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  1. PziCrow

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    After update, sounds are still shitty as hell. Tried adjusting sliders, just get even more frustrated. Don't wan't to play this game anymore. Sound is REALLY important. Revert back to sound from 0.8.7, it worked, it was fine, no need to improve on it and the "improvements" you made, are not improvements.
  2. PziCrow

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    I can barely hear the engine sound from any ship. All sliders set to max and the sound from the engines is like 1% of what they used to be.
  3. PziCrow

    Spotting damage

    Over the past few battles, I have noticed that damage upon my spotting is inconsistent and I don't recieve the correct number from spotting ships, that are damaged by my team. My last battle, I spotted 5 ships - 3BB's and 2 CL's - and I was always the closest to them, keeping them spotted. I only got a little over 10k spotting damage from that, even though all 5 ships were destroyed by my teammates, so I should have got a LOT more than 10k.
  4. PziCrow


    As far as I know, the use of words is correct. It's a way of saying, his work can't be spoken negatively on.
  5. PziCrow


    New and "improved" autopilot has crashed me into more islands than ever before. It's like it doesn't know the topography of the maps. Old autopilot still better.
  6. PziCrow

    Small bugs I found in 0.8.7

    1. In the port, the tabs at the top resets back to "Port" after each battle, no matter which of the others was highlighted when entering battle. 2. In the "Ship Display settings panel", the checkbox for "Show ships with a Commander" is reset after closing the game client and then loging back in. 3. Torpedo reload sound plays after ship is sunk. 4. A message appears behind ships in the carousel.
  7. PziCrow

    General Feedback

    The keybinding setup resets to default after closing down the gameclient and logging back in.
  8. PziCrow

    [INTRO] Recruiting casual players

    Hey there. I'd like to join and I also sent an request ingame :D
  9. PziCrow

    Pointless launcher

    What is the reason to have the launcher, when it doesn't log you into the game? I have logged on with my profile on the launcher, but when pressing play, the game starts and I get to the log in screen, where I have to login again.
  10. PziCrow

    [ALL] ModStation

    Found a little "bug"