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    New year event directive 1 sparklers bugged

    I have this very same issue on CO-OP with CRUISERS. Directive is either borked or doesn't mean what it says it means... Or Dallas just doesn't count towards it. Meh. Edit. Seems like only the credit dirctives are doable in CO-OP.
  2. M4rshal_Banana

    Remove Detonations

    So if i'm reading this correctly both of you should have metric f-k ton of flags that prevent detonation by just playing the game. i know i still have 211 and i have used some so i think i have been "detonated" 23 or maybe 24 times since the start of open beta. But if you don't appreciate all the free flags you have been given... Well that is your problem. Now some historical facts: Destroyers were by default small lightly armoured ships that didn't have very large magazines on them but carried quite a large amount extremely volatile stuff on their decks. Torpedoes for example are nothing more than thin metal tubes filled with very combustible fuel topped with quite a heavy warhead. Depth charges were literally cannisters filled with high explosives stacked on the rear deck. Cruisers didn't have much of the above on their decks but their magazines were considerably bigger and they didn't have armour to withstand fire from capital ships. You see heavy armour penetrating shell travelling the whole lenght of ship and detonating inside would in that case be absolutely devastating. And then there is the fact that even capital ships fell to the magazine explosions for various reasons. During the battle of Jutland HMS Indefatigable exploded and broke half taking 788 of its 800 sailors with it. Then little while later HMS Queen Mary exploded and broke in half taking and took 888 of its 997 sailors with it. Then later in the day HMS Invincible was struck by accurate fire by SMS Lützov and SMS Derfflinger and she too exploded to two pieces and sank and took 1026 of her 1032 crew with her. And then there is the HMS Hood...
  3. M4rshal_Banana

    Do IJN Destroyers really need yet another nerf?

    On completely different matter... 202 battles by 15 players on Crispy Creme and over 1/10th of that is by me Carry on
  4. M4rshal_Banana

    Kamikaze R

    Is this silly thread still going? Seriously? Those are all the same ship, play the same and the little differences don't affect anything at all. Only thing that affects to the gameplay of any of these ships lies in between the chair and the keyboard. Really. Can you make Kamikaze or Fujin work? Well ask yourself can you make Minekaze and Isokaze work. If yes then the answer is yes and if no then no. Bleh. You guys made me play all the three ships today and here are the results. As a clarification all were tier 7 matches and i had new(9 point) captain i'm currently training for the new DD line. So no sealclubby. In all matches i would have had the same results regardless of which ship is was playing.
  5. M4rshal_Banana

    [SOLVED] Error connecting server - Unknown error

    OK. It is good to go now. At least i got in.
  6. M4rshal_Banana

    [SOLVED] Error connecting server - Unknown error

    Well rats, how did they got DDoS'd? Well i guess little break from the game wouldn't hurt XD
  7. M4rshal_Banana

    [SOLVED] Error connecting server - Unknown error

    Same for me. Last night the game run alright but now i simply can't get connected to server and nothing has changed since last night on my setup. No changes to firewall, no changes to anything. Also World of Tanks loads up without a hitch so i'd like to think the issue is not with my connection.
  8. M4rshal_Banana

    Destroyers have cloaking devices

    Ok what have i missed here? Was there some buff in the latest patch for certain DDs? Had a match today in my Ognevoi on ocean map where there were only two DDs on enemy team, Mahan and Benson. Did kind of daring scout run on the west side of the map and got detected long before i spotted anything. That left me very confused for American and Russian DDs don't have very different detectablility ranges even with camos and captain skills (we are talking few hunderd metres at most) and lo and behold. Suddenly the enemy Farragut decloaks 5.6km away. No there was no smoke because i could have told if there were i have good enough rig to run the game smoothly on full graphics on. I mean 5.6km? i would have understood if it were 6.6km with the captain consealment skill. Also had few very dodgy spots on Farraguts in the matches following that. Also don't waste your time posting links to spotting mechanics pages on here forums yada yada yada. Been there read that, been here longer than many of you.
  9. M4rshal_Banana

    Maybe the CV issue is an MM issue

    CV issue is very definitely MM issue but there is wee bit wrong with CVs also. I have never before seen match where CVs have majority of kills of one team between them and with zergrush of TBs and DBs can effectively defend themselves against 2 DDs and fast cruiser making beeline to their location. Oh and please don't bother saying anything about evading those torpedoes because when you are hit by 4 DB squadrons while 3 TB squadrons triangulate on you there is nothing you CAN do. Also when they can turn their planes around so fast that only one of the attacking ships gets within firing range(briefly, before begin sunk) that starts to get pretty ridicilous.
  10. M4rshal_Banana

    Favourite Ship?

    USS Atlanta. I. LOVE. THAT. SHIP. And i have only played two games in it And i have never seen CV player to pull off his squadrons in such a hurry. Ofcourse i set mine up as flak boat with captain skills and with upgrades as well. And that destroyer level turret turn rate and RoF means that any destroyer who thinks they are sneaky enough to try to torpedo me when i'm engaging targets on the other side of my ships find themselves in seconds at the receiving end of 7 turrets And them torpedoes man...
  11. M4rshal_Banana

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After string of horrible horrible matches with my Cleveland i got in to this fight not really expecting much out of it. It appears that if you manage to stay alive long enough you can salvage something out of the match
  12. M4rshal_Banana

    Any Silent Hunter players?

    SH3 now there is a game with lots of randomness and greatness. Once i predicted a tankers route so precisely that i managed to collide with it head on in a fog Always nice when time compression cuts out on the announcement "Tanker bearing 000, close range". Shame i was too stunned to take a screenshot because up close those tankers are friggin' huge.
  13. M4rshal_Banana

    Welcome to the Closed Beta Feedback section!

    Thirded this map bug.
  14. M4rshal_Banana

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

  15. M4rshal_Banana

    Aurora's guns bugged?

    I noticed the same thing. Fired of many salvos during my last battle on targets below the posted 11.2km range. In fact i tried several times to hit target 10km away only to have my shell drop to roughly 8km range. Tried even aiming beyond the target but shells dropped down at same distance. Either the posted range for the guns is wrong or my shells simply decided that the Winter Palace is in the other direction.