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  1. Miki12345

    Gentleman agreement in clan wars

    This seasons meta is klebers mate. Smolenks arent that great of a pick for now.
  2. Miki12345

    WG's "SubOctavian" on Clan and Ranked battles overlap...

    Do other online games have a higher percentage than that for the same group of people, the competitive ones? What about wot? Genuine question. I dont think its that much different.
  3. Miki12345

    WG's "SubOctavian" on Clan and Ranked battles overlap...

    Not sure if this is official or not but this calendar shows that ranked and cws dont overlap next year. Source is reddit post, https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/dob6f6/in_an_effort_to_be_proactive_regarding_the_wows/
  4. Miki12345

    Edited* in clans?

    Being in a clan doesn't mean youre skilled, any1 with 1.5k to 3k gold can make a clan.
  5. Miki12345

    Ranked sprint tier 8 1v1?

    Mimi confirmed it on (kots) stream.
  6. Miki12345


    Remember the Giulio Cesare popoo storm? Yea, players wont let their seal club ship to be nerfed or changed in any way because they will ask for a refund. On the other hand i barely even see the ship in randoms, dont think i ever have honestly so its not that much of a problem.
  7. Miki12345

    Izumo/Yamato rework

    No it doesn't need a buff. The ship is perfectly balanced. Ot has good armor, great guns and an epic legendary mod. You just need to be patient and learn how to play the ship as it requires a certain playstyle.
  8. There is quite a difference between the two. I am only on the trento currently but the SAP already feels much nicer than UK cruiser ap. The reason is that the ballistics are much nicer, faster and flatter at close to medium range. Better pen angles as well. Also, the caliber is much higher meaning you do quite significant damage to all ship types especially lightly armored targets like dds and light cruisers. Uk cruisers much more dpm oriented while SAP is alphs punishment. Cant wait to try out the Venezia.
  9. Miki12345

    Clan Battles season 7 discussion/predictions

    Mm would suffer, imagine wanting to play cb but youre stuck waiting for 10mins just to enter a match. There would be times when no clans would be playing and this isnt an opinion this is something that already happens even during seasons.
  10. Miki12345

    Clan Battles season 7 discussion/predictions

    What I dont get is why they used an 8v8 format after the fact that each season less and less clans are playing clan wars. This only makes it harder for more players and clans to enter clan battles. 6v6 was nice and 7v7 was perfect. I hope that wont influence the season too much unlike the failure that was t8 clan wars.