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  1. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Found a little "bug"
  2. Yea, game is getting complicated :P
  3. Odd, still crashes, but now after I log in, and not emediately. So, we're getting there, hehe.
  4. Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    My PC: Win10 64bit, Intel Core i7 6700K, 32GB RAM, Asus Maximus VIII GENE motherboard, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB (game installed here) and a 120/10 Mbit internet connection. The issue is not with the bug you describe, it is with ships, within spotting range, not getting rendered in for long periods after shooting and not hidden by smoke or other means. Turning all setting to lowest possible, doesn't change the rendiring time of ships, so apparently, it is not a graphical issue, but a connection issue. Playing other games that are even heavier on both graphics and connection, doesn't have this problem, so it must be on WG's side.
  5. Awesome, thanks a lot :D
  6. Any idea how to make the standard camo textures invisible? Used to be able to have an edited "camouflages.xml" in the res_mods>[latest version] folder, but now it just crashes the game instantly :/
  7. Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    I'm getting this too now Maybe WG gave up and deleted the game, hehe
  8. Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    Ah yea, I was a bit too fast there, and I agree that it's ok for ships to to appear on minimap first, then in the world. However, allthough the ships are now rendered in with effects and so on, there are still a crazy delay. Just had a fight, where a Minotaur never got rendered, even though it was not in smoke and kept firing its guns. It took a DD's torps to randomly hit the guy and then the wreck of the ship got rendered in. Spotted ships takes up to 20 seconds to render in, in general, not always though. I've tested my connection and it is at ~118/6 Mbit/s. Tried different graphics and sound settings, which didn't change anything. When playing on the PTS, everything runs smooth with minimal ship spotting delay, all settings on as high as they can. So, apparently, there's a problem on the live server.
  9. Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    The 0.7.4 update list has this in it: Upgrade of Ship Spotting System As a part of our Public Test we tried out 2 solutions to the ships' 3d rendering and their coinciding minimap appearance issue. Based on your feedback we chose the more popular solution that should cater to most of our players. It only partially deals with this issue, yet it has no unwanted side-effects. We're planning to introduce the next round of fixes in a few updates. In the 0.7.4 update ship detection will work as following: 3d model rendering and visual effects will happen simultaneously, while the minimap icon will be displayed just like it was in the 0.7.3 version. Apparently they forgot to actually implement it into the live version, because ship detection system works just as in 0.7.3. Spotted ships still appear on the minimap first, then up to 20 seconds later, the ship appears in the gameworld. So, stealthfire from ships with lower than 20 sec. reload is still happening :( Weird thing is, on the pts server, this worked, but on live, it is just as crap as usual.
  10. Upgrade of Ship Spotting System

    Anyhow, this conversation is starting to resemble something like kids talking about if one closes his/her eyes, the other kids can't see him/her. Sorry, no offense meant. About the way this "solution" is done at the moment, it is not optimal. However, from what I heard, it is only a temporary fix and they are working on a better solution. They talk about it here in a youtube video Waterline: Episode 1.1 [World of Warships] https://youtu.be/Z3EQ5edpuMs?t=11m54s
  11. Upgrade of Ship Spotting System

    @Jessa_Doom Again, you are partially right, but I think you are slightly confused. My picture explains everything perfectly clear. Here, let me put a little extra in, showing what you said, that is true, but disproves what you're trying to say and just proving my picture. Yes, the small ship has a shorter distance to the horizon and the big ship has a long distance to the horizon. But, as soon as either of them can see the top of the other ship, the other ship can see the top of the first ship.
  12. Upgrade of Ship Spotting System

    In regars to spotting, due to hight, as you describe it, you are partially right. However, you forget that, if you can see it, then it can see you, to some extent. But, the DD has a smaller "frame" and is therefore harder to spot, than the BB, which has a much bigger frame, hence, the bigger ship has bigger detection radius. 2 ships, a DD and a BB, where, according to hight and your explanation, the BB spots the DD, but then the DD can also spot the BB. Due to the curvature, when being very far apart, none of them should see more than the top of the ship though. However, the closer they get to eachother, the more of the ships become visible and the BB being the larger ship WILL be more "spotfriendly". So, bigger ships = higher detection range. There's simply more mass visible over the horizon.
  13. G. Kurfurst detectability range

    No it doesn't. You clearly can see 20.6km detectability after firing, and GK has 20.6km firing range Ah yea, I meant air detection, but nevermind ;) As I also wrote, I was blinded by the fire, meaning I apparently missed that a lot of other ships had this aswell, because I got frustrated.
  14. G. Kurfurst detectability range

    Ah ok, thanks :D Totally missed those ships... I'm blinded by the fires apparently :P
  15. G. Kurfurst detectability range

    Is it a bug or intentional, that the air detection range of the G. Kurfurst is higher than sea detection range? No other ship has this peculiarity and the sea detection range even goes beyond the ships firing range after shooting.