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  1. Linushg

    Are you joining us for Dreamhack?

    I have never been at dreamhack for one thing but i would love to go for several reasons. For one thing it would be nice to go to such an event since ive never been at a proper event, tho i have been at Arsenalen with WG a few times! I do remember Sehales from my time in ST team and we got along quite nice and it would be epic to finnaly meet you in real life and put a face to the name. Besides that im also in the swedish sea cadets where ive done 4 years as a youth and now spend 3 hours every thursday as an instructor teaching the younger cadets how you handle a boat and help them take their first boat driving license. It would however also be quite good for me to come since i study programming and IT right now and i would love to be able to talk with the developers about how they do things. Ill include a photo of me and one of my last summer course, and i think it will be quite hard to beat a photo taken on the bow of an active duty swedish submarine(it was published on FB by the swedish navy, so its ok). I do also live in Stockholm so its nice and close for me!
  2. Im sorry but you need to go back to school and relearn how to write propperly, reading this just gives me a panic attack. Please, do not write in this way because people feel uncomfortable as hell.
  3. Linushg

    R/C Scale 1/200 USS Iowa

    I guess i can start on the small things, such as the 40 mm bofors and 20 mm oerlikon guns, For scale ill put one 40 mm bofors gun next to a real world 40 mm bofors shell caseing i have. I will add that i have a real teak deck for it but that will be one of the last things i will put on.
  4. Linushg

    R/C Scale 1/200 USS Iowa

    My thread is long since died after i moved but depending on what people want ill resume the build again but im in the last year of high school so it wont be a main focus of mine. Lets see what you guys want. Ill add a pic of one of the brass sheets. Its individual ladder pins in scale 1/200...... (keep in mind this sheet is 10x15 cm)
  5. Linushg

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Sitter redan i SV2 på WOWS och gick med dagen då den startade I WOWS på inbjudan av MrMelvin själv. 17 år och några månader men var med i SVCW tillbaka i 2015 så borde inte vara några åldersproblem (kan tilllägga att jag är med i MOOSE i WOT vilken också har en 18 års gräns). Behöver tags på TS om möjligt. Top tier skepp är New orleans (typ 60 % klar med xp för Baltimore). Heter förvånande nog Linus IRL. Favoritskeppet är nog HMS Warspite eller KM Tirptiz eller USS Sims. Tänker ni efter känner ni mig redan men är en pratglad tonåring som är bra mognare än de mesta min ålder. Är också medlem i Sjövärnskåren för er som känner till den. Gått ut första året på teknisk linje nu i sommar.
  6. Linushg

    R/C Scale 1/200 USS Iowa

    Forgot to add some stuff........... Like length and width and other stuff like it. So here it comes: Length: 135 cm long or around 4 and a half foot long. Width: 16.5 cm or 6.5 inches Height: I have no idea but from the bottom to the tallest part it's around 2 feet, give or take a couple of inches. And yes, she is absolutely huge and with all R/C stuff in it, she will weigh around 7 to 8 kg. Will take her around to different events in Sweden but if WG wants to borrow it () just ask, although she will be hard to get to different places in Europe.
  7. Linushg

    Tiny Fleet - Sharing is Caring

    I'll post my Work in progress here as well, although it's not "tiny". I'm building a Scale 1/200 Uss Iowa and she measures in at 135 cm long or around 4 and a half feet long. Hope you guys enjoy!
  8. Linushg

    R/C Scale 1/200 USS Iowa

    I'll just post my photos there and update both threads as I go along.
  9. Linushg

    R/C Scale 1/200 USS Iowa

    Measure 32 paint job. The old American paint job in wows.
  10. Linushg

    R/C Scale 1/200 USS Iowa

    She does look lovely. And no she's not custom built but a trumpeter model kit, you can usually pick them up at your local hobby shop and if not in a bigger hobby shop in town. Prices can vary on wich model (there are more ships than Iowa) but they range from 170 dollars to 270 dollars. I also have a 160 dollar add on kit with a lot of the smaller parts made of brass. And the R/C I'm gonna build in by myself. Will also add turnable turrets in combination with raisable guns (got this done by 3d printing a gearbox)!
  11. Linushg

    R/C Scale 1/200 USS Iowa

    Hello guys! As requested by Kandly I will now start a thread on the building of my scale 1/200 USS Iowa! Hope you like it and more updates will follow soon. Above turret view. From the Bow. Top down view. Of one of the stock quad 40 mm Bofors mounts. Superstructure view. View from astern. Hope you all like my work and more updates will come as I make more progress. /Linushg
  12. Linushg

    Yubari and Sims back on sale in Premium Shop

    Sims is a really good ship, ive had her since CBT test and she is a real pleasure to play. She makes good money and is incredibly fun to play. My guess is that you arent playing her the right way. Dont come and say she is crapcuz she isnt. She's only hard to play.
  13. Linushg

    Goodbye friends

    I hope i see you sometime, was nice meeting you at WG day at Arsenalen 3 years ago. Youve done a great work and whereever you go i hope you do as good as you have been with WG.
  14. Linushg

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    Ill go full out with my warspite! Can get like 4 hours of gameplay with it each day during this comming week so i have high hopes of wining it!
  15. Linushg

    Why is there no colour blind mode ?

    I do hope so beacause it will bring some more players to the game! Im acctully suprised there isnt any yet.