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  1. zetruenando

    Twilight Battle

    Playing on PTS but can't see the Twilight ships... Any clue ?
  2. zetruenando

    Test public 0.7.11 : Retours généraux

    Semble qu'il y ait un bug avec les upgrades. Il faut sélectionner plusieurs fois le premier upgrade avant que ca soit validé.
  3. zetruenando

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Not having 2 plane squadrons seemed bad initially but and there is a BIG BUT (no pun intended!).... As long as the ship you are attacking doesn't have overpowered AA and shoots your full squadron done on first run, you can decently do 2 torp drops from different angles and that is pretty neat! Gameplay is miles better than before never the less and once balancing of AA is found, CV's will be fun to play. Still struggling to to do any decent damage as it stands right now but that can come later.
  4. zetruenando

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Finally managed to get TST up and running. Disclaimer: Only had the chance to do 2 games so far. However my first impression is that AA is far too strong. Seems like my squadrons get wiped even by a simple Benson ! Well, Did get 1 torp hit, but on a badly damaged BB that must have had his AA severly damaged by fires. Guess it takes a lot of mastering, will give it a bit more work and get back.
  5. zetruenando

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    Certainly not! However some people are over emotional. In a ranked battle, we lost due to a very good CV player on the opposing team and I typed in chat "Their CV player won the game". Next game I end up with a player who was on my losing team previously and when I say: "I'll cap B" the player replies: "Are you going to insult the team again?" Hey, seriously :)
  6. Would love to use my code and test this but no idea how to get the Game Launcher to load the test game.
  7. Early WOWS player, I decided to halt progress of my Japanese CV after reaching Tier VII. Let's see if this makes it fun again. Good going WG, and keep making this game awesome.
  8. zetruenando

    Les sous-marins: pour bientôt?

    Demain sur le serveur test pour les plus accrocs :)
  9. zetruenando

    Acasta thoughts??

    Only 2 battles so far so maybe early to judge but I love this DD :) The acceleration is insane and it can turn a circle before you realize where it's gone. With torps the best thing she does is dash around an island fire her torps at close range at that CA that is firing from behind, turn 180, pop smoke and run. Yeah, this boat is for those of us that like to live dangerously. Closest thing so far in game with playing a gunboat I imagine. Getting the Icarus next, just need to finish the mission. Hope she has the same characteristics.
  10. zetruenando

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Got the Acasta and then Icarus, opened about 20+ containers and bought maybe 8...
  11. zetruenando


    Totally understand OP. My experience with Neptune is: I love to see it in the other team when I'm playing a BB :) I hate playing it when I'm in range of ennemy BBs or Tier X cruisers for the matter The ammo is a joke. I can't recall playing any ship so far that get's shreaded so fast. So yes, need to play behing islands and hope your team can keep ennemy at bay. Only reason I'm still playing it is because of the Minotaur.
  12. zetruenando

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    And that is indeed the main problem! Since when can radars spot through mountains? Fix that and I'm happy :)
  13. zetruenando

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    Here's an idea. Wouldn't an active radar like those in-game light up the ship using them? What I suggest is a minor boost for DDs, nothing dramatic: - When a ship activates a radar, its camouflage blows away, same as using guns and a visual indicator shows up on the ship using its radar. DD will still need to run for their life but at least your mates know where the threat is and can hopefully assist you.
  14. zetruenando

    Visible amount of AA mounts/capacity left?

    Many thanks to all!!!
  15. Hi, Tried searching the topic but found nothing. My question is pretty straightforward: - Whilst in battle, your ship will see it's health pool diminish everytime you get hit by something. HE shells are known to damage the AA mounts but is there anyway to know how many AA mounts, or even better, your remaining AA capacity is? And as an enemy, is there any indication of this apart from the bashed up look a ship will get when badly burnt? Many thanks