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  1. Herbstnebel1975

    CV Rework Discussion

    Is it me or ... I end up in battles without CVs, more and more. As well as low tier or higher tier . When I play musashi I NEVER have to face a CV, what is good cause AA of Musashi is very bad :-) Could it be that the majority of the players don't like the new cv mode anymore or is it just coincidence ?
  2. Herbstnebel1975

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    Customer is KING but money is GOD. Stop spending money, that's the only way to make WG listening to the customer :-)
  3. Herbstnebel1975

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    When most of the players has left the game, they won't be able to answer that survey. Only the players who like the update are still online...
  4. Herbstnebel1975

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    I've left the game for one week now. Still have 2 premium carriers in harbor that I shall sell before the end of the month to get my gold back. Maybe I can transfer it to my WoT account...but I doubt if that would be a good idea as I left that game already 2 years ago cause WG ruined that game too . Now I put money in my fortnite account. Epicgames says thank you to WG for that ;-) I shall do a peak now and then to check if the gameplay turns again in the good direction as I do with WoT also.
  5. Herbstnebel1975

    Disappointed with an update. Is refund possible?

    Of course, you by a RTS based game (ship) and all of a sudden they change it to a third person view based game... I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!
  6. Herbstnebel1975

    Disappointed with an update. Is refund possible?

    I say it with a song
  7. Herbstnebel1975

    cariers upgrade

    Me 2, and as I was mainly playing this game cause of the carriers I'll think a quit the game for good. Now I can spend more time (and money) to other games. It was fun and WG won't turn it back so it's over. Bye bye
  8. Herbstnebel1975

    New CVs

    I've sold all my carriers. Still got 2 premium carriers in harbor and created a ticket to get my money back. NO DOUBLOONS, cause carriers were the mainly reason I've played this game. I can't do anything with doubloons, so give people their money back. Customer satisfaction is important to continue your buissiness
  9. Herbstnebel1975

    Disappointed with an update. Is refund possible?

    I have the same feeling, I've played this game mainly for the fun with carriers. Now the fun is over and I want my money for 2 premium carriers back. NO DOUBLOONS cause I won't spend a lot of time on the game in the near future. Just give us our money back, we have never asked for this change. Don't put customers on a fulfilled fact.
  10. Herbstnebel1975

    Where are the captains of the removed carriers after update 0.8.0 ?!?!?

    Ok thanks, I'll check it out
  11. As mentioned in the tittle, my tier 5 & 7 carriers are removed but also the captains while I could retrain them for my next carriers ? I hope someone or WG can tell me where I can retrieve them cause I've put a lot of effort to train them to skill 15. If they are gone I will not be motivated anymore to continue the game. It's not fun to so all your time and effort being vanished by any next update of the game.
  12. Herbstnebel1975

    New CVs

    Where are the captains of the removed carriers ? I can't find them in my barracks to re-use them in other ships ? I had some very skilled captains were I put lots of effort and time in it but they seem to be removed completely ?!?!? I want them back and if that's not possible then I'm not motivated anymore to continue the game. It's not fair that all your efforts can vanish by the next update. For me, it's deinstall and bye bye.
  13. When I play the carriers, sometimes in the middle of a battle the pilot (radio) voices disappear and all I hear are BLEEPS when my planes wants to communicate with me about their status. Then I have to quit the game and restart. Sometimes it happens already as of the first battle and sometimes during the second or third battle. Strange thing is, it never happens at the start of a battle but allways in the middle or at the end. Is this a known bug in the game ?
  14. Herbstnebel1975

    It looks like we were not allowed to win that battle

    Thanks for the advice for the skills. Once i've reached the 10th skill I reset them all and keep this in mind. The AA of my teammates was activated (I checked it during the fight by zoming in) and the other carrier did not had an extra fighter in his squadron. Normaly I win those kind of fights 99% of the time. But with the support of 3 x AA (tier 4 & 5) i was pretty sure to win but I lost already one plane the first second of the battle....that was fast, like he was strafed but that is not possible for that tier ....
  15. I started a battle with my Zuho carrier and after a minute I was in a dogfighter with my fighter squadron against the fighters of the enemy Zuho carrier. I had the benefit of the AA from 2 of my DD's and one CS. But still my fighters got destroyed and the enemy got away with 2 fighters left ?!?!? How is this possible ? My captain has nine skills !!!