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  1. Miki12345

    [LOW & MID TIER] Are the old Premiums the best?

    Atago(s) and Atlanta are one of those premiums that withstood the test of time and are still great premiums next to both old ones and new ones. But to answer your overall question, i think it depends on the ship. But im leaning that the older are better since they are perfect ships to learn and master the game on.
  2. Miki12345

    clan battles and steel???

    Its not a penalization, its an adjustment. If youre struggling you need to improve, i know it might sound harsh and insensitive and I do not mean it in that way just saying that if you want the steel you also need to put in the work for it. Improving low level rewards might just have the opposite effect, people grind a few ez steel and go away.
  3. Miki12345

    clan battles and steel???

    Then you dont get the steel. Logical. T6 made it easier for more clans to participate so it is good that it requires more wins to get steel. @Admiral_Oily_Discharge depends on the tier of the season.
  4. Started happening to me as well since latest patch. I think it might be the mods as when i run the game in safe mode, its relatively fine.
  5. Miki12345

    AA spec

    No ship is worth aa speccing. If you really want to take BFT and the 3 million credit aa mod cuz they are the only ones that improve continuous aa dps which is the aa damage you want.
  6. Miki12345

    Killing Venezia? Are you serious?

    The changes will not kill Venezia, do not overreact. Also, Wows-numbers is notorious for having incomplete ships stats, please use maple syrup for that.
  7. Miki12345

    Clan battles season 9

    None of the previous clan battles were so poorly accepted as this one and yet you STILL want CVs, can you just take a look at what you are doing and think, maybe we are in the wrong for once?
  8. Miki12345

    Clan battles season 9

    By keeping CVs you remove BBs and DDs. Good job... This is why people have the opinion of you not listening because a lot here said they do not want CVs in CBs but you still would like to have them...
  9. Miki12345

    Clan battles season 9

    1. Remove them from CBs entirely, or reduce spotting and dmg output. Fighters should not be able to spot. AA in general is not satisfactory, a cv should be able to drop through 3 or more ships at all. AP bombs... 2. Please fix the UI bugs that have been in in clan battles for at least 3 seasons now, the incorrect display of rating points, random rating switch after battle. T9 season, more effort in general for CBs, not just change tier and few maps. 3. More ideas and implementations, you are doing good with testing that stuff in clan brawls. Different types of seasons, short and normal seasons. Multi tiered CBs. Limit on the same ships taken or maybe a nation limit. BRING BACK FREE RESPECS!
  10. Miki12345

    Clan battles season 9

    That still has more creativity and options than the current season.
  11. Miki12345

    Clan battles season 9

    Wg cannot even do as they said, and everybody knows that. So, i will just leave this here, pay attention to the last paragraph.
  12. Post once more please. Third times the charm.
  13. Miki12345

    So they have finally done it

    If radar is so OP why do my teammates never know how to use it? Also, radar should instant kill dds if within range. /s
  14. Miki12345

    Clans Suffering

    I wouldnt be surprised if wg just abandon clan wars at one point. Only a handful of clans play it and only a small amount like maybe 100 take it is as serious competition. Wg really needs to put some effort into clan wars and not just stick cvs in and call it a day.
  15. Miki12345

    Rework for CB/Clan Brawls to make them interesting

    Clan brawls have become more fun than clan wars seasons as they are fresh every time and dont last too long. There are many good and bad ideas brought here my favorite being the limit on nation/ship picks. Although I do know majority prefer t10 as clan battles I would like to see a tier 9 one with limit on ships and maybe a multi tiered clan wars. This game mode has so much potential to be creative and different but WG seems to change 1 or 2 things each season and call it a day. Also agree on this being the most boring and worst season of all.