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  1. When I play the carriers, sometimes in the middle of a battle the pilot (radio) voices disappear and all I hear are BLEEPS when my planes wants to communicate with me about their status. Then I have to quit the game and restart. Sometimes it happens already as of the first battle and sometimes during the second or third battle. Strange thing is, it never happens at the start of a battle but allways in the middle or at the end. Is this a known bug in the game ?
  2. Herbstnebel1975

    It looks like we were not allowed to win that battle

    Thanks for the advice for the skills. Once i've reached the 10th skill I reset them all and keep this in mind. The AA of my teammates was activated (I checked it during the fight by zoming in) and the other carrier did not had an extra fighter in his squadron. Normaly I win those kind of fights 99% of the time. But with the support of 3 x AA (tier 4 & 5) i was pretty sure to win but I lost already one plane the first second of the battle....that was fast, like he was strafed but that is not possible for that tier ....
  3. I started a battle with my Zuho carrier and after a minute I was in a dogfighter with my fighter squadron against the fighters of the enemy Zuho carrier. I had the benefit of the AA from 2 of my DD's and one CS. But still my fighters got destroyed and the enemy got away with 2 fighters left ?!?!? How is this possible ? My captain has nine skills !!!
  4. Oh boy, sometimes it feels like ...
  5. You got a point, joining a clan in World of Tanks raised my winrate from 45% til 51 %
  6. Walter, nothing wrong by questioning things. That's how people minds work. your answers are not clarifying nor are they a contribution .
  7. Their CV was at B 5, I saw his planes heading back in that direction. I never managed to kill him cause he was very good with his bombers and torps and my captain was still on a penalty training so dodging did not going very well.
  8. change MM for everyone, for noobs, average and veteran players based on their stats. If noob getting better they can climb on the ladder and get in to average MM. It's just a proposal
  9. Thanks for the advice. Just aside, I never said in my post that the MM is rigged or WG has a some of conspiray. Don't put words in my mouth that I never said.
  10. or join me in a division, wouldn't that be better ? :-)
  11. read all my posts, I said that not every paying player has good stats.
  12. I just ask questions and searching for explanations. Some put words in my mouth I never said. About the screenshots, At first I stayed with 2 BS to support them against airstrikes and DD. After the first attack one started to flee and I Continued with the other one with an attack. Partially that succeeded as you can see that I made 3 kills but If you don't get support from the rest of your team.... you fail. Maybe in the hands of a unicum player, there was a chance to win. Started second battle and after a few minutes.... as you can see, I did not have the energy anymore to support a tomatoe/bot team again....
  13. Pink Panther, 61% winrate before you bought your first premium ship..... 61 %.... after 25 battles or 25k battles ? LOL Ok I agree, that is something we can't prove. What I do know is about 4 years ago, a good player of my first clan (in WOT) started to play with my account after I was complaining in chat that I had nothing but defeats....guess what, he had the same problem and he did not had an explanation for it. Some days I had all the defeats and some days I had all the victory's. But ok, we are talking about wows, I just played another battle and not with CV and guess what ...... please tell me what went wrong
  14. Piritskenyer. Those people who have a winrate of 70% or higher are they playing for free or do they pay now and then for the game ? Ok, not everybody who pays for the game will have good stats but are there players with unicum stats and never payed for the game ? I doubt it... When I read the forums and facebook, I notice that a lot of players are disappointed and if they would all deinstall the game it would be good for their mental health but not for your patience in de queue. A possible solution could be to make teams by the skills. Beginners vs Beginners, Average vs Average and Skilled vs Skilled.
  15. How come that the most players have a general winrate of around 50% ??? If battles are realy RANDOM how can this happen ? In WOT it tried with a second account to get a general winrate below 35% but I did not succeed to manage it, it was even harder then to reach a winrate of more then 50%. The MM was putting me after a while in teams with good players. Even sabotage the team or go suicide from the start did not help. That and some more other reasons made me to deinstall the game from my harddrive. WoWs is (or was) better untill the last 2 patches. Something has changed. And I agree I'm not a good player and I can give it a try to improve but if not....I'm afraid this game will be deinstalled soon just like WoT cause it feels more like a waste of time and lots of frustration and lack of fun.