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  1. Statch

    REQUEST for Premium Ships (wishlist)

    for the sheer pain that it would be to go in a straight line i give you the Novgorod Name: HMS Cavalier Builder: J. Samuel White and Company, Cowes, Isle of Wight Laid down: 28 March 1943 Launched: 7 April 1944 Commissioned: 22 November 1944 Decommissioned: 1972 Identification: Pennant number: R73 (later D73) Fate: Preserved as a museum ship since 1998 General characteristics Class and type: C-class destroyer Displacement: 1,710 tons (standard) 2,520 tons (full) Length: 363 ft (111 m) o/a Beam: 35.75 ft (10.90 m) Draught: 10 ft (3.0 m) light,[1] 14.5 ft (4.4 m) full, 16 ft (4.9 m) max[1] Propulsion: 2 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, Parsons geared steam turbines, 40,000 shp (30,000 kW), 2 shafts Speed: 37 knots (69 km/h) Range: 615 tons oil, 1,400 nautical miles (2,600 km) at 32 knots (59 km/h) Complement: 186[1] Armament: 3 × QF 4.5-inch (113 mm) L/45 gunsMark IV on mounts CP Mk.V 2 × Bofors 40 mm L/60 guns on twin mount "Hazemeyer" Mk.IV, 4 × anti-aircraft mountings; Bofors 40 mm, single mount Mk.III QF 2-pdr Mk VIII, single mount Mk.XVI Oerlikon 20 mm, single mount P Mk.III Oerlikon 20 mm, twin mount Mk.V 2 × pentuple tubes for 21 inch (533 mm) torpedoes Mk.IX (at launch, after tubes replaced by Squid mortars,[2] forward tubes replaced later). 4 throwers and 2 racks for 96 depth charges 1 × quadruple GWS20 Seacat SAM launcher (from September 1964)[2] 2 × triple Squid anti-submarine mortar (from 1957)[2]
  2. Statch

    famous ships

    well for me would love to see the russian monitor Novgorod could be quite funny moving it around a map
  3. Statch

    A planned Royal Navy Battleship tech tree

    Don't use the forum all that often, couldnt see where to put this bit of news, So thought i would add it on here apologies if i have put in the wrong place. https://defenceoftherealm.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/news-jutland-veteran-to-be-restored-with-impounded-wood/ if the link does not work then this is the main body of the topic A consignment of Spanish cedar wood worth in the region of £100,000 destined for a Latin American client was confiscated by the UK Border Agency after the owners failed to provide evidence that it was harvested from a sustainable source. The wood timber will now be used to help restore the World War One cruiser HMS Caroline from a rusting hulk to a floating museum ready for it to take part in the centenary of the Battle of Jutland, the most significant naval battle of the Great War, next year. HMS Caroline is the last survivor of the battle and earlier this year a £15m lottery donation began the process of bringing the ship based in Belfast back to life. During the battle the vessel was part of the screening force which sailed ahead of the Grand Fleet to establish the position of German battleships off the coast of Denmark. The confiscated cedar wood will be primarily used to replace the worn out wooden deck.
  4. Statch

    Royal Navy Tech tree Proposal

    Would love to see a place for the tiger class light cruiser roughly equivalent to the cleveland in dimensions, but I doubt we would get them as there twin 6 in turrets had a rate of 20 rounds a minute. Due to there auto loader system will probably get the minotaur class as these where the preceding class
  5. Statch

    What RN ships would you like to see?

    personally i still think 2 RN Ships will make it into the game as they will be very easy to get the information on C class light cruiser HMS Caroline still in use as a reserve training base in Belfast and HMS Cavalier is in Chatham dockyard heck i reckon the cavalier would be a premium with some of the funds raised being sent to the preservation of said ship. I would buy it lol
  6. Statch

    Royal Navy Tech tree Proposal

    Got to admit i like the look of the Proposal but would like to see the C class destroyer included somehow although it will probably be a premium http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Cavalier_(R73) Have actually walked around this ship when i had the chance Also forgot the Z class (still 1 in service) called El Fatteh now with the egyptian navy and they still have a black swan class ship in service or at least they did when i was last in Alexandria
  7. Statch

    [MODELS] Ships Exposition

    Attached some images apologies for the bad pictures they are all working models apart from the blake/tiger which is still in build
  8. Statch

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    Probably the same WAFU that was in charge of the main gate at Heron a base that i detest, Was barrack guard scary to think of a Jack dusty with a gun but hey ho. His comment was A day at sea is a day's caravaning wasted i jest not
  9. Statch

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    not as bad as 1 person i knew joined sutherland got promoted to LH sent on course, back to the sutherland and this continued till he was a chief only ship he has served on for 12 years, Mind you at least you know your way around rofl
  10. Statch

    [MODELS] Ships Exposition

    Will try to find the time to take some pictures of my models have a RC Type 23,Type 21,Tribal class frigates and am currently working when i have time on a model of HMS Blake after conversion to a helicopter carrier
  11. Statch

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    aye served on HMS Grafton,Sutherland,Somerset and Chatham i hated Top mast with a passion i know lets draft you to the same ship for 4 years
  12. Statch

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    Served 15 years in the RN,followed my father and grand father into the senior service and would do it all again. Visited 40+ countries and had a good laugh
  13. Statch

    Jackspeak - A Guide to British Naval Slang

    Going to use one that has been forgotten BZ made me chuckle from a ex Jack dustie