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  1. tenshox

    increased processor tanking

    They screwed up big time with optimization, feels more like a downgrade and I am running a high spec machine.
  2. tenshox

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    still happening
  3. tenshox

    When will you fix captains voices

    Still no fix for this
  4. tenshox

    Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Competitive games are not for you then.
  5. The average player should not be the target audience for ranked play.
  6. tenshox

    Update 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    Same issue here
  7. tenshox

    Dieser Dienst ist momentan nicht verfügbar.

    Patchen geht, spielen nicht.
  8. tenshox

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Spot on review, I agree: Very funny Brian Jakubsen, this is one of the biggest Clown Fiestas so far.
  9. tenshox

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    It should not be hard to remove this massive turd from the store and refund the people who have bought it. Just keep it in development until it's done. That's basically the only option WG has, other than being ridiculed to eternity and beyond while customer support ist dwindling away.
  10. tenshox

    Cheating and Illegal Modifications

    Edited This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate content.
  11. tenshox

    Calendar for August

    We are still looking i guess
  12. tenshox

    Calendar for August

    Still searching for the x3 bonus.
  13. tenshox

    Would be nice if this game didn't have HE

    Please stop creating useless threads. You are on a roll. *Looking for a way to hide threads/posts created by MadGelo*
  14. tenshox

    Question to DD players: Are you "good little soldiers"?

    Free in terms of the cap you choose to spot/cap. I´ll go to the cap closest to me if playing a dd and after capping continue to spot etc afterwards. I am not taking any teammates into consideration for the start of the game.; if I am spawning at A, I will try to cap A and not B+C for example.
  15. tenshox

    Question to DD players: Are you "good little soldiers"?

    Do what you want, cause a pirate is free (DD). In every other ship i adjust with the majority, because it doesn´t make sense to fight 1 v 2+