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  1. Miki12345

    Detonations. A poll to help WG hear the player base

    How could it be worse than the current one exactly?
  2. Miki12345

    Detonations. A poll to help WG hear the player base

    You didnt seem to read it fully, you know how ammo cooks off prior to fully exploding or not exploding at all? Some parts of the ships still can be useful.
  3. Miki12345

    Detonations. A poll to help WG hear the player base

    I want them to stay in the game but not in current form. They can work like fire and floods, they deal a lot of dmg over a small amount of time and can be put out with a dcp. Sort of like an ammo "cook off" mechanic.
  4. Miki12345

    Atago is OP

    The notorious forum troll is up and his bait is set. Lets see if he catches anything with it.
  5. And if the primetime is sooner, some people are on the job and if its later, its gonna be too late for the ones working in the morning. Extending the time will just strain the mm even more, waiting 2-5mins every time you queue is already too long. The EU and CIS prime times are fine and need no change for the majority, there isn't a time of day that will fit everyone perfectly for 4hours.
  6. You can have MORE. Rating =/= 1 div You can have 2 divs or MORE on Alpha or Bravo. Its that simple. @GarrusBrutus pls help me
  7. Rating isnt limited to a division, you can play any amounts of divs on the same rating or multiple divs per the 2 ratings. For example, you can have 3 divs on the same rating or 2 on Alpha and 1 on Bravo. This is a common misconception that ratings are tied to divs, if you dont believe me try it out tomorrow when CBs start. :)
  8. Umm, this isnt true, you can field as many teams as you want. Some teams and clans currently and not existing ones currently fielded 4 teams within a single clan. Even my first clan was able to do so back in the day. WG even stated such is the case. If your clan is getting too big just create another one, its pretty much the same deal.
  9. Miki12345

    KotS seems a waste of time.

    I wonder whats the average kots matches played of all the people that commented on this "discussion".
  10. Miki12345

    Can achievements / medals get some love?

    WG cant even fix the existing achievements like *cough* dev strike bug *cough* Yours very naive optimistic if you think they will add new ones and rework existing ones
  11. Miki12345

    german wwI battleships missing armourment

    This is a video game and not real life, game is modelled and balanced so they FIT the game and its "balance".
  12. Miki12345

    Flint (&neustra) bought for steel

    I do agree with you that flint is barely usable or even straight up unusable now but literally no one could have predicted back in the day that flint would be this bad today. WG will never agree to a refund nor offer an exchange in resources for it, best you can hope is that they buff it which I do not believe they will.
  13. Miki12345

    Stalingrad's DFAA Question

    Hey man its okay to have a different opinion even though its wrong but I did not insult you so please refrain from doing the same. Dont want to involve the mods in this ;) Its quite reliable, not 100% but its the most reliable site to obtain such info usually. Proships is also good to compare numbers but not updated often.
  14. Miki12345

    Stalingrad's DFAA Question

    Wiki is community made so might not be fully correct but also wg never updates the descriptions of ships. Best bet is to check on wowsft Not that it makes any difference you wont be shooting down any planes with it anyway.
  15. Miki12345

    King of the Sea (KOTS) Tournament

    Late April