiers but over the last month or two it's just gone to hell. Its annoying as theres a few mid tier ships i love to play plus also when you wanna earn a bit of xp its just so damn tedious keep losing all the time. tier 8 & 9 doesnt seem to be an issue for me, however. I just wanna know who the lucky bastards are that keep getting put on the winning team at weekends
  13. MahBallz

    british english voice

    Hell, if Wargaming fund my travel to their office I'll do the bloody voiceovers for free. Could do a way better job than this.
  14. See it time and time again amongst t9 & 10's. Made some guy in an Iowa super salty last night. I saw him trying to flank round our bottom corner of the map all by himself. I was rocking the Atlanta (as usual. Love that ship) so thought YOLO I'll go and play with him Ended up brawling with him, somehow managed to survive long enough to get a shitload of fire and hits on him to bring him down and got my torps off right before he managed to take me out. By that time I'd got him down to around 15-20k hit points when a bunch of my torps hit. I was about 3km away from this dude so he was overpenning like crazy - he didnt even have the sense to switch to HE which gave me the time to do a lot of damage to him (85K lol). Shoulda seen the amount of salt from this guy even though he was an idiot for sailing around alone. If it wasn't me it would have been a DD that got him or even our carrier. I'm not sure it was the fact I was in an Atlanta that annoyed him or more than fact that he couldn't understand that sailing into the enemy's part of the map all alone is a stupid thing to do? Either way, super satisfying lol. I just don't understand why t9 & 10 players [edited]and whine so much. Yeah, its expensive. Yeah you loose credits. Accept it.
  15. MahBallz

    To not have a fail MM

    Why not have, like some other games do, a system incorporating some kind of skill points per round system where it takes a look at each players hit ratios, kills per round, damage per round etc for a given class/ship and then balance the teams by ship tier AND the players abilities and works out an overall skill point average for both teams and adjusts the teams accordingly. After all, even if MM blanaces just the tiers its not uncommon to get lots of teams that just plain SUCK. Just because your team mates are in high tier ships don't mean jack.