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  1. Miki12345

    CL of Japan

    Even if they are historical or there were blueprints does not necessarily mean WG will base ships in the game on them. For all we know WG can completely make up a ship. Usually history buffs on wows discords have links to blueprints and projects. You can ask them.
  2. For lower clans it doesnt matter you can take any ship and win therefore not needing bans.
  3. It couldnt have been 7 ships cuz it was a 6 player format, you dont even know what youre talking about...
  4. If you see this next season its an easy win for you. Last t8 season still had bbs and cruisers to counter this.
  5. This was by far the worst rule WG implemented in the t10 season. It created only 1 setup that everyone ran in typhoon + Kremlin Ohio Moskva Napoli Petro Ragnar Smaland Much diversity in these 7 ships and tactics...
  6. Miki12345

    WTF is this??? (Clan battles)

    Then i request a source, otherwise its just ramblings of a madman. This doesnt say next and this is for the current cb season. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/clans/clan-battles-cayman-season/
  7. Miki12345

    WTF is this??? (Clan battles)

    Source? They said it will "take their rightful spot in clan battles in the future". That doesnt necessarily mean next patch. But I guess being literate today is a blessing. :D
  8. Miki12345

    Can't access Armory in-game.

    Same, doesnt work for me anymore. I just use it in the browser, works much faster and better anyways. https://armory.worldofwarships.eu/en/
  9. Miki12345

    Shikishima or Incomparable?

    Mecklen then would be good choice for you then. Mid range bb that is quite maneuverable and has okayish guns. Shiki is a sidegrade Yamato. Just get the Yamato, its much cheaper than steel. Incomp is extremely powerful but also hard to play. Terrible maneuverability.
  10. Miki12345

    [Poll] Did you buy the Tier XI "Superships"?

    "Can", well i cant if i want to stay competitive
  11. Miki12345

    [Poll] Did you buy the Tier XI "Superships"?

    Forced to, because of clan battles
  12. Only Mogador :) This season: Overall:
  13. Miki12345

    OMG what a turd Tulsa is......

    In this case, its quite like I said. Because if it really was a turd even I wouldnt be able to do anything with it. Objectively, its a good ship, it isnt exceptional in the tier full of broken premiums. And since many people mention ranked in this thread, its quite stronger in that setting rather than randoms against superships.
  14. Miki12345

    OMG what a turd Tulsa is......

    A bad craftsman blames his tools. Or in this case, a bad captain blames his ship. :)
  15. Miki12345

    OMG what a turd Tulsa is......

    The dpm is great if used correctly. Not everything is in numbers. I never had problems with tulsa, played quite a few games in her. Was averaging a bit less than 2k bxp per game in her. Sometimes I even prefer her over salem just cuz of its concealment. But I guess every1 in this thread just wants to blame the ship instead of actually understanding what its good at